Service With A Snarl: The Worst Customers Ever


“Customer Is Always Right”

The phrase “the customer is always right” has been thrown around for as long as anyone can remember. But just how true is that statement? Well, this list of customers’ complaints and downright disgusting behavior may change a few minds.

Here are some of the worst customers that acted out of reason.

Before The Store Opens

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No matter what retail job a person has worked they will understand the pain of getting to work and the first thing they see is someone waiting outside of the store. They think they can just waltz right in after you unlock the doors but a lot of places need set up – especially restaurants.

But they never understand that and sometimes they get impatient and knock on the doors while you’re getting the store ready. But there are even worse customers on this list.

“Can You Get The Manager?”

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Another customer that everyone has had the unfortunate displeasure of coming across while working in a store. The unreasonable customer that never backs down even when they are clearly in the wrong.

Once they disagree with you their first action is to ask for your superior, then depending on how understanding your manager you may get into trouble for no reason.

“If It Won’t Scan”

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Everyone knows about the old saying. Unfortunately, it’s the worst thing to hear and you just know when it’s coming. You’ll be scanning the items they want to purchase and then it happens – the item doesn’t scan.

You try three times and the customer smiles with a wide grin and says, “It won’t scan, that means it’s free, right?”

Trying To Scam

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The worst kinds of customers are the ones that have malicious intentions. One example is the drive-thru bandit – the guy that leaves with his food and then comes back claiming it was never in the bag.

Without any evidence sometimes it can be hard to dispute them. It’s a very immoral thing to do.

Foreign Currency

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Some customers have the audacity to think that any kind of money is accepted anywhere. For example, at a coffee shop in Michigan, one customer ordered a coffee, and then when it came to $10.67 they paid with a ten-dollar bill and 3 Canadian quarters.

They didn’t seem to understand that currency from Canada doesn’t work in any American state.


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Some customers feel a little more entitled than others. They don’t seem to understand that a retail store has set prices set according to a lot of factors. Just a few examples are cost price, tax, and supply.

The worst thing is when a customer approaches the counter and when they hear the price of the item they try to get it for less. “No way are we haggling on bread!”


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Some customers seem to think that no matter what they do they can return items for a full refund. It doesn’t matter if it’s damaged or they just want it anymore, they seem to think they can get their money back.

Many customers have thrown tantrums because they couldn’t return items after they’ve already used them.

Too Hot


Another complaint that just doesn’t make sense is the temperature of whatever the patron ordered. When people come back to the counter to complain that their coffee is “too hot” when it’s the standard for coffee to be very hot.

And after someone got sued most places now warn the customer that it’s hot.


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Some patrons will order their food or beverage only to have a complaint about it when it arrives. Not because there’s something wrong with it, but because of the size. For example, even though a certain coffee shop calls their large a grande doesn’t mean a grande will be a large at another coffee shop.

This has caused confusion and many complaints when customers start comparing sizes between franchises.

Having A Tantrum

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Not everyone has patience. Sometimes customers show little self-control and nearly ruin the employee’s day because of it. They take whatever they ordered and mess it on the counter in a statement that they think is defiant but actually just childish.

There are customers that would take this to the next level to be crowned the worst customer. What lengths they go to would surprise anyone.

The Worst Customer

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We’ve saved the worst customer for last. Imagine you’re just trying to get through the day serving customer after customer only for one to come back with a reckoning. You can already see it in their eyes as they close the gap from the door to the counter.

You know it’s coming, but what’s it going to be this time?

Not What They Ordered

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They get to your counter and look at you, you can tell this is it, the dreaded confrontation. You’re tired and it’s the worst day for this kind of thing. They open their mouth and go on the offensive, telling you that there’s something terribly wrong with their drink. It’s either not what they ordered or it’s not good enough.

But then they do something that you didn’t expect. It makes them the worst customer on this list.

Getting Angry

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The customer is clearly unreasonable, they don’t ask for the manager, they decide to take matters into their own hands. They do something that you weren’t ready for and never deserved.

They raised their arm back and throw the drink right in your face. Unbelievable!

Marching Off

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They didn’t want a refund, they never did. They just wanted petty revenge for their order not meeting their expectations. Now you stand there shocked covered in whatever sticky drink you made for them earlier.

They march off out of the door and continue their day as normal. This is the worst kind of customer there is.