Woman Saves Cat Stuck In A Jar, Jumps Back When She Sees What It Actually Is



Agatha’s heart was pounding. It took every bit of strength to capture the stray. Finally, she had it securely caught, and now came the hard part- removing the peanut butter jar from its head.

She struggled to keep the animal still through the net. It squirmed until she pulled the glass jar off its head. The ungrateful cat wasn’t happy with his rescue. He snarled at Agatha, who was taken aback by realizing that the animal hissing at her wasn’t a cat at all.

New Home 

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Agatha was quite accustomed to her big city life in Chicago, USA. After a lifetime in one city, she needed a change of scenery and decided to move to a small town in Minnesota. She sold off old belongings and managed to afford a beautiful country-style house in the suburbs.

After years of the hustle and bustle of city life, she felt that she could enjoy more quality of life out in the open air. Little did she know the plan nature had in store for her soon after her big move.

Ms. Agatha Sori

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Agatha Sori was an intelligent woman who had a passion for helping others. She was a soft-hearted lady who grew up volunteering at animal shelters and nursing homes. Everyone knew her to be kind and always came to her with their problems.  

This molded her life into taking a path of human health and wellness, and she found her calling. She wanted to study Psychology and help people with their daily problems.

The Study Of The Mind


Agatha enrolled in university for her Psychology degree. She knew that she had the character to study hard and help many troubled people. The road ahead was going to be difficult, but she would commit herself to her occu0ation and pay off her student loans after she found a job.

She studied hard for six years straight and graduated with a master’s in Psychology Cum Laude. She was also at the top of her class. She deserved her position and was now qualified to help others.

Into The Country


A few years after finishing her degree, something started to shift inside of her, as though she wanted something more out of life. She thought about moving to a small town in Minnesota. She had family there, and that would make it easier for her to settle down and start afresh.

Her Minnesota family was happy to hear her big news and offered to help her with anything she may need for her move. They even helped her find a stunning country home with beautiful gardens around. She was in a state of business and happiness for a few months and wouldn’t have a clue about the surprises laying in store for her on her new property.

 Alive At Night

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Agatha’s new house was surrounded by dense green foliage. This friendly Minnesota town gave her the aesthetic she so badly wanted to grow in. She wanted to connect with nature. She saw various types of animals, and at night she would hear them too.

Sometimes she would hear wild cats and dogs, birds and insects, or the odd raccoon rustling about. She was always an animal lover and thought that it would be a good idea to start leaving some food out for the strays. She had no idea that she was feeding something other than just stray cats.

 The Usual Routine


It was a regular busy working day for Agatha. When she arrived home, she still couldn’t help but think of her patients while she made dinner. She was exhausted but still had to do some work on her thesis, so pushed on through for a few hours until she looked up and saw that it was already midnight.

It was time to sleep, but she never forgot her furry friends. She still left out the usual cat food and even mixed in some peanut butter for them. But, in her sleepy state, she made a mistake that she would regret in the morning. She had left the open jar of peanut butter outside!

Peanut Butter Gone

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Agatha laughed while she was getting dressed the following day. She knew she had made a silly mistake. She thought to buy two jars of Peanut Butter at the store today since it was her day off. She expected to see empty trays on her porch, but when she walked outside, the jar was gone. 

She had definitely left the jar outside, but where was it? She looked around the porch and then suddenly heard an animal whimpering.


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She quickly looked at the foot of the stairs, and her heart just dropped. One of the strays had tried to lick the peanut butter from inside the jar and got its little head stuck.

Agatha thought of the best way to save the poor cat but couldn’t get close enough to do anything. She was scared that it might run away or cause further injury to itself. “How am I going to catch this cat?” she thought.



The frantic lady looked for something to catch the little cat in and saw a large, old net. She could throw this over the animal preventing it from escaping. The hard part is actually holding on to it after that.

Agatha threw the net over the animal and moved closer to hold on. She tried to get a grip on the animal’s body. But what happened next made her look twice at what she was holding in her hands.

Not A Cat

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Agatha’s heart was racing from the struggle. It took all of her strength to get the stray cat into her net. Now that it couldn’t get away, she had to remove the peanut butter jar from its head carefully.

With a bit of a struggle through the net, the jar popped off of its head. But Agatha’s brief triumph was replaced with dread as she stared at the long teeth of the animal and realized it was no cat.

Something Else

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The grey animal wasn’t actually a cat. Agatha’s heart jumped in her throat, and she dropped the net with the animal. It scurried away from her and went under the deck. She felt like she was in a horror movie.

The teeth flashed in her mind as she stumbled backward. Her beautiful home had now turned into a living nightmare.

Its True Form

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Agatha stood on the deck, frozen. Thoughts raced through her mind before she heard a call. She looked up above her porch to see three animals looking down at her. Then she realized what they were.

Relief washed over her as she realized that the animals were only foxes. She could tell the mother was now standing with her two babies – one of them being the “cat” she thought she had rescued.

A Good Deed


Agatha now felt confident in her decision to help the animal. Regardless of what species it was, it needed her help, and she was happy to give it. Her brief scare was now behind her, and she could feel triumphant again.

The mother looked at her and blinked as if to communicate a thank you for saving her child. But Agatha didn’t need any praise.

As Passionate As Ever

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Agatha smiled and walked back inside. Half of her day was spent helping the fox out of the jar, but she didn’t regret it at all. In fact, she thought back to her time volunteering in animal shelters, which made her feel good about herself.

She was just as passionate about helping both people and animals as ever. It was a new inspiration, and she had her new home to thank.

Family Issues

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Agatha thought her encounters with animals would be over, but it would only be the beginning. She’d have the strangest encounter when she had to help out a family member.

Her 86-year-old grandfather was recently put into a nursing home, and she knew she had to help him move. That’s when things start to become strange.

Couldn’t Take His Cat


One major problem for her grandfather was that they wouldn’t let him bring his old siamese cat with him.

Agatha was an animal lover and always wanted to help her family. So she decided that she’d happily fly to his home and pick up some of his things along with the cat. But she had no idea what she’d find at the house.

Couldn’t Help On His Own


Her grandfather had been living on his own ever since he lost his wife five years prior. His health had only gotten worse over those years, and the same could be said for his poor cat.

Agatha flew to the nearest airport and, from there, drove to her grandfather’s house to check in on the cat. But when she got there, she had no idea what was lying in wait.

At The House

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Agatha arrived at the house and approached the front door. It was very dark inside when she looked through the windows. It was clear he wasn’t looking after himself, and that’s why he was put into a nursing home in the first place.

She walked back to the car to grab a flashlight from behind the seats. She thought she might need it, and she was right. But it wouldn’t help her against what was inside the house.

In Disarray


When Agatha got inside the house, she immediately noticed the strange smell that was in the air. She could tell that the place hadn’t been cleaned in a long time. She saw everything in disarray – broken furniture and clutter lay at her feet.

Whatever her grandfather had been doing, it didn’t seem rational. There was even scribbling all over his wall.

A Bad Feeling

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Agatha continued to venture deeper into the guts of the house. If it was a person, it would have been a corpse. She worried that the local wildlife had moved in – most notably rats. She hated rats.

She had a bad feeling about the whole place. She was even a little scared, as irrational as that was. 

Not Scribbling


As she inspected the walls more closely, she noticed something disturbing. What she previously thought was scribbling on the walls was something much more sinister.

They were deep gouges in the walls, like scratches from an animal. Could an ordinary household cat make these marks? She was about to find out.

Many Hiding Places


Agatha continued to delve deeper. She found the cat’s food bowl and filled it up with a nearby bag of cat food. She really thought that Siam would come running at the sound of his food bowl clinking with food.

She knew that she’d have to go find the cat herself. She’d have to venture deeper into the derelict house and try to find a needle in a haystack. To make things easier, she’d first go downstairs to turn on the power.

A Sound

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Next, Agatha heard a noise that made her blood run cold. It came from another room nearby. Was it the cat? As she walked down the corridor, she realized that it was coming from the bathroom at the end of the hall.

She slowly approached the door and slowly opened it. There was movement behind the shower curtain, so she slowly pulled it to the side.

Not Knowing What To Expect


She thought of various horror movie scenes as she prepared to open the curtain. Realizes that maybe slowly wasn’t the best option, she prepared herself to yank it quickly.

She just hoped that Michael Myers or Freddie Kruger wasn’t waiting on the other side. She closed her eyes and quickly opened the shower curtain, not ready for what was on the other end.



As she yanked the curtains to the side, a frightened animal jumped out. It was Siam! He had been hiding in the bathroom all this time and looked very different from how Agatha remembered him.

But it wasn’t over yet. Agatha heard something else in the house. It wasn’t Siam since he was with her. Was it what he had been hiding from?

Something Out Of A Nightmare


Agatha’s curiosity got the better of her. She decided that she would check the house to make sure that no vagrants had moved into his house while he was gone. She could tell the noise coming from under the bed.

But when she looked underneath it, she saw something straight out of a nightmare.

Taking It To The Vet


Agatha found a furry creature underneath the bed. It looked just as frightened as Siam. She decided to call her grandfather and find out more about this strange-looking animal. Once he answered the phone, he spilled everything.

“You found Missy!” He said with glee. Agatha was confused, but he explained that he thought his other cat had run away. But this didn’t look like any cat she’d ever seen. She had to rush her to the vet.



The vet couldn’t believe the way the cat looked. She had been neglected for months, and her fur had become more matted than anything they’d ever seen. He quickly began the treatment process.

He got a special set of clippers and got to work on the poor frightened animal. But would she look like her former self once he was done?

Like A Different Animal

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After extensive treatment at the vet, Missy looked like a different animal. She looked like a lovely little kitten that had a lot of love to give. Now she could be properly looked after. Agatha decided to look after her grandfather’s pets, and she would arrange visits every so often. It was the perfect ending everyone asked for.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.