15 Weird World Records You Won’t Believe Anyone Bothered to Set

We humans seem undeniably drawn to and impressed by world records, even if some of these records are weird world records

There is simply something impressive to us about anything that is the best at something. Or the biggest.Or the highest, the deepest, etc. It hardly matters what the something in questions is. Think of it like this: an ordinary ball of yarn is hardly impressive, right? It’s in no way special (provided you are not a cat and are not in the process of knitting a sweater, that is). But yet people all over the world make claims to have the World’s Biggest Ball of Yarn, and clearly that garners at least enough interest for me to be writing about it here and you to be reading about it. Even something as prosaic as yarn becomes something of a marvel when it sets a record.

Why this is the case, I shall leave to psychologists. I’m not here to get into all that fancy head doctor whathaveyou. No, I’m here to tell you about some of the craziest goddamn records anyone ever bothered to record. Which of course means someone else (or many people, in some cases), either strove to set them or happened to be lucky or unlucky enough to do so unwittingly.

Tallest man? Bah, anyone can set that record! If they have a wildly overactive pituitary gland.Fastest ever mile?Child’s play… for a child who can run at an amazing rate, No, none of those today. Instead try out this madness:

Here are the 15 weird world records you won’t believe anyone bothered to Set;

15. Largest Freefall Formation

The world Largest freefall formation is one of the weirdest world record set


Sky Diving is can seem extreme for some, while some enjoy the thrills, but for the professional skydivers just jumping out isn’t enough for them, they always push the limit, this was what brought 217 skydivers together.

Jumping from 10 different planes at a speed of 120 mph, they formed a formation before disengaging and everyone parachuting down to the ground.

This definitely one weird world record that many wouldn’t risk.