Man Gives 4 Bedroom House Away For Free, But There’s One Catch


A Big Mistake

She stood completely still, her legs refused to move. She glanced around at the walls of her new “house”. Was this some kind of sick joke? She felt naive as she looked at the stains on the floor.

But what she noticed in the corner of the room was what had her jump out of her shoes. What had she just seen? She’d soon realize why the house was free.

Moving To A Small Town


Louisa Johnson recently left her town to move to another just south of Louisiana with her young daughter. They needed to get away.

She found the most incredible house that she thought they could both start new lives in. She was ecstatic at the idea, but there would be a catch she had never anticipated and by then it would be too late.

Ready For A Fresh Start


She and her daughter fleed her husband in the dead of night and drove 200 miles just to get away. They packed all of their things, got in the car, and never looked back.

Louisa drove all through the night while her daughter slept in the backseat of the car. She smiled, things would get better.

Looking For A House


The two stayed with a friend while Louisa started a search for a job. Thankfully, soon she found a job at a local diner.

Now she just needed to find a good house that would keep her daughter safe. But she had no idea how wrong things would go.

Couldn’t Find The Perfect Place


It was hard to find the right home that was also affordable. Was it too much to ask to find a two-bedroom house with a modest garden?

But soon someone would enter her life that would “help” her. But that wouldn’t end up being the case.

She Needed A Home


As Louisa stood in front of the real estate agency thinking of what she would do, something strange happened.

Louisa was at her wit’s end. She had looked at so many houses and they either weren’t affordable or just not what she was looking for. But then she felt a hand on her shoulder.

An Old Woman


She spun around to see an aged face. An elderly woman stared at her with piercing blue eyes and wispy white hair.

She asked if she could help the woman. She blandly said “looking for a house?”. She handed Louisa a piece of paper and shuffled away as abruptly as she appeared.

A Beautiful House

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Quickly, Louisa opened the piece of paper and to her surprise, she saw a picture of a gorgeous detached house. Then she saw how much this house was going for: zero dollars. This house was free, but why?

Boasting three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large kitchen, and a gigantic backyard, it sounded perfect! But Louisa would soon learn this house was far from perfect.

Calling The Number


Underneath the picture was a cellphone number, and for a brief moment, Louisa debated what to do. Was there a reason this house wasn’t at the estate agency? Should she even take advice from a complete stranger?

She dismissed her thoughts and got out her cellphone. She dialed the number, feeling both excited and nervous. But little did Louisa know she was going to regret calling this number.

Come Over


After nearly a minute of waiting, finally, the number picked up and Louisa heard “hello” in her ear. Louisa quickly introduced herself and explained that she was interested in the house she had seen.

The seller, called Mikey was over the moon to hear Louisa’s interest in the house. He insisted she come over straight away, and Louisa agreed. She had nothing to lose. But she was soon going to realize she did.

Arriving At The House


Louisa drove to the address of the house and already she could feel butterflies in her stomach. The drive was quite long, this house was further out than she had hoped, but she didn’t care.

She pulled up and Louisa was completely gobsmacked with how huge the house was in real life. Louisa was already sold. “What could be wrong with this?” She quietly muttered to herself. But Louisa was soon going to find out.

Tour Of The House


As Louisa pulled in she could see a man was stood at the front of the house. Louisa got out and the man came rushing over, a gigantic smile slapped on his face.

“You must be Louisa, I’m Mikey,” the man said. The two introduced each other, and Mikey swiftly kicked off the tour of the house. Louisa set foot inside her potential-new-home, not knowing what was coming to her.



Walking around the house, Louisa reveled in the excitement. She could already picture her daughter playing in the backyard, and herself baking cookies in the stunning Victorian kitchen.

Accompanied by Mikey, Louisa could tell he was enjoying her excitement and optimism for this house. Maybe he was just happy for her. But Louisa had no idea what Mikey’s hidden agenda was.

She Loved It


The house needed some work, but nothing too drastic. A few coats of paint and a tidy up. Louisa saw a dark red stain on the living room floor, but that was nothing a bottle of bleach couldn’t fix.

After seeing every area of the house, Louisa was confident she was making the right decision. But little did she know she was making a huge mistake.

The History

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Mikey completed his tour of the house and then started to explain to Louisa about its history. This house was his grandmother’s, and unfortunately, she passed away a few years ago.

Louisa was sad to hear that. She had lost her grandfather a few years ago, so she could sympathize with Mikey. The two then went into the living room to discuss the house over coffee. But she had no idea what was coming.

There Was A Catch


Sitting in the living room amongst the gorgeous furniture and spacious rooms, Louisa had a feeling this house was too good to be true. Why would a house like this be given away for free? It sounded absurd – there had to be some sort of catch.

And Louisa was right. There was a catch; and when she found out what it was she was left feeling sick to her stomach.

How Did You Hear About The House?


As Louisa and Mikey sipped on their coffees, Mikey said, “oh I forgot to ask, how did you find out about this house?” As Louisa placed her coffee on the crystal table in front of her, she replied, “an old woman showed it to me in town.”

As soon as Louisa said that, she saw Mikey’s face go as white as a ghost. As if he had just heard something truly terrifying.

The Same Old Woman

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Confused, Louisa asked what was wrong. But then suddenly, she saw something in the corner of the room. It was a picture hung up on the wall; a portrait of an old woman.

It was Mikey’s grandmother. Mikey’s dead grandmother. It was the same old woman who showed Louisa this house, a few hours ago. Louisa sat frozen in her tracks and a terrible feeling hit the pit of her stomach.

Lost For Words


“Your grandmother,” Louisa said, her voice trembling, “she’s the old woman who showed me the house this morning.” Mikey’s mouth dropped open and he put his hands over his face.

Louisa didn’t know what to do; she wanted to run out of this house and get as far away as possible. But she also wanted answers. “Mikey, what’s going on?” She asked. Mikey looked at her and started to reveal the truth.

Was It Haunted?


You see, the reason that this house was free was due to the fact that many people have claimed it’s haunted. Many people have said the ghost to Mikey’s grandmother Adele haunts the halls.

Mikey himself had never seen anything out-of-the-ordinary but he also made sure to stay far away from this house as he could. What about Louisa? Knowing all of this, was this house still the house of her dreams?

Getting Out


When Louisa heard the truth, she decided to not go ahead with living there. Normally she didn’t believe in the paranormal, but after the encounter with the old woman aka Adele, she felt different.

Instead, she managed to find a smaller two bedroomed house. But Louisa didn’t mind. After all, wouldn’t you rather have one less bedroom than a ghost lodger?