Woman’s Dog Gets Sick Every Time Mother-In-Law Visits, Vet Tells Her To Move


A Pet Emergency

The woman was frantic as she watched her dog panting on the floor.

She had never in the four years of owning him, seen him behave like that.

She called for her nine-year-old daughter immediately to have a look at him. The little girl came running down the stairs to check on her precious pup.

An Animal Family


In a quaint suburban neighborhood, lived a woman named Jessica Friedman. She was a vibrant soul, known for her contagious laughter and warm heart.

Jessica lived in a cozy suburban home in New Jersey with her beloved dog, Juniper.

Juniper, a fluffy and endearing miniature American Shepherd, was the apple of her eye.

Love For Dogs


Her life was brightened by the presence of a fluffy, affectionate miniature American Shepherd Juniper. Juniper was more than just a pet; he was a cherished member of the family.

She had him since he was a 6-week-old puppy. He looked like a little white cotton cloud, and Jessica immediately fell in love with him.

They shared a deep bond, and their days were filled with playful antics and loving cuddles.

Family Time


43-year-old Jessica’s world, however, was not without its quirks.

Her mother-in-law, Susan, had a habit of dropping by unannounced twice a month to visit her beloved grandkids, 9-year-old Sarah and 8-year-old Liam.

While Jessica had no qualms about these visits, she couldn’t help but notice a strange pattern. What was the real reason for her mother-in-law’s regular visits?

Granny’s Visit


Twice a month, Jessica’s mother-in-law, 75-year-old Susan, would come over to visit her grandchildren.

Jessica welcomed these visits, as it meant quality time for her kids with their grandmother.

However, something peculiar had been happening lately that left Jessica deeply troubled. She noticed that her dog would run away from Susan every time she entered through the door.

Not Accustomed To Her


Juniper, usually the friendliest of dogs, would become unusually lethargic and often vomit during Susan’s visits.

Jessica kept him on a strict diet, so she didn’t understand what was making him suddenly sick.

Jessica couldn’t fathom what could be causing this sudden change in her beloved pet. Concern for Juniper’s health began to gnaw at her.

Change In Behavior


The cute dog was usually friendly and eager to greet anyone and began showing signs of distress whenever Susan arrived.

He would whine and hide, his tail tucked between his legs, refusing to go near her.

Initially, Jessica dismissed it as odd behavior, but when Juniper fell sick after each of Susan’s visits, her concern grew. There was something amiss.

A Strange Visit


Susan would sit quietly in the lounge during every visit. She wouldn’t move, but she would call the children or Juniper to come and keep her company.

The children got bred easily and never sat with her for long, and neither did the dog.

After a few occurrences of this mysterious illness, Jessica decided it was high time to unravel the enigma.

In His Mouth


The poor dog would sit and lick his lips and mouth continually for hours. But when Jessica checked, he wasn’t sucking on anything.

After the third instance of Juniper’s illness, Jessica decided it was time to unravel the mystery.

She made an appointment with Dr. Miller, the local veterinarian known for his astute diagnostic skills.

A Quick Check-Up


The vet was luckily still open and she managed to get an appointment.

She packed Juniper into the car and sped down the road.

She rushed Juniper to the vet as fast as she could. The little dog didn’t know what was happening and he just sat quietly in the backseat whimpering as his owner rushed him to safety.

What’s Up Doc


As Jessica and Juniper entered the clinic, Dr. Miller greeted them with a warm smile, his eyes twinkling with kindness. “What seems to be the problem today, Jessica?”

Jessica could barely catch her breath, she was stressed.

She carried Juniper into an examination room for the veterinarian to prepare him. Would they be able to save him?

My Sick Dog


Jessica explained the peculiar situation involving Juniper and his recurring illness during Susan’s visits.

She didn’t want to sound like a bad pet mom.

Dr. Miller nodded thoughtfully and suggested, “Let’s start with a thorough examination and perhaps an X-ray to see if there’s anything unusual.” Could the vet find the problem with the sick dog?

A Thorough Exam


Dr. Miller conducted a scan of his stomach. Jessica waited patiently as she prayed for the health of her precious pup.

Hours later, Dr. Miller approached Jessica with a grave expression.

“Jessica, I’m afraid we’ve found something troubling. Juniper has foreign objects in his stomach, and they seem to be causing him a great deal of discomfort.”

You Were Right


Jessica’s heart sank as worry washed over her. “Foreign objects? How could that happen?” She had an idea but didn’t want to accuse anyone.

Dr. Miller replied, “It’s hard to say, but dogs are known to ingest things they shouldn’t sometimes.

We need to perform surgery to remove these objects before they cause any more harm.”

One Option


Jessica agreed, her anxiety growing as the thought of surgery loomed. Once the operation was scheduled, Jessica realized the magnitude of the situation. Her dog was seriously ill.

She was frantic with worry. “How could this have happened?” She thought to herself.

What would they find inside? Plastic, fabric, tiny toys? Her mind was filled with horrible thoughts.

Another Way


As Jessica cradled Juniper on the way home, her mind raced. She couldn’t shake the suspicion that someone was intentionally harming her dog.

Her children were well-behaved. They were taught how to specially take care of Juniper.

The only person she could think of was Susan. She decided to take matters into her own hands.

Solid Proof


Perplexed and worried, Jessica returned home with Juniper. Unable to sleep that night, she resolved to uncover the truth.

How else could she find out what everybody else was up to when she wasn’t in the room?

She set up a hidden camera in the living room, determined to monitor Susan’s interactions with Juniper during her next visit. Would she be able to handle the truth?

The Way To Go


That evening, she set up a hidden camera in her cozy lounge, making sure it captured every corner of the room.

She felt guilty for spying on her family, but her dog’s safety depended on it.

Jessica couldn’t bear the thought that someone she knew might be responsible for Juniper’s suffering. He was part of the family and she spent a lot of money on him.

The Day Of


The next time Susan visited, Jessica watched her closely, her heart pounding with anticipation.

She observed Susan’s interactions with the children and Juniper, scrutinizing every move.

As the day wore on, Jessica’s attention focused on her mother-in-law’s actions, searching for any signs of wrongdoing. But she didn’t do anything that seemed untoward at all.

Sudden Motion


Just as Jessica was about to give up, she saw something. She was in the kitchen, and her eyes darted toward the hidden camera’s live feed on her phone.

Her heart raced as she watched Susan reach into her purse and pull out a handful of butterscotch sweets.

Susan’s cheerful demeanor and sly smile betrayed her true intentions.

A Wrong Move


Hours passed in tense silence, and then, finally, the moment of truth arrived.

Susan, thinking she was alone, reached into her bag and pulled out a small object.

Jessica’s breath caught in her throat as she watched Susan surreptitiously drop it on the floor, right where Juniper was playing. She was intentionally feeding him something.

Sly Treats


Susan slyly offered Juniper something, which he reluctantly accepted. The little dog, unaware of what he was eating, sucked on the round object and tried to bite it.

The camera captured the scene as he chewed the object, unaware of the danger it posed.

Susan fed him one after another, a cruel smile playing on her lips. Why did she do it?

Don’t Feed Him


Jessica wanted to confront her, to demand answers, but she knew she needed undeniable proof. She had to wait for the right time.

She watched as Susan left the room, and then, with trembling hands, she rewound the footage to examine the object.

She let out a horrified gasp as she realized what her mother-in-law was feeding her dog.

Proof Is In The Pudding


As the image on the screen revealed itself, Jessica’s heart sank. It was a small, sharp object, something that could easily harm Juniper if he were to ingest it.

Her suspicions were confirmed, but now she needed to find out why Susan was doing this and how long it had been going on.

She decided to call the only person Susan would listen to, her son. But how would her husband handle it?

How Dare You


The suspense was overwhelming as Jessica continued to watch the footage, her mind racing with questions and fear for her family.

What could possibly motivate Susan to harm her dog, and how could she protect her loved ones from this threat?

Jessica knew she had a long and difficult journey ahead to uncover the truth and ensure her family’s safety.

Not For Dogs


Horror washed over Jessica as she watched her mother-in-law poison her beloved dog. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

Without hesitation, she called the vet, urgently describing the objects she had witnessed Juniper consume.

The vet’s response sent shivers down her spine: butterscotch sweets were indeed a hazard to dogs, and they had likely caused Juniper’s stomach distress.

Family Back Up


With the evidence in hand, Jessica confronted Susan about her actions.

Thomas, her husband, tried to mediate the tense conversation. “You can’t give a dog hard candy Mom,” he said sternly.

Susan initially feigned innocence, arguing that she didn’t think the candy could harm the dog. But as Jessica presented the damning footage, Susan’s façade crumbled.

Nothing Wrong With It


It could have been her old age, but Susan tried to defend herself, “In my day, dogs ate anything,” she said with a smirk. Thomas shook his head at her.

While her son tried to explain the dangers of sugar for dogs, the old lady rolled her eyes at him.

“I didn’t know it could make him sick,” Susan finally admitted, her voice quivering with guilt.

No Is No


Thomas sternly warned his mother about the consequences of her actions and insisted she never fed Juniper anything without checking with them first. Jessica stood by her husband’s side proud that he stood up to her.

Granny Susan promised that she would keep her sweets to herself.

The safety of their dog was paramount, and they wouldn’t tolerate any further harm. But would she remember?

Better Days


As Susan left, Jessica and Thomas nursed Juniper back to health, grateful that they had uncovered the truth before it was too late.

Their bond with Juniper grew stronger, a testament to the love and devotion they shared.

The ordeal had taught them the importance of vigilance, and they vowed to protect their furry friend at all costs, even from those closest to them.


This story was handcrafted with love by a creative novelist to thrill and entertain, mirroring real-life situations to awaken your imagination and evoke profound emotions. All events, places, and characters are products of the author’s imagination, and all images and videos are used for illustrative purposes only. We hope you enjoyed reading it just as much as we enjoyed writing it!