Woman Shows Up At Wedding And Other Guests Shame Her For Her Dress

For one woman who dressed up, when she arrived at the wedding she would wish she thought about her outfit a little more carefully.

What To Wear

Black tie or fancy dress, every event has its own dress code. But when a wedding doesn’t specify a particular style it can send you into a pit of self-doubt. What will everyone else be wearing? I don’t want to stand out like a sore thumb!

For one woman that was completely not the case at all, but once she arrived at the wedding she would wish she thought about her outfit a little more carefully.

Hard Work

Instagram / dkruegerfitness

Liz Krueger is a fitness coach and nutritionist with a banging body to match her job description. She worked hard to chisel out her svelte figure and was definitely not shy or self-conscious.

Most of us would love to wear figure-hugging outfits or just possibly less clothing when we know the weather is going to be a scorcher. The day of the wedding was going to be over 90 degrees. She knew exactly which dress she wanted to wear.

Bad Behavior

Instagram / dkruegerfitness

She paired the strapless cocktail dress with a pair of high heels and a chunky necklace. Confident and radiant, she walked into the reception only to be met with some serious looks of disapproval (jealousy can be nasty!) but what really stunned her was that some people thought her look warranted some seriously bad behavior on their part.

You won’t even believe what some of the wedding guests did to her. She sarcastically posted the following about her ordeal, “That was just one of the maaaaaaany acts of kindness that I received throughout the night.”

Thick Skinned

Instagram / dkruegerfitness

A lot of the woman took it upon themselves to tell her exactly what they thought of her clothes while another guest was apparently dared to give her a slap on the rear. Someone even went as far as to try to spill a beer over her, but luckily missed and only got her arm. All this would be enough for anyone to turn tail and flee.

Not Liz, with the support of her husband and friends she stayed and had a heck of a good night. She concluded the post by saying, “Regardless of all that, we all had a heck of a fun night, and there was no comment or glare by the ‘grown’ women that could bring me down as a wedding guest”