Woman Is Approached By 3 Teenagers After Her Car Breaks Down


Middle Of The Road

She was in the middle of the road when her car had just died. She tried restarting it but to no avail. She was another 30 minutes away from home and couldn’t call for assistance because her phone had died, too.

She climbed out of her car but regretted her decision when she noticed she was in the bad part of town. Three teenagers were coming toward her before she could ask for help, and she froze. What were their intentions?

Her Good Mood


Jane McQuillin worked at a restaurant in her small Texan town. The middle-aged woman enjoyed her job and was working towards her goal of opening up a restaurant of her own one day.

Her neighbors, coworkers, and regular customers all loved her. She had an upbeat personality they couldn’t help but like. She was always in a good mood, and they were in awe of that. But they couldn’t see beneath the surface.

A Tough Mom


Jane was a single mom to her daughter, Jamie. She kept it under wraps, but she was struggling to raise her. Life hadn’t been the same since her divorce.

However, Jane was a tough woman who would do everything she could for her daughter. Her life was important because she used it daily for everything. She couldn’t afford to lose it.

A Tight Budget

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It was tough for Jane to ensure that her daughter was looked after. Her ex-husband couldn’t pay her child support after he had lost his job, and she had to make up for the loss.

She eventually felt that she needed to find another job. She managed to find one for the evening shift, but it meant driving through a bad neighborhood to get there. This didn’t faze her much as she always held faith in the good in people, but she would never have expected her beliefs to be challenged in such a way.

Feeling Overwhelmed

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The pressure of caring for her little girl and working two jobs became overwhelming for Jane. Anyone would buckle under the pressure, no matter how tough they were.

Despite how kind she was and how much she was seen smiling, Jane had fallen into a pit of depression because of everything she had on her plate. But there was more.

A Fighter

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Jane wanted the best for her family and would do all she could for them. That meant putting up a fight with no intention of backing down.

Her family supported her while she sought help to make it through the worst. She had been given a new schedule to follow, which helped her better manage her time, so she didn’t feel overwhelmed. Things were looking, but Jane would never expect what was waiting around the corner.

Everyone Has Good In Them

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Jane believed that everyone had good in them despite their struggles. She thought that no one should ever be judged because it was difficult to know what they were struggling with.

But when her car broke down on her way home from work, her beliefs would be tested. She would question her beliefs while she felt frozen as three suspicious teenagers made their way toward her.

Work Implications 

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The evening shift wasn’t easy to work, but Jane needed the money. It made for an unpleasant job because she lost out on time with her daughter, and she lost out on even more for herself.

To make matters worse, the evening shift meant traveling a dangerous route back home. The town was small which meant there was no alternative route for her to take other than through the neighborhood with a bad reputation.

Bad Neighborhood


Jane didn’t often worry about traveling through the area, but she couldn’t help the panic when her car broke down in the middle of the so-called bad neighborhood.

She depended on her car too much and couldn’t afford to lose her car. Her life would be turned upside down again if she did lose it. That was the first thing on her mind. The second was her safety when she saw the teenagers coming closer.

The Teenagers Noticed

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While the three teenagers drew closer to her car, Jane searched for a way out.

The three boys had seen her car stop in the middle of the road while hanging about in the area, and they quickly decided to make their way towards it. A car stopping in the middle of the road in the dark and their neighborhood was not something they saw very often.


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When she saw the three teenagers approach her car, Jane was already out of the vehicle, looking for help. But there was no one on the street besides the boys. 

The woman was scared. She didn’t know what their intentions were and what they were doing on the street so late at night. What could she do? Then the most unexpected thing happened. 

Offering To Help

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When the group of teens saw the woman on the road with smoke coming out of her engine, they decided to get out and help. 

The three teenagers, Billy Tarbett, Bailey Campbell, and Aeron McJames, came upon the lady around midnight when they were headed to a fast-food chain for something to eat. They stopped near her car and asked her if she needed any help. 


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Jane thanked them but told them that she didn’t know what they could do. Maybe borrow their phone, so she could call for someone to tow her car. 

One of the boys was good at cars and said it didn’t look so bad. It just needs a little push. So all three boys began pushing the car until the engine started again. Jane was the happiest when she saw the car running again. She thanked the boys and headed home. 

Faith In Humanity Restored


When Jane got home, she was overjoyed. She never expected anything like this to happen, especially not in that neighborhood. But at the same time, she always had hope that people always have the best intentions. 

She was right. The three boys only wanted to help. And maybe the reputation of that neighborhood was not so accurate. 

Going Viral


Jane was so touched by the event that she went to social media and posted her story. It was soon shared by thousands of people. 

People from her town and even from all over the country were touched by the events and said those boys were an example for every teenager out there. Everyone should act like that. 

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.