Mother-In-Law Insists Mom Use Formula, Doctor Tells Her That’s Not Formula


What Was Causing It?

Alana was so tired of her daughter being sick all the time that she didn’t know what to do anymore. Had she picked up some kind of stomach bug?

But it wasn’t until she realized what was causing her upset stomach. Her mother-in-law had really taken things too far now, and Alana was going to put a stop to it once and for all.



Alana and her husband, Steve, had been married for only two years when they received a very unexpected surprise when Alana discovered she was pregnant.

Although the pregnancy was not planned at all, Alana and Steve were excited nonetheless and couldn’t wait to become parents. But the young couple would suffer some hiccups along the way.

A Sick Baby


The first problem occurred when Isabella was born. She picked up a viral infection and had to stay in the hospital for a few days after her birth.

Alana and Steve were sick with worry but knew their precious daughter was in good hands. They knew the doctors and nurses would take good care of her and make sure she recovered.



Isabella eventually recovered and grew into a healthy baby girl. At just 8 months old, she showed no other signs of illness.

That was until Steve’s mother, Glynnis, began looking after her when Alana and Steve couldn’t afford to put Isabella in daycare. Glynnis took it upon herself to feed Isabella something that was not suitable for her little body.



Glynnis was a strong-willed woman, and she was a woman who didn’t take no for an answer. So when her daughter-in-law, Alana, gave her strict instructions on how to feed and take care of baby Isabella, her reply was, “I’ve raised three children myself. I know what I am doing, dear.”

Alana knew that when she said that, things were going to get complicated for them.

Moving In


Glynnis practically moved into their house, and, at first, Alana was fine with it. But when she displayed signs of wanting to change things in the house, Alana put her foot down.

“You are only supposed to help us with Isabella. Please respect everything else in our house and don’t change anything,” was Alana’s response. But would Grandma Glynnis listen?

A Battle of Wills


From that moment on, a battle of wills ensued between Alana and Glynnis. Glynnis would constantly challenge Alana’s authority and undermine her decisions when it came to raising Isabella.

Alana’s instincts told her that Glynnis was not following her instructions regarding Isabella’s care, but she couldn’t quite put her finger on what exactly was going wrong. Or was she imagining things?

A Mother’s Intuition


But Alana’s motherly intuition grew stronger each day as she observed subtle changes in Isabella’s behavior. The once vibrant and healthy baby seemed irritable and had developed recurring digestive issues.

Alana tried her best to pinpoint the cause, adjusting Isabella’s diet and seeking advice from doctors, but nothing seemed to alleviate her daughter’s discomfort completely.

Confronting Glynnis


Finally, unable to bear the uncertainty any longer, Alana decided to confront Glynnis. She sat her down and expressed her concerns, explaining that Isabella’s health had deteriorated since Glynnis had taken over her care.

Glynnis brushed off Alana’s worries with a dismissive wave of her hand, insisting that she knew best. Alana’s frustration and helplessness intensified.

The Doctor’s Visit


Alana and Steve scheduled a visit to Isabella’s pediatrician in hopes of finding some answers. They explained the situation, detailing their suspicions about Glynnis’ actions.

The doctor carefully examined Isabella, reviewing her medical history and listening attentively to the parents’ concerns. After a thorough examination, the doctor’s face turned grave. What was wrong with baby Isabella?

Very Worried


At this point, both Alana and Steve were very worried about what the doctor had discovered. Little Isabella had been sick for weeks, and Alana felt very bad that she hadn’t taken the baby to the doctor sooner.

Terrible thoughts flashed through her mind. Would their baby have to be hospitalized again, and what had they done wrong as parents to put their child in danger?

Blaming Herself


Steve could only console his wife and tell her that everything was going to be okay. But Alana was not convinced. She knew she had been careful with Isabella, but there was something that they had missed, and now their poor baby was suffering.

Alana could only blame herself. She felt like she had failed as a mother. But was it actually her fault?

An Alarming Revelation


“I believe I have found the cause of Isabella’s health issues,” the doctor said, her voice filled with concern. “It seems she has been consuming cow’s milk, which is highly inappropriate for her age.”

Alana’s heart sank as she exchanged a bewildered glance with Steve. They had never introduced cow’s milk to Isabella’s diet. How could this have happened?

Not The First Time


“Your mother-in-law, Glynnis, was here not too long ago. When I asked about Isabella’s diet, she mentioned that she had been giving the baby formula. However, the lab results clearly indicate the presence of cow’s milk in her system.”

Alana’s mind raced, trying to comprehend the deception. Why hadn’t Glynnis told them she brought the baby to the doctor before? What was she hiding?

The Weight of Betrayal


A wave of betrayal washed over Alana. How could Glynnis not tell them that she had taken Isabella to see the doctor? They had trusted her, but she had shown time and time again that she could not be trusted. It was a betrayal that struck deep within Alana’s soul.

Anger and anguish swirled within her, but she knew she had to remain composed for Isabella’s sake.

Confronting Glynnis Again


Ready to blow a gasket, Alana confronted Glynnis once more. This time, her voice trembled with a mixture of anger and hurt.

“How could you not tell us that you took Isabella to the doctor?” Alana’s voice quivered. But when Glynnis didn’t look bothered by her concerns, Alana was going to give her a piece of her mind.



Glynnis, however, refused to acknowledge her wrongdoing. She crossed her arms and tilted her chin defiantly. “I did what I thought was best for Bella. I know what I am doing. As a grandmother, I don’t need your permission to take care of my granddaughter.”

Alana’s blood boiled at the arrogance in Glynnis’ voice. Why was she undermining them as parents? If only she knew how deep Glynnis’ defiance truly went. What was her mother-in-law really up to?

Stay Calm


Alana took a couple of deep breaths in an attempt to calm down. How many times had her mother-in-law crossed her like this and she just let it go?

Standing here, her mind couldn’t help but wander into the past, scrutinizing each moment Glynnis had treated her badly or like she wasn’t woman enough. Tears tipped her eyes as she emersed herself in the memories.

Back In Time 


She remembered the first time she’d met Glynnis. The woman had seemed civil at first. She smiled and hugged Alana, asking about her journey to their home in Connecticut. 

She was delightful to talk to, making Alana think she’d be the perfect mother-in-law. But she’d soon learn that the true Glynnis and the woman standing before her were two completely different people. 

Making Dinner 


Glynnis didn’t waste any time showing her true colors. That same night while she and Alana were making the family dinner, she decided to spark a brief but needed conversation. 

But this was barrage after barrage of verbal attacks that didn’t make sense. She scrutinized everything Alana did, from how she kneaded dough to how she applied the sauce while making lasagna. But this was only the beginning.

Her Analysis Of Alana 


The scrutiny seeped into the way Alana handled herself as a woman. Glynnis mentioned that her dress was too short despite its helm reaching past Alana’s knees. She talked about her hair being too blonde, even though that was its true color. 

She even called Alana out for having eyes that were too blue. “My son doesn’t like blue eyes,” she said to support her statement. Alana should have run then. 

Impressing Her 


When we love someone honestly and truly, impressing their family and friends is usually the top priority on our list of things. For Alana, impressing Glynnis had been the goal that week. 

She’d even carried her grandma’s lasagna recipe that had always gotten compliments, hoping to make Glynnis like her. But the night would end in a terrible disaster that would dictate the rest of Alana’s married life. 

All Alone 


Glynnis continued her assault as the hours counted, and Alana, the good person she was, took it with her head held down. It was even sadder that Steve wasn’t around to help her through this. 

He’d headed out with his dad and brothers to visit an uncle who didn’t live far off. Wanting to be a part of his life forever, Alana did all she could to impress her mother-in-law. She should have known it would all end in tears. 

A Different Person


The night continued in this same vein until Steve returned. But his arrival seemingly turned everything on its head because Glynnis changed utterly.

She wore this facade of a caring mom so effortlessly that Alana spent the next hour with her mouth ajar and brows raised. It seemed she’d entered a lioness’s den without knowing. Would she get out alive?

This Is A Sign, Run 


It soon became clear to Alana that Glynnis was a two-faced woman. She knew how to play the field and played it well. She acted like she couldn’t get enough of Alana when Steve was watching, constantly complimenting her and asking questions about her life. 

But the moment they were alone, her mask would fall off, and she’d return to her usual self, treating Alana like she wasn’t good enough for her son. Alana should have taken this as a sign and run

What She Wants


But love blinds, and Alana was more than blinded by what it promised. With Steve, she saw herself as a mom and a wife, a woman meant to build and nurture. 

She saw herself as a person with purpose, something she’d long wanted in her life. Steve promised stability and meaning, and Alana needed that. More than anything, she wanted him forever. If only she knew what this would lead to.

Surviving Through It


Alana’s love made her brave whatever Glynnis threw her way. She even decided not to involve Steve in this scuffle, fearing that in bringing him in, Glynnis would never respect her as a woman. 

Alana needed to fight her own wars and do it in the shadows where Steve wouldn’t find out. She had no clue that her efforts would doom her baby.

Building Boundaries 


Throughout her courtship and engagement with Steve, Alana continued fighting. She’d formed boundaries around her and Steve, clear lines of war that even Glynnis feared crossing. 

She knew never to approach the woman without Steve in the vicinity and always made their interactions as short as possible. She thought she was winning, not knowing how cunning and patient Glynnis was. 



Things started calming down as Alana and Steve walked down the aisle as husband and wife. Standing at the altar as the priest pronounced her and Steve a married couple, Alana could see Glynnis cry at the front pew. 

But she’d known the woman long enough to tell when she was faking. The woman had her tale tell signs when pretending, and Alana knew each of them. 

The True War Has Begun 


Quietly, she watched as Glynnis shed tears and ululated, pretending their battle was over. But Alana wasn’t stupid. She could tell that the true war had only begun.

But unknown to her, Glynnis was already formulating a plan that would more than teach her and Steve a lesson. She’d make sure that by the time she was done, Alana would never cross her again. 

Excellent News 


The plan would take time to see the light of day. But Glynnis was nothing but patient. She watched keenly, waiting for the excellent news most newlyweds eagerly awaited.  

It took two years for it to happen. Steve called her one night with joy radiating from his voice. “Mom,” he began, barely able to contain his excitement. “We’re pregnant!”

She’s Happy


Glynnis jumped joyfully, not because she was happy for her son but because her chance to mount her assault was finally here. 

“I am so happy for you guys!” she exclaimed. “When did you get the news?” Steve explained everything, even handing the phone over to Alana. But unlike him, Alana sounded more reserved. Did she suspect that Glynnis was palling something nefarious?

Placing The Traps


Glynnis decided to keep her head down until baby Isabella was born. Then, slowly and quietly, she set her plan into motion. 

She didn’t tell anyone what she was doing, not even her best friends or Steve’s dad. She was eager to place the traps and watch her daughter-in-law fall into each one of them. But all these things would soon come to bite her.  

She’s Behind It All


Alana knew Glynnis was behind her daughter getting hospitalized. She was sure that after all this time, her mother-in-law would stop antagonizing her. 

She even told herself that she was overreacting and making a mountain out of a molehill. But nothing she did seemed to work. Would she act on her anger?

Nearly Impossible


Alana tried everything, but it was impossible for her to calm herself down. She could feel more tears stinging her eyes, and she knew that things would blow up if she stayed.

So she turned on her heel and made her way to Isabella’s bedroom. That was where she remained until her husband came home. But there was no way she was going to let this go. She’d find the truth one way or another.

Mentioning Her Concerns


That night, instead of getting into bed, Alana sat down and discussed her concerns with Steve. She mentioned that she thought his mother was controlling and that she didn’t respect their wishes.

That was when things took a drastic turn. Steve’s face was red with rage, and it was clear that he didn’t see things the same way. Was this the end?

Not Listening


Steve stopped listening to Alana after that. Their discussion had turned into an argument where Alana listed her fears, and Steve told her she was overreacting.

It ended with Steve storming off and spending the night on the couch. But they still had no solution to their problem. If anything, they just added another problem.

What To Do?


Alana spent the night tossing and turning. All she was trying to do was help her daughter, and she lost her husband’s support in the process.

She had no idea what she was going to do now. But she knew that she couldn’t let this madness continue. She’d put an end to this once and for all.

Get Out


At that point, Alana wanted Glynnis out of their house. She was prepared to pay to put Isabella into a daycare center just so that Glynnis was not in their house anymore.

But she had no luck doing that because Steve stopped her. “We can’t afford daycare right now, honey. My mom has to stay here.” But what they didn’t know was that Glynnis would soon be exposed.

Every Second


Alana had gotten lost in a world of her own. Her mind was constantly on her daughter and the situation the baby was in. She was thinking about it every second of every day, and it was starting to affect more than her mind.

Her boss had picked up on the fact that she wasn’t focused and gave her a warning. Things were only getting worse, and she needed to act before it was too late.

More Concerned


With each day that passed, Alana became more concerned. She didn’t care about the fact that her job was at risk. Or that her husband was constantly avoiding her.

Her full focus was on her daughter, and her concern wasn’t unfounded. Something was happening at home, and if she couldn’t stop it, she wouldn’t have a daughter to worry about.

Degrading Fast


Isabella’s condition had been deteriorating a lot over the past few days. She was getting sicker by the hour, and her mother couldn’t help but think of the worst.

She had seen the doctor countless times in the last few weeks, and her answer was always the same. She kept saying that there was cow’s milk in Isabella’s system. But how was it getting there?

Sleepless Nights


The next few nights, Alana barely got any sleep. She spent her time sitting next to her daughter’s crib and running her fingers through the baby’s hair.

She was trying to understand how the baby had consumed cow’s milk. But she couldn’t come up with a logical explanation. Little did she know that she would uncover the secret soon enough.

She Needed Answers


All Alana knew was that she needed to find the answer. Her daughter’s life depended on it. But the only logical explanation she had was that Glynnis had been giving it to her.

And that explanation was thrown out the window when she admitted to the doctor that she had been using baby formula. Or was it? Was she really giving Isabella formula?

At Each Other’s Throats


With Glynnis still in the house and Alana watching her every move, Steve could no longer bear the tension. His mother and wife were always at each other’s throats.

But everything would soon come to a head when Alana came home early one day. She was not prepared for what she witnessed her mother-in-law doing.

Watching In Horror


As she quietly walked into the house, she witnessed something that no mother or parent ever wanted to see. Alana knew that Glynnis was being difficult, but she had not expected this.

She peeked around the corner and saw Glynnis take something from the fridge. It stood there on the counter while she fetched Isabella’s bottle. What was Glynnis doing?

Utter Disbelief


Alana’s mind was shrouded in disbelief as she saw what it was that was standing on the counter. How could Glynnis do such a thing?

She knew what effect it would have on the baby. Yet, she insisted on doing things her way. And because of that, Isabella could’ve died. This time the woman had gone too far, and Alana wouldn’t stand for it.

Frozen In Shock


Alana willed her feet to move, so she could react before it was too late. But her body was frozen in place. The shock was just too much for her to bear.

She never thought she would see this. She never thought that her mother-in-law would have the audacity to poison her child in such a way. But what was she going to do about it?

Was She Insane?


The only thing Alana could think of at that time was, “Is she insane?” The doctor confirmed that she told Glynnis what the effects of cow’s milk had on young babies, especially babies that had weakened immune systems like Isabella.

So she knew what she was doing was wrong, and she did it anyway. That was when a voice of reason entered Alana’s mind.

Something Else?


Maybe the jug of milk that was standing on the counter wasn’t meant for the baby. The kettle was boiling, so it was easy to assume that Glynnis was making herself a cup of tea or coffee.

And Alana knew she always added milk to her caffeinated drinks. So she decided to wait and see what the milk was actually being used for.

Wait For It


It took all of Alana’s strength to just stand there and wait, but she did it nonetheless. And that was when she saw it.

Glynnis approached the counter, bottle in hand. She added some of the boiled water to the bottle and then reached for the jug of milk. Just as she was about to bring it to the bottle, Alana jumped into action.

What Are You Doing?


Before Glynnis could do anything else, Alana ran into the kitchen and slammed her hand on the counter. “Just what do you think you are doing?” Glynnis stood frozen in her tracks.

Alana knew her instincts were right. Glynnis had been lying about the formula, secretly feeding Isabella cow’s milk against Alana’s explicit instructions. Alana was on the warpath.

We Trusted You


“Isabella’s health has suffered because of your actions. We entrusted her to your care, and you violated that trust. Why did you do this?”

But Glynnis was not deterred by Alana’s loud ramblings. All she said was, “I raised my children on cow’s milk, and they turned out just fine. Personally, I don’t think it’s the cow’s milk that’s making her sick.”



Alana had had enough. Glynnis’ arrogance was astounding. How could she be so stubbornly blind to the harm she had caused?

She couldn’t wait to tell Steve just what his sweet mother had been doing to their precious daughter. But could Steve even be angry with his beloved mother? Would Alana be able to finally get Glynnis out of their house?

Drawing the Line


Alana knew she had to take immediate action to protect Isabella from further harm. With her voice steady, she declared, “From this moment on, you will no longer be involved in Isabella’s care. Your actions have proven that you cannot be trusted.”

Glynnis recoiled, anger flashing across her face. She attempted to argue and protest, but Alana stood firm, her determination unyielding.

A Mother’s Vow


Alana spent the following days researching and consulting experts to undo the damage done to Isabella’s fragile system. She vowed to do everything in her power to nurse her daughter back to health and ensure her future well-being.

Each time she gazed into Isabella’s innocent eyes, a fierce resolve burned within Alana. She would protect her daughter at all costs.

A New Beginning


Under the guidance of a trusted pediatric nutritionist, Alana began a carefully tailored feeding plan for Isabella. Every meal was thoughtfully prepared, ensuring Isabella received the proper nutrients for her delicate system.

Days turned into weeks, and Isabella’s health gradually improved. Her digestive issues diminished, and her radiant smile returned, lighting up the room.

Cutting Ties


Alana knew that severing ties with Glynnis would not be easy, but she was determined to create a safe and nurturing environment for Isabella.

She informed Steve about her decision, and after a series of heartfelt conversations, they both agreed that cutting ties with Glynnis was necessary for their family’s well-being. But would Glynnis accept her fate?

Emotional Turmoil


The days that followed were filled with emotional turmoil. Glynnis bombarded Alana and Steve with angry phone calls and messages, demanding access to Isabella.

Alana’s heart ached, torn between the love she once held for Glynnis and the need to protect her daughter. It was a painful chapter of their lives that they had to navigate with strength and resilience.

Legal Measures


As Glynnis escalated her attempts to regain control over Isabella, Alana, and Steve sought legal advice. They learned about their rights as parents and the steps they could take to ensure Isabella’s safety.

The legal process was arduous, requiring patience and a steadfast resolve. Alana and Steve did everything by the book, working closely with their attorney to safeguard Isabella’s future.

Lessons Learned


Through this harrowing experience, Alana learned the importance of trusting her instincts and standing up for her child. She understood that sometimes the hardest battles are fought within families, but love and protection must always prevail.

Alana became an advocate for child safety and actively participated in support groups, sharing her story to raise awareness and empower other parents facing similar challenges.

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.