Dog Missing For 6 Months Found In Attic, But He Wasn’t Alone


What Happened

Her fists gripped the steering wheel as tears fell down her face. She drove around for what felt like hours.

She couldn’t bear the thought of something happening to the furry friend.  She finally allowed herself to hope after a neighbor pointed to her attic. However, she felt ill to her stomach when she saw what was lurking in the shadows.


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All her life, Linda Scormak had wanted a pug.

Their little wrinkles, adorable waddle, and buggy eyes were beyond adorable. When life finally presented an opportunity, she dipped into her savings and got ready to hunt down her perfect pooch. There was one rule, however, that immediately caused problems.

Social Stigma

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Purebreds already came with a stigma, so Linda wanted to make sure that she got one from a reputable breeder.

The search turned up a lot of frustrating dead ends. While driving back from yet another failed inspection of a kennel, she passed by an animal shelter. Whether by previous disappointment or curiosity, she found herself walking in, hoping fate would step in.

A Sea Of Wags


The backroom immediately burst into a chorus of barks and yips.

As she walked the rows, some jumped up and begged for attention. Others cowered in corners, hoping to disappear. Linda felt her heart shatter. So many unwanted pets. Out of the corner of her eye, she spotted something shocking.

So Ugly It’s Cute

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The little pooch looked more like a rat.

It had beady eyes, a crooked jaw, a flappy tongue, and no hair – only a few sprouts from its wrinkled head. It was the last thing she would have imagined connecting to, but for some reason, her heart melted and begged her to take it home.

Certainly Not A Pug

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Only an hour later, Linda sat in her car.

Her eyes were still wide-as dinner plates as she held her jittering fur baby named Smudge. What had she done? By the time she got home, she had him registered and microchipped. Little didn’t she know he wouldn’t be staying with her for much longer.

Jittery Pooch

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Smudge was a nervous dog – either by natural disposition or a hard life on the streets.

Linda did everything she could to make sure he felt safe. There was always water, food, and quiet throughout the house. She didn’t even push to pet him. The only thing that bothered her was the fact he liked to hide.

Suddenly Gone

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More than once, she had to search each floor, only to find him huddled behind a stack of blankets or underneath the guest bed.

But one day, she just couldn’t find him. Her worry quickly turned to full-blown panic, and she started tearing the house apart. Days passed and turned into weeks. She would sit in bed crying her eyes out. She had failed him. It wouldn’t be until 6 months later did she finally get an answer.

Still Hurting

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Linda pulled at the weeds in her flower garden, still feeling the weight of Smudge’s disappearance.

As she stuck her trowel into the ground, a snake slithered away. She gasped and threw the shovel at it. This year had been so bad for snakes. All of a sudden, her busybody neighbor poked her head over the fence.

A Ray Of Hope

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“Hey, darlin’,” she said in a deep southern drawl. “You might want to check your attic. Saw something going in there.”

Linda stared at the upper window she left open for ventilation. Every part of her hoped Smudge had found his way in there and had been hiding the entire time. But when she opened the door and pushed the boxes aside, she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Moving Nightmare

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There, in the middle of the dusty floor, was a huge ball of slithering, writhing snakes.

The biggest ones curled around the smaller ones – probably parents protecting their young. How long had this nightmare been looming right over her very head?! Then, the realization clicked in, and it shredded her heart into a million pieces.

Thinking The Worst

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Was this why she couldn’t find her dog?

Had the little guy scampered away to find a safe refuge only to stumble upon a nest of snakes? As animal control hurried over and cleared out the terrifying mass, she sat in her bedroom and cried. The final answer as to Smudge’s fate wouldn’t come for a couple of weeks.

A Surprising Phone Call


Every morning, Linda woke and had her coffee – staring at the empty food bowl. Her first time as an owner and she had failed miserably to protect such an innocent soul.

The phone rang and she slowly picked it up, not caring about whatever or whoever was on the other end. However, just four little words made her sprint for the car and race through every yellow light until she got to her destination.

Found Again!

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Shivering in the corner of a small cage was Smudge!

He hadn’t fallen prey to the snakes, he had just runoff. But more good news came pouring in. As soon as the little guy laid eyes on her, he sparked with joy and frantically scratched to get to her. He remembered her!

Together Forever

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Linda held her little guy in her arms, letting out every tear she had been holding back for those six months. It was so amazing – he was so amazing. She wrapped him in a blanket and took him home. There was no doubt they were meant to find each other. And this time, she would make sure nothing bad would ever happen to him again.

It’s such an amazing thing to adopt a dog. Especially ones that are experienced and have been through a lot. These dogs will have habits from previous owners or houses. One man noticed a recurring habit his dog had that was from a previous owner. He found it strange and unnerving and would struggle to sleep at night just thinking about it.

Cesur The Dog

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Ali decided that he would adopt a dog instead of buying one. There was value in it and he was giving him a new home. The little mixed breed seemed like a good fit for him.

The newly adopted dog was affectionate and well-mannered. But it took a while for Cesur to show Ali his true nature.

A Good Fit

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Cesur seemed right at home with his new owner. It seemed that every prior experience he had been through was over. He was a loyal companion.

But it seemed that Cesur had a habit he had kept hidden from Ali that was about to rear its head. It would be something that Ali would be terrified of.

An Escape Artist

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Every morning like clockwork, Cesur would wait at the front door while Ali got ready for work. But when Ali finally opened the door to leave, Cesur would sprint out.

Ali couldn’t catch him and couldn’t be late for work. So he had no choice but to get in his car and leave, hoping that Cesur would be alright.

Worried Sick

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While at work, Ali would feel a pit in his stomach, worried sick over his newly adopted dog. Even if Cesur would patiently wait at the front door when he got back, he didn’t want him on the street all day.

Ali was curious where Cesur would go every morning. He was adamant enough to escape from his new owner, so it must be important to him. The real reason would have Ali in tears.

Blaming Himself

Facebook/Ali Ilhan

Before this habit developed, the two had played so nicely together. Ali felt that he had found a new companion. So it was justified when he felt a little betrayed when Cesur would want to go somewhere else every morning,

Ali’s father never mentioned this problem about Cesur. Maybe he needed more exercise? Turns out, his disappearing act wouldn’t be because of walks.

Being A Better Owner

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Ali put himself together and was adamant that he would improve himself as a dog owner. He pampered Cesur, buying him expensive food and taking him out to play at the park.

Maybe Cesur just didn’t trust him yet? Maybe if he gave it time, he wouldn’t need to escape every morning. But Ali was oblivious to what the poor dog was actually doing.

Every Morning

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After weeks, it seemed that this habit wouldn’t change. Ali first thought he was just getting used to the new house. But after weeks, he knew it was going to be a long-term problem.

Ali needed to figure out where his furry companion was going every day. He decided he would be a detective for a day.


Facebook/Ali Ilhan

Ali lived in Bursa, a city in Turkey. Ali knew everyone in the town and everyone knew him.

The community was there to support Ali and had his back. But it seemed a few people would have other things in mind.


Facebook/Ali Ilhan

These few people reported Ali for neglect. They claimed he let his dog roam around couldn’t care less where he went. This was a danger for the dog and the traffic on the roads.

Ali understood and agreed to find out what was going on. But animal control told him something that would rock him to the core.

Explanation Needed

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Animal control cautioned him that dogs usually run away due to frustration and fear. They were suspecting him of mistreating poor Cesur. But he absolutely wasn’t and he never would!

He knew that there was another explanation for this. Frustrated, he hung up and called work to let them know he wouldn’t be working tomorrow. Instead, he was going to find out exactly what Cesur got up to.

Following Him

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Ali woke up determined and managed to get some extra time in the morning. He followed Cesur as the dog ran down a path that he was clearly very familiar with.

It took a while for Ali to realize where Cesur was going, but when he did it broke his heart.

Sad Realization

Facebook/Ali Ilhan

Ali followed him, making sure to keep his distance and avoid being seen. He didn’t want to distract Cesur from his mysterious daily venture.

He followed him past five blocks, turning left, then right, then left again until he understood exactly where Cesur was heading towards. His lip quivered at the solemn realization.

A Cemetery

Facebook/Ali Ilhan

Cesur had led Ali to a cemetery. And then he purposefully stopped at one particular grave.

You see, the little dog had been a faithful companion to his previous owner, 79-year-old Mehmet Ilhan. Mehmet had adopted him from a shelter, and the pair had formed a bond so extraordinary that it left Ali floored.


Facebook/Ali Ilhan

Mehmet and Cesur were together for two years, but then tragedy struck.

Mehmet was hospitalized, and Cesur was overcome with grief. “Because of my father’s paralysis, they had a different kind of connection,” Ali told The Dodo. “When my father was in the hospital during his last days, Cesur stopped eating.”

Wouldn’t Leave His Side

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Mehmet sadly passed away a few weeks later. And when his coffin was brought home to prepare for the funeral, Cesur wouldn’t leave his owner’s side.

When a procession formed to carry the coffin to a local mosque, the dog refused to move away. Cesur insisted on leading the procession, and the other guests followed. But they were yet to learn the extent of his grief.


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During the funeral, Cesur sat at the foot of the coffin. He had his head hanging sadly as if he was mourning.

This is how Cesur remained the entire time. “Nobody could touch him until my father was taken to the grave and was buried,” said Ali. Cesur watched his owner being laid to rest. But sadly, it gave him no closure and his behavior continued to change.

Dog Grief

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Although dogs don’t cry as humans do, they do show real grief. When dogs are sad, instead of shedding tears, they’ll show their sadness by whining, folding their ears back, crouching, or refusing to make eye contact.

They’ll also look like they lack confidence. And if a dog is whining, he’s telling you that he feels unsafe and is looking to you for assurance. Cesur was displaying most of the above behaviors. It was obvious he was in mourning.


Facebook/Ali Ilhan

Even though the little dog now lived at home with Ali, Mehemet’s son, he was still pining for Mehmet.

Every day since the funeral, Cesur escaped and ran through town to the burial site to sit with his old friend. But it wasn’t until Ali followed him that he realized what the loyal little dog was doing every day.

Paying Respects

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“The people who work in the cemetery say the first thing he does in the morning is visit the grave of my father,” said Ali.

On this day, Ali and Cesur sat side by side and paid their respects together. But Ali had no idea that he was just touching the surface of the grief Cesur felt. His heart broke once more when he saw what lay on the ground.

Together Forever

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Ali even saw the pawprints that Cesur had left on the grave on previous occasions, which only confirmed the pup’s loyalty.

Ali is not sure how long Cesur’s daily visits to the cemetery will continue, or if he will ever really recover from the loss of his beloved master. One thing is certain, however. Ali had to do something.

Repaying Him

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Ali knew that Cesur was a noble, loyal dog, and had also been a loving companion for his father.

In return, Ali promised that the little dog won’t have to face the future on his own. “Cesur has always been a noble animal,” said Ali. “He will live with me from now on”. But how would Ali ease his pain?

Not Enough

Kansas State University

Ali was fulfilling his promise of staying with Cesur and giving him all the attention and love that he needed but it still wasn’t enough.

Cesur continued to display signs of sadness and visit the grave every day. When Ali noticed his appetite was fading, he got worried and rushed to the vet to seek help.

Professional Help

Facebook/Ali Ilhan

When Ali brought Cesur to the vet, word of his heartbreaking tale had already swept their local newspapers. The vets recognized them and rushed over to Ali and Cesur, giving them both their condolences.

Ali told the vet that he hadn’t been eating well and was worried he might starve himself into oblivion. The vet assured him that although he’s experiencing emotional trauma, dogs’ survival instincts are far too strong to willingly starve themselves to death. But they did have a suggestion.

Unexpected Suggestion

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They told Ali that Cesur might need more than a human friend to get him through this. They asked Ali to consider getting a companion for Cesur. The idea never popped into Ali’s mind.

But now, it made sense. He wanted Cesur to be the playful pup he once was and how better to do that than to get another dog that he could play around with. But things didn’t work out exactly as planned…

Strange Solution

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Ali went back home with Cesur and was met by his friends already making themselves at home in his backyard. He had arranged a BBQ the week before and told them he’d be running late.

He told his friends that he needed to get Cesur a companion but that he realized his house didn’t have enough space for two dogs. That’s when one of his friends offered him a strange solution.

The Start Of Something New

Facebook/Ali Ilhan

His friend had rescued a stray cat a couple of weeks ago and was planning to hand it in to the shelter. He suddenly wondered if Ali should just take her instead.

She was a grey and black striped beautiful cat who was calm and lively at the same time. He had grown fond of the cat and wanted to give it to someone who he knew would take good care of it.

Unlikely Match

Facebook/Ali Ilhan

Ali didn’t need much convincing. A cat was the perfect addition to his little fury family. The cat, Tobi, was slowly introduced to Cesur, who took an immediate shining to her!

Tobi on the other hand was a bit more cautious. However, it didn’t take long before she began to feel more comfortable and her playful side took over.

Coming Back To Life

Facebook/Ali Ilhan

She’d pounce on Cesur and had an obsession with catching his tail and nibbling at his ear. An action that would always leave Cesur swinging his head, trying to playfully get her to stop.

Slowly but surely, Cesur began to light up again. He stopped crouching and whining and slowly began to get his appetite back. Meanwhile, something much, much bigger was happening.

Going Viral


Cesur’s heartbreaking tale of loss and hardship was going viral across the world! Cesur became widely known as the latest heartbroken dog, who also reminded the world of Greyfriars Bobby.

Greyfriars Bobby was a Skye Terrier from Scotland who was well known for guarding the grave of his owner for an insane 14 years. They even created a statue after him…

A Lasting Tale

Facebook/Ali Ilhan

The statue of the 19th-century pup who passed away in 1872 is located in Edinburgh in Scotland.

He is still adored by the locals today and his story continues to be well known by the community. His story of heartbreak and loyalty has even inspired veralse films and books. And it looks like Cesur is set to follow his lead.

Stopped By People

Facebook/Ali Ilhan

Whenever Ali and Cesur are out together, they get stopped by people all the time, asking after Cesur and wondering how he’s doing now.

At first, Ali found the situation bizarre, as he was also suffering the same loss but as time continue, he loved the care and attention Cesur got and felt his father was still somehow living through him.

Neighborhood Cheer

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When Ali and Cesur appeared on several talk shows to tell their story, people couldn’t help but pay attention. Often, people would bring their dogs over to play with Cesur and lighten his mood, but they all had one burning question to ask Ali.

They asked him if he still visited the grave. Ali would reply, “Although he’s visibly much more cheerful, after all this time, he’s never forgotten one thing”.

Feeling The Support!

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“He never forgot his old master, Mehmet”. Cesur continued to walk down to the graveyard and sit with his old friend. Only now, he is often accompanied by Ali and Tobi, the cat, in tow.

Looking back, Cesur’s grievance also helped Ali get through his own feelings of loss and sadness. Thanks to Cesur, Ali didn’t feel alone in his grief either and they got through it together. One day at a time!