Woman’s Dog Keeps Getting Sick Until Mom Sees Mother-In-Law On Camera


Howling In Pain

Bethany had no idea what was wrong with her furry friend, Bo. He had been feeling under the weather for weeks now.

And even though Bethany had taken him to the vet, he was just sent home with medications that didn’t help him.

But Bo was howling in pain, and Bethany needed to help him before it was too late. Would she uncover the root cause of her pooch’s pain?



Bethany Rogers and her husband Reece were proud parents to son Camden and daughter Gracie.

But they also had another family member, their chocolate labrador, Bo.

Bo was actually a gift to the family from Reece’s mother, Grace. The children always nagged their parents about getting a pet, and so Grace took it upon herself to get one for them, much to Bethany’s annoyance.

Love At First Sight


It’s not so much that she didn’t want Bo. It’s just that Grace didn’t discuss it with her and Reece beforehand. After all, it would be them paying for dog food and vet bills.

But in the end, after Bo came into their lives, Bethany instantly fell in love with him.

He was sweet as can be, and when he didn’t sleep in one of the kids’ rooms, he would sleep in their bedroom.



Bo was an energetic and playful dog, but recently, Bethany had noticed that he was much slower than usual.

He would play with children for a few minutes and then would want to lie down and rest.

Bethany couldn’t understand it and wondered what had happened to Bo’s energetic spirit, after all, he was only two years old.

Worrying Behavior


But now, as the weeks went by, Bo started displaying some worrying behavior.

He didn’t want to play anymore, he would just walk about the garden as if he was looking for something.

Bethany watched and wondered what he was doing. Maybe he wasn’t sick because at least he was eating and drinking, Bethany thought. But that too, soon changed.

Not Eating Or Drinking


Within days, Bo was just lying around not even wanting to eat and drink any water.

Bethany and Reece knew that if a pet didn’t want to eat or drink anything, they were sick.

Gracie and Camden also noticed his lackluster behavior and became very worried for their furry friend. It was time to take Bo to the vet.

Vet Visit


Bethany rushed Bo to the vet, her heart pounding with anxiety. The vet examined Bo thoroughly, running various tests and scans, but couldn’t find any specific cause for his illness.

Bo’s vitals seemed normal, and there were no obvious signs of illness or injury.

“It might be just a passing bug,” the vet suggested, handing Bethany a prescription for some medications to ease Bo’s discomfort. “Keep an eye on him and give him these meds. He should be fine in a few days.”

Bo’s Deteriorating Health


Relieved that it didn’t appear to be anything serious, Bethany took Bo home and faithfully followed the vet’s instructions.

However, as the days passed, Bo’s condition didn’t improve. If anything, it seemed to be getting worse.

Bo’s energy continued to wane, and he became increasingly lethargic. Bethany tried to coax him to eat, but he had no appetite. His once shiny coat began to lose its luster, and his eyes looked sad and glassy.



Deep down, Bethany knew that something was seriously wrong with Bo.

The medications didn’t seem to be helping at all, and she felt helpless watching her beloved pet suffer.

The children also became unhappy because their once faithful friend was now sick all the time, and they couldn’t even play with him. Bethany was running out of options on what to do.

A Mother-in-Law’s Unusual Behavior


Meanwhile, Grace, Bethany’s mother-in-law, often visited the family’s home, ostensibly to spend time with her grandchildren.

But lately, she seemed to be paying more attention to Bo than the kids.

Bethany found it strange when she caught Grace giving Bo treats behind her back, even though he was unwell and not supposed to have them. But Bethany dismissed it as harmless pampering from a doting grandmother.

A Different Environment


She would even take Bo with her home on some days, saying that he might need a different environment and that maybe the children were wearing him out.

Bethany didn’t think that was the problem, but she allowed Bo to get more time away.

Grace’s backyard was bigger than theirs, and maybe he just needed more space to run around.

An Improvement


But it seemed like the time away had done Bo good because, soon enough, he had improved, albeit a little bit. He played with the children but at a slower pace.

Grace didn’t hold back in telling them that it was she who had nursed poor Bo back to health.

And so Bethany and Reece agreed to let Bo spend a few hours a day with Grace so that he got stronger. But the arrangement wouldn’t be for long.



This time when Grace brought Bo back home to them, he was once again displaying the same weak behavior as before.

Bethany wondered what had happened for him to become like this again.

He was showing such promise, and now he was back to being in a depressive state. He ate but only small amounts.

Something Fishy


Bethany was now starting to think that Bo’s sudden decline had something to do with her mother-in-law. She didn’t have any proof, but something seemed fishy.

One minute Bo was improving, and then all of a sudden, he slumped down to looking even sicker than before.

What was her mother-in-law Grace up to? Was she making Bo sick?

Clutching At Straws


Bethany didn’t know, but she wanted to find out if what she was thinking was true or if she was clutching at straws.

Would Grace really stoop so low and do something to an innocent dog?

Bethany didn’t even want to think about it. But why would she? What would the motive be? It wouldn’t even make sense.

The Hidden Camera


Driven by her instincts, Bethany decided to set up a hidden camera in the living room to keep an eye on Bo when he was alone with Grace. She knew it was a desperate move, but she had to know the truth.

Days passed, and the camera recorded Bo’s interactions with Grace.

Bethany anxiously reviewed the footage, and what she discovered shocked her to the core.

Feeding Him Something


In one clip, she saw Grace intentionally feeding Bo something. She couldn’t really make out what it was, but she was sure that this might have a hand in making Bo so sick.

But he seemed to eat it regardless. Could it be something that he liked?

If it was something that was making him sick, why was he eating it? Bethany needed to get to the bottom of the matter.

A Plant


It was then that she noticed something strange. When Bo had relieved himself in the garden, he smelled it and then ran away. What had spooked him?

She then went to have a look, and there was something in Bo’s stool.

Something she hadn’t seen before. It was pieces of a plant. But why was Bo eating plants?



Bethany knew that animals ate grass if they were feeling unwell, but this was something that she hadn’t seen before. She took a photo and quickly did an online search.

She came up with a plant called Foxtail. Foxtail is a dangerous plant that is known to cause harm to animals when ingested. Bethany’s blood ran cold. Was Grace poisoning their beloved pet?

She was about to stumble upon the sinister truth.



Bethany’s discovery sent shivers down her spine. All along, she thought Grace loved Bo, so why was she feeding him something that would harm him? What on earth could her motives be?

Bethany didn’t want to believe it at first, she wanted to do more research. What if she was wrong? She sat by herself for a while, utterly confused by the situation. She was about to discover the unsettling truth. 



She pondered on the issue for hours. When she went to check on Bo, he was in his dog bed. He emitted small, high-pitched wines as he watched her approach. His condition had deteriorated drastically in the last few days.

When she got down beside him, she placed a gentle hand on his back, and he flinched. It was clear that something terrible was happening to her pup, and she had to get to the bottom of it. She thought about Grace’s motives.

Grace’s Motivation


Bethany thought about why her mother-in-law would be causing harm to her darling Bo. Then she thought about how he mysteriously got better when he was at her house. A theory formed in Bethany’s mind.

She had to be sure of it before flinging accusations. Was she really trying to steal her dog through poison? But the truth would be so much more shocking than she could have known.

What Was Going On?


She wanted to confront Grace, but first, she needed to make sure that what she thought was happening was actually happening. She decided to look up the symptoms of foxtail poisoning. 

What she read made her skin crawl. From hacking and gagging to having difficulty swallowing while eating and drinking, Bo had been experiencing all of these symptoms. Bethany placed a hand across her forehead. The situation was worse than she ever could’ve expected.

Dark Truth


Now that Bethany was sure that her mother-in-law was capable of such terrible things, she knew she had to expose the dark truth. Her hands were shaking as she thought of the betrayal.

She had no one to turn to. She thought about her husband, but would he take her side when it was his own mother?

Picking Up The Phone


Bethany didn’t like confrontation, but she decided to do something she normally never did. With trembling hands, she picked up her phone and looked through her phone book.

There she found the number she was looking for – Grace’s. She needed to try and figure out the truth by any means necessary. Grace had no idea what was coming her way.

Letting Her Know


After a long pause, Grace finally picked up the phone. “Hi, Beth. Is everything okay?” She said politely. “No, I found out more about Bo’s condition, and I thought that you’d want to know,” Beth said.

The mother-in-law seemed a little nervous at the revelation, “What did you find out, Dear?” But Bethany was going to fish for information.



“You won’t believe this, Grace. I think he poisoned himself. I found Foxtail in his stool. I have no idea where he could have found it. Do you know where he could have gotten it?” Bethany put on her best performance for the mother-in-law.

“Oh, I have no idea, Beth. Maybe he found it in your garden?” Grace said, even more nervous than before. This was the nail in the coffin for Bethany. She was trying her best to convince her he found the plant rather than considering the fact someone gave it to him.

Making Up Her Mind


Bethany now had a choice to make. She thought about confronting Grace over the phone now that she was convinced of her intentions. But she had to make up her mind then and there.

She told Grace that she’d update her more in the future and put down the phone. She needed to catch her red-handed before confronting her. That’s when she started brainstorming.

A Strange Situation 


 Bethany wanted to tell her husband all about it, but she didn’t want to upset him. How would he react knowing that she had been spying on Grace? 

It was a strange situation, and Bethany didn’t know how to approach it all. All she knew was that her pet was suffering at the hands of her mother-in-law, and she had to put a stop to it. But first, she needed more proof. 

Getting To The Bottom Of It


Suspicion had formed in Bethany’s mind, and she was desperate to get to the bottom of this. Not only was Grace harming her pet, but she was hurting her children’s best friend. But why was she doing this? 

She spent hours wracking her brain on the issue. She never technically saw her mother-in-law feeding Bo the poisonous plant. She had to catch her in the act.

Needed Proof


Bethany tried to think of a reasonable explanation. She knew they had a similar-looking plant in their backyard. Could this plant be the culprit? 

Bethany felt doubt fill her mind. She was certain that it was her mother-in-law who was poisoning Bo, but it was her responsibility to make sure. She decided that she’d have to check the garden before going ahead with her newest scheme.

Checking The Garden


Bethany walked to her sliding door that led to the garden. As she started opening it, poor Bo’s ears pricked up. He wanted to go outside with her, but he was too sick.

She patted his side and told him to stay in. It broke her heart to see the state he was in, but she was going to make sure it never happened to him again, no matter what it took.

Looking For The Plant


Walking through the grass, Bethany looked left and right, looking for the plant that she remembered them having. After a few minutes of examining the vegetation, she finally saw it.

The plant looked suspiciously like Foxtail. She looked more closely, and her heart dropped. She noticed something had chewed on the plant. She had to act quickly.

Figuring Out What It Was


Bethany’s heart raced as she snapped photos of the plant and posted them online. She needed answers sooner rather than later. She needed to know if she was the one mistaken and if Grace was innocent.

All she could do was wait and see what people had to say about the plant. She crossed her fingers as she waited for a response.

Not Foxtail


It took hours to get a proper response, but finally, Bethany had an answer. She had felt dread the entire time, but now, looking at what people had to say, she breathed a sigh of relief.

The plant may have looked similar to Foxtail, but it was a common weed. Bo was completely safe from its effects. But that did mean one thing – Grace wasn’t innocent.

Trying The Same Trick


She didn’t know what to believe, so she decided to try the same trick again during Grace’s next visit. Now that she knew the plant had to have come from outside the property, Grace’s innocence seemed a lot harder to believe.

Was Grace behind everything that was happening with Bo? Bethany shuddered to think about it. She couldn’t stand to think that her mother-in-law could be that evil. 

Watching Once Again


Once again, Bethany decided to spy on Grace on her next visit. She didn’t feel good about it, but it was the only way to make sure she was innocent – or guilty. Not even her husband knew about her plan.

She was all alone in her actions, but it was her dog’s life at stake. She was going to do anything to protect him.

The Shocking Footage


The next time Grace came over, Bethany discreetly activated the camera, keeping a close eye on Bo’s interactions with her. 

Bo was in bad shape. Over the last few days, it had only gotten worse. He was sleeping all day, and he hadn’t eaten in what felt like years. But Bethany made sure to leave them on their own. This was the only way to get some answers.

Watching Them


The old woman stayed for hours, most of which were spent in the garden with Bo. Bethany stayed inside, eyeing them from one of the windows. 

She didn’t want Grace to know that she was watching. She couldn’t know that Bethany was onto her. Something fishy was happening to the beloved pet, and Bethany was going to put a stop to it. 

Faking It


Bethany watched Grace interact with Bo. Their interactions were what everyone else saw: a devoted grandmother playing with her grandchildren’s pet. But Bethany knew better.

She knew the truth, and she was going to catch her red-handed. She may have been fooling her husband and kids, but she wasn’t so easily fooled. But then a question rang out in her mind: Was she faking it?

Passionate Or Insane?


Bethany started thinking about Grace’s motivations for everything she had done up until this point. That’s when she actually considered her feelings. Was the woman just too passionate and wanted to have an excuse to take the dog to her house permanently?

Then, more sinister reasons entered her mind. Was Grace just insane or even evil? Either way, the woman had no excuse for what she was doing.

Close To The Truth


Bethany didn’t see Grace give anything to Bo with her own eyes, but she knew that the woman could be very sly. She would have to see the footage once she was gone.

Bethany was so close to the truth surrounding everything. She knew her husband would finally have to take her side once he saw what she was doing. She just had to wait for her to leave.

Painful Truth


Eventually, Grace left and Bethany could finally see what was going on. But as she reviewed the footage from that day, her heart sank.

There it was – the evidence she feared to find. Grace had been intentionally letting Bo play near the dangerous Foxtail plants, even encouraging him to sniff and play around them. 

She Was Furious


Bethany was devastated and furious at the same time. She couldn’t believe what her mother-in-law had done. Why on earth would she do something so evil to her own family?

She was going to let this continue for even a moment longer. She had it all planned out. She was going to confront Grace the very next day.

He Needed Help


The next morning, she rushed to get ready. Once she had finished her usual cup of coffee, she made her way over to Bo. He wasn’t looking good, and she didn’t know what to do about it.

She couldn’t believe that someone she had trusted could do this to her pet. He was still whining, but his eyes were squeezed shut. Bo had been suffering for too long.  



When she got up, she gave Bo some of his medicine before laying him back down on his doggy bed. He fell asleep almost immediately. He needed the rest, and she hoped that by the time she got back, he would be a tiny bit better

She had cracked the code, but she wondered how long he had left. Would he survive this? She hoped that as long as he didn’t ingest any more of the poisonous plant, he would make a full recovery. Grace couldn’t get away with this.

A Confrontation 


After sitting with him for a short while, she left him to rest. She had to see Grace and talk to her about the matter. She couldn’t believe that the sweet old lady had done something like this to their pet.

She needed some answers, and she was going to get them. She didn’t bother calling, instead, she got in her car and headed straight over to Grace’s house. 

Going Over


On the ride over, she wondered how she was supposed to start the conversation. She knew that it was best to remain calm, but her heart was racing. She was beyond furious with the old woman.

The short journey seemed to last an eternity, but once she got there, she wasted no time. She walked up to the front door and knocked on it. 

Being Fake


When Grace opened the front door, she smiled at Bethany. She had no idea that her daughter-in-law had discovered the truth. She smiled and politely invited the younger woman into her home. 

“I wasn’t expecting a visit,” She grinned, “Did you bring Bo and the children?” Bethany couldn’t believe that she was being so fake. She knew the truth now, and she couldn’t look at Grace the same way.

In Danger


She stopped in the foyer and turned to face Grace. The old woman was taken aback by the sour expression on her face. “Bethany, dear, is everything alright?” She asked, but Bethany couldn’t take it anymore.

“You put Bo’s life in danger. Why would you do that to an innocent dog?” Bethany was so furious, and she couldn’t believe that Grace would do this to them.

The Truth


It seemed that Grace immediately knew what Bethany was talking about. She knew that she had been caught out. Grace couldn’t help but let out a deep sigh as she rubbed a hand across her forehead. 

Her expression shifted into one of shame as she nodded, “I feel so terrible,” she told her daughter-in-law. Now, it was time for the truth to come out. 



Grace spoke up. “I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t mean for him to get so sick. I just wanted Bo out of the way so that I could spend more time with the children.”

Bethany’s eyes widened in shock. “You did this just because you were jealous of the kids not coming over often?” Bethany’s voice trembled with anger and sadness. “He’s our family, too, and he deserves better than this!”

A Fight


Grace tried to defend herself, but it was clear that she had no valid excuse for her behavior. The confrontation led to a heated argument, and when Bethany left, Grace was in tears.

With the truth revealed Bethany went home and decided to move Bo to a safer environment. She set up a cozy corner in her bedroom where Bo could rest peacefully without any risk of exposure to the harmful plant.

Race Against Time


But she was frightened to see that his condition had worsened while she was gone. He had deteriorated significantly, and Bethany feared that his life was hanging by a thread.

She knew what she had to do next. She picked the fragile pup up from his bed and carried him to her car. She couldn’t stand to see him in so much pain.

The Vet


After a short drive, she took him back to the vet, explaining what she had discovered about the Foxtail plants.

The vet acted quickly, conducting more tests and providing immediate treatment. Bo was put on intravenous fluids to combat dehydration and given medication to alleviate pain and inflammation.

Critical Condition


Bethany sat anxiously in the waiting area, praying for Bo’s recovery. She couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of guilt, thinking that she could have done more to protect him from Grace’s actions.

The vet emerged with a grim expression, informing Bethany that Bo was in critical condition.

The Foxtail plant had caused internal damage, and it was uncertain if Bo would make it through the night. He would need surgery to remove the rest of the harmful plant in his system.

Fighting for Survival


Devastated, Bethany held back tears as she went to see her precious dog. Bo was lying weakly on the examination table, his eyes barely open. She gently stroked his head, whispering words of comfort and love.

The night felt agonizingly long as Bethany remained by Bo’s side. She refused to leave him, fearing that he might pass away alone.

The vet and her team worked tirelessly, doing everything they could to remove the remnants of the plant. It was touch and go.

Hope And Despair


Throughout the night, Bo’s condition remained critical, but he held on, fighting for survival.

Bethany’s heart was torn between hope and despair, and she pleaded with fate to spare her beloved companion.

Bethany, Reece, and the kids held onto the hope that Bo would eventually pull through. They just wanted him to be okay.

A Ray of Hope


As the first light of dawn peeked through the clinic’s windows, there was a glimmer of hope. Bo’s condition had stabilized, and he seemed to be responding positively to the treatment.

The vet cautiously expressed optimism, warning that Bo was not out of danger yet, but his chances of recovery had improved.

Bethany felt a wave of relief wash over her, grateful for every moment she could spend with Bo.

Healing Hearts


As Bo gradually improved, a shift began to happen within the family. Camden and Gracie, who once adored their grandmother, struggled to come to terms with her actions.

They couldn’t understand why someone they loved could do something so hurtful.

Bethany and Reece had honest conversations with their children, explaining that people could make mistakes, but what mattered was how they learned from them. Slowly, the wounds started to heal, and Grace was allowed back into their lives under close supervision.


Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.