Mom Goes On Scissor Rampage After Bridal Salon Refuse Her Demands


Havoc At The Bridal Salon

With her wedding coming up, Fen visited the bridal salon for her second fitting when a woman whipped out her scissors, causing havoc to break out in one of the most peaceful places.

In plain shock, Fen watched as what she thought to be a peaceful day turned into a mess no one could foresee.

The Second Fitting

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It was the 9th of January when Fen was scheduled to go in for her second fitting at one of the most well-known bridal salons in Chongqing, southwest China.

Her fitting was supposed to take an hour at best, but the events that were to unfold had her hidden behind one of the staff members way past an hour.

Voices In The Background

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From the moment Fen walked in, one of the staff members escorted her to her stylist. While being led to the dressing rooms, she passed a woman that seemed to be having a heated conversation with the woman standing behind the salon’s main counter.

Unaware of what was going down, Fen took one last look at the woman that turned to meet eyes, giving her a challenging glare.

Something In The Air

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Feeling the tension in the air, Fen took her dress from the stylist and headed straight into the dressing room. Being the curious person she is, she couldn’t help but eavesdrop on the conversation the stylist was having with the staff.

While listening in, she heard something she shouldn’t have that made her drop her dress mid getting dressed.

Not The First Time

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Fen walked out of the room with her soon-to-be wedding dress. Being showered by compliments, Fen could barely make out her thank yous as she kept replaying what the staff member said in her head. “This isn’t the first time she comes demanding something unreasonable, but this time something is very off with her. We are trying not to alert anyone.”

Her last sentence made the hair on the back of her neck stand.

There Is More

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“We have the police on speed dial in case she does anything”. This exact sentence rang in Fen’s head. As Fen’s stylist started taking measurements for further improvements of the dress, another woman getting her dress fitted chimed in on the conversation.

The details that the woman spilled about the situation made Fen’s head spin.

The More You Know

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The woman explained that it all started four months after booking wedding arrangements. The bride asked to have the arrangements postponed. Three months later, she wanted to call them off and get her down payment back. The shop refused and offered arrangements for a child’s 100th-day celebration, as the woman was allegedly expecting a baby.

Just when things seemed to calm down, chaos broke loose in the salon.

It Is Getting Real

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Fen tried to go back to focusing on her fitting when both the stylist and staff member dropped their kits and ran in the opposite direction. Fen froze, unable to process what was happening.

Fen then gathered all her courage, turning in the direction of the commotion. Hoping for the best. Expecting the worst.

The Break Out

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Turning around with trembling knees, Fen caught sight of the woman. She did not want to listen to reason. She has lost all sense of rationality. The staff was a mess trying not to aggravate the woman, for there was no protocol for such situations.

With no warning, the woman pulled out a sharp object. Not knowing how it could end, Fen sprung back by instinct, hiding behind one of the staff members.

The Fallen Dresses


Fen silently watched as the woman made her way towards the dress’s aisle. One by one, she started cutting up dresses. Fen grabbed onto her dress guarding it with all her might. It was a nightmare, every single dress in these aisles could have been a woman’s dream dress. It could be someone’s wedding dress.

One of the staff members then mustered up the courage to stand up to the dress terrorizer.

Be Reasonable

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“Think clearly! These dresses cost several thousands of yuan” one of the staff members tried to reason with the woman as someone filmed the scene. The woman snapped back “Thousands? Even if it’s several ten-thousands, that’s fine!”

As she finished cutting all the dresses in one rack the woman inched closer and closer to where Fen hid.

The Sound of Sirens

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Right on time, the sound of police sirens sounded. Fen was never so happy to hear the sound of police sirens in her life. In a swift, the police got in and escorted the woman out of the salon preventing any further damage.

The salon was left in pieces, but that wasn’t the end.

What Goes Around Comes Around

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After being escorted to the station, the woman was detained. The police then reported the number of ruined dresses to be 32 in total. The total cost of the destroyed dresses rounded up to 70,000 yuan, equivalent to $11,000!

The shop owner did not stay silent, for she took it upon herself to speak to the media on the events that spiraled after.

Shop Owner Speaks Up

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According to the shop owner, the woman that created the mess was the bride’s mother. The bride’s husband took it upon himself to offer the store over 60,000 yuan, which is equivalent to $9420. Regardless, he has not paid a penny yet.

The incident grabbed people’s attention and everyone had something to say.

Making Headlines

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A video was leaked to the public showing the woman destroying the dresses. Not long after, the same video was being broadcasted on several news channels reporting on the incident. Everyone shared their comments on the absurdity of the events that broke down, resulting in the story making headlines. The issue has yet to be resolved.

Who would have thought that such an ugly act would be committed in such a beautiful place?