Women Sharing The Same Ex Form Unlikely Bond When They Meet


A Victim

The other woman was hysterical. She seemed to have forgotten that she was in a public service building with other patrons around.

“How could he do this to me?” she yelled, “He took everything, my handbag was inside the car too,” the cop nodded.

The officer on duty tried to calm her down but she was inconsolable, “Do something! Please help me!” People were staring at her, her hair flailing about.

Search For Love


Debra Hasting, a vibrant woman in her early thirties, lived a bustling life in Manhattan, New York. As an independent and career-driven woman, she had little time for traditional dating and decided to give online dating a try.

She signed up for an app called Buzz, hoping to find someone who could match her enthusiasm for life. She didn’t know that she was about to get more than she bargained for.

A Match


One evening, while swiping through profiles, Debra stumbled upon David Holden’s profile. His captivating smile and charming bio caught her attention immediately.

David, a gym trainer, seemed like the perfect match for Debra, who valued a healthy lifestyle. She couldn’t help but feel a tinge of excitement as she swiped right. “There may be hope for me just yet,” she said to herself.

At Last


To her delight, 35-year-old David had also swiped right, and they were instantly connected. Their conversations flowed effortlessly, filled with laughter and shared interests.

David was attentive, showering Debra with compliments and making her feel like the most special woman in the world. She knew that she was falling fast, but she was getting older and didn’t want to waste any more time.

Getting To Know All About You


After a few weeks of messaging, Debra and David decided it was time to meet in person. The anticipation grew as they arranged their first date at a cozy café in the heart of Manhattan.

As Debra laid eyes on David for the first time, her heart skipped a beat. He was even more handsome in person, and their connection was undeniable. Debra told her friends that she had finally met the man of her dreams.

Becoming Friends


Days turned into weeks, and Debra and David’s relationship blossomed. They explored the city together, enjoyed romantic dinners, and shared their dreams and aspirations.

David was besotted with Debra, constantly doting on her and making her feel like a queen. He always paid for their bills, and never allowed Debra to pay for anything for him. He was quite chivalrous when it came to money.

Good Times Ahead


Everything was going well with David. However, just when Debra thought her life couldn’t get any better, David encountered a car problem.

Desperate to fix it, he revealed to Debra that he had used his rent money for the repairs. He explained that he also had a dispute with his landlord, who was demanding $1000 from him urgently.

An Excuse


Moved by her love for David and wanting to support him in his time of need, Debra made a heartfelt decision. She agreed to lend him the money, trusting that he would pay her back at the end of the month when he received his paycheck.

David was all smiles, “Thank you so much baby, I promise I’ll pay you back as soon as I get my paycheck this month.” Debra felt that she was making an investment in her relationship, but she was about to find out the truth.

What Happened To You


Days turned into weeks, and the end of the month arrived. Debra’s heart sank as she tried calling David, only to find his phone disconnected. Panic settled in as she rushed to his gym, hoping to find some answers.

To her dismay, the gym owner informed her that there was no employee named David Holden. Debra showed the gym owner David’s picture, “He came here every day,” but nobody knew him, some people thought he was just a normal gym member.

Without A Trace


Debra refused to give up hope and went to the apartment complex where she usually dropped him off.

When she asked the landlord about David, he looked at her with confusion. He informed her that no one by that name had ever lived in the building, nor did anyone fit his description. Where was David?



Realization dawned on Debra as she stood there, feeling betrayed and deceived. Everything was a lie; David Holden wasn’t even his real name.

The man she thought she knew so well had turned out to be nothing more than an elaborate facade. Her heart ached with the pain of being fooled and taken advantage of.



Filled with a mix of anger and determination, Debra vowed to learn from this experience. She felt so stupid for getting all starry eyed just for a man.

She would rebuild herself, embracing the strength within her. The deceitful act wouldn’t define her; it would only serve as a reminder of her resilience. She needed to get back at him somehow, she had to report the incident.

A Statistic


Debra stood in the police station, her heart pounding as she recounted her story to the detective. She couldn’t believe she had been so foolish to trust David, the man she had met on the online dating app.

The realization that she had been deceived and used for her money left her feeling vulnerable and angry. Would the authorities be able to help her?

A Familiar Face


Debra’s heart was pounding with a mixture of anger and disbelief. She couldn’t believe she had been so foolish, so blind to the truth about David.

As she looked around the room, her eyes fell upon a woman who seemed vaguely familiar. “Where do I know her from?” She thought, then she remembered where she had seen those leopard print leggings before.

A Similar Story


As she finished her statement, she noticed a woman sitting nearby, clearly distressed. Her eyes were red and puffy, and Debra couldn’t help but feel a pang of sympathy.

The woman looked up and their eyes met, and something clicked in Debra’s mind. She had seen her before.

It took a moment for recognition to dawn on her—this woman was Jessica, the one whose car had been stolen by her boyfriend.

Finding Out


“Excuse me,” Debra said tentatively, approaching the woman. “Are you Jessica?” The woman nodded; her voice choked with emotion. “Yes, that’s me. Do I know you?”

Debra took a deep breath, feeling a mix of relief and disbelief. “I think you go to Gold’s Gym on Seventh, were both involved with the same man, David Holden.”

How Do You Know


Jessica’s eyes widened, mirroring Debra’s shock. “You mean he… he deceived you too?” Debra nodded, her voice trembling. “Yes, he took my money under false pretenses, just like he did with you. He said he had a car problem and needed money for his rent.”

Tears welled up in Jessica’s eyes. “He told me the same story, took my car and disappeared. I never thought I would see him again.”

It Makes Sense


As the two women spoke, sharing their stories of how they had fallen for David’s charm and been deceived, they realized the similarities between their encounters.

Jessica was in her late forties and she was a single mother. It became clear that David had a pattern of targeting women who he perceived as vulnerable, using their insecurities against them.

Some More Information


Just then, the detective emerged from his office, having overheard their conversation. He approached the two women, his expression grim. “Ladies, I’m afraid we have reason to believe that the man you both encountered is a known con artist.”

The women let out shrieks of horror. They had been fooled. Their lives had been infiltrated and manipulated by a complete stranger.

Taken For Fools


Debra and Jessica exchanged glances, their shock turning into anger. “How could someone do this to innocent people?” Debra asked, her voice laced with frustration.

The detective sighed and shook his head. “Unfortunately, some individuals prey on others’ vulnerabilities for personal gain. We’ve had reports of similar cases in the past, and it seems this man, using various aliases, has been targeting women across different states.”

Wait Till I Get My Hands On Him


Debra’s hands clenched into fists. “Do you know his real name? Can you catch him?”

The detective frowned. “We’re still working on uncovering his true identity. So far, all we have are aliases and false documents.

But we will do everything in our power to bring him to justice.” Apparently there had been a similar case in Wisconsin a year ago.

Send Warning


Jessica spoke up, her voice tinged with determination. “We need to warn other women about him, make sure no one else falls for his lies.”

The detective nodded in agreement. “I encourage you to share your stories, raise awareness about this man and his deceptive tactics. It will help us in our investigation and protect potential victims.” Would they be able to solve the case?

Not The Only Ones


Determined not to let David get away with his crimes, Debra and Jessica decided to work together. They shared information, comparing the stories he had spun and the lies he had told.

The pieces began to fall into place, revealing the true extent of his deceit. Debra and Jessica exchanged contact information, realizing that they could support each other through this ordeal.

They vowed to spread the word, reaching out to local news outlets, social media, and even online support groups for women who might have encountered the same man.

Taking Action


Days turned into weeks as Debra and Jessica became closer, bonding over their shared experiences and their determination to bring David to justice.

Together, they organized a community event, inviting other women who had fallen victim to the con artist’s schemes. They wanted their self-respect back. Would they be able to find the creepy conman?

It’s Up To Us


As the event began, Debra took a deep breath and addressed the crowd. “Ladies, thank you all for being here. We have all experienced heartbreak and betrayal at the hands of a man we trusted. But we will not let him define us or our worth.”

The room filled with applause and cheers, the women finding strength in their collective voice. They stood united, sharing their stories, and vowing to support each other through the healing process.

Standing Together


Word spread quickly among the other victims, and soon, more women came forward, sharing their own experiences with David. The police launched a full investigation, realizing that they were dealing with a skilled con artist who had evaded capture by using fake identities.

With the combined efforts of the victims and the diligent work of the detectives, they managed to uncover the truth about David.

Through meticulous tracking and surveillance, they followed his trail, discovering his real identity and his previous crimes in Wisconsin.

All Forces Act


The decisive breakthrough came when one of the victims managed to obtain a photograph of David’s real face, thanks to a hidden camera she had installed in her apartment.

The detectives compared the photo to the ones they had from the previous cases, and there was no doubt—it was the same man. Armed with this evidence, the police moved swiftly to apprehend David.

They set up a trap, arranging a meeting with him at a location they knew he would visit. As he walked into the carefully laid trap, thinking he had found his next victim, he was met with a team of determined officers.

We’ve Got Him


David’s facade of charm and deceit crumbled as he was arrested. The weight of his crimes bore down upon him, and he could no longer escape the consequences of his actions.

The victims, including Debra and Jessica, stood outside the police station, watching as he was led away in handcuffs.

Debra and Jessica sat side by side in the courtroom, watching as the man they once loved stood before the judge. The weight of his actions was evident in his eyes as he received his sentence. Justice had been served.

Justice For Women


Months passed, and Debra and Jessica’s efforts bore fruit. Their story gained media attention, leading to more victims coming forward and providing crucial information to the police.

Eventually, the con artist’s true identity was uncovered, and he was apprehended. As for David, whose real name was actually Timothy Bushwick, justice caught up with him.

The evidence gathered by the police, coupled with the testimonies of the victims, ensured that he faced the full extent of the law. His true identity was revealed to the world, and he became a cautionary tale for those who might be vulnerable to the charms of a cunning manipulator.

Safer Spaces


Debra and Jessica emerged from this ordeal stronger and wiser. They vowed to reclaim their lives and not let the actions of one deceitful man define them. Together, they embarked on a journey of self-discovery, focusing on their own personal growth and building a support network with others who had

With a sense of closure, Debra and Jessica found solace in their newfound friendship. They had turned their painful experiences into an opportunity for growth and healing, emerging stronger and more resilient than before. Their story became a cautionary tale, reminding others to be vigilant and cautious in matters of the heart.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.