Woman Who Saved Soda Tabs For 26 Years Cashes Out


Either Or

He was getting old too and life hadn’t worked out in his favor. “We have to get rid of everything, sell what you can, let’s see how much you can make.” He said as he rummaged through some of her trinkets on the table.

The woman looked at him with sad, empty eyes. How could he expect her to just leave everything? Where would she go? Where was he going to take her?

The Curious Beginnings


In a small town nestled by the rolling hills of Tampa Florida, there lived a woman named Reeva Thompson. Reeva was an ordinary woman but, in many ways, a curious soul, and she possessed an unusual hobby that had fascinated her since she was a child of about five years old.

She loved to collect soda tabs. Yes, you heard that right – soda tabs.

A Hidden Passion


One sunny afternoon, Reeva found a shiny soda tab glinting in the grass. Fascinated by its simple yet captivating design, she picked it up and slipped it into her pocket. Little did she know that this small act would spark a lifelong passion.

Reeva’s collection began innocently enough. She found a discarded soda tab on the sidewalk one sunny afternoon and picked it up, feeling an inexplicable draw to its shiny surface.

Digging in the Trash


Reeva’s passion for soda tabs knew no bounds. She would sometimes find herself rummaging through trash cans, not just for soda tabs but also for those found on soup cans.

Nobody understood why she had this peculiar fascination, but Reeva remained undeterred by the puzzled looks and raised eyebrows of those around her.

As the days passed, she started collecting more and more, asking her friends and family to save their soda tabs for her.

The Hidden Joy


To Reeva, the soda tabs were more than just discarded pieces of metal. They held a hidden joy for her. Whenever she opened her collection box and looked at the hundreds of shiny tabs, a surge of happiness coursed through her veins.

She loved the way they jingled and tinkled as she shook them in her hands, creating a melodic symphony of simple pleasure.

The Growing Collection


As Reeva grew older, her collection grew alongside her. The box that once held a handful of soda tabs now overflowed with their shimmering glory. She was just a child, so her parents let her be.

Each new addition brought a spark of excitement to her eyes, and she meticulously arranged them by size, color, and brand.

An Unexpected Discovery


One day, while exploring a flea market, Reeva stumbled upon an old, weathered book about the history of soda cans. As she leafed through its pages, her eyes widened with astonishment.

The book revealed that soda tabs were once used as a form of currency during a bygone era. The girl was fascinated and took it as a sign that she was the sole collector of the tabs.

The Hidden Story


Reeva’s heart raced with wonder. Could it be that her beloved soda tabs held a hidden story, an unknown connection to the past?

Determined to uncover the truth, she delved deeper into her newfound obsession, researching the origins and significance of soda tabs. Why was she so obsessed with the tiny pieces of aluminum so desperately?

Unearthing Mysteries


Reeva’s quest took her to dusty libraries, where she pored over ancient texts and spoke to historians. She discovered that soda tabs were not just mundane pieces of metal but symbols of human ingenuity and resourcefulness.

They represented a time when people found value in the simplest of things. She knew they were valuable even though they were worth nothing.

A Weird Hobby


As Reeva grew older, her collection expanded. She would ask her friends and family to save their soda tabs for her, and they would often bring bags filled with tabs whenever they visited.

Reeva’s obsession with collecting didn’t stop there. She would even dig through the trash, retrieving discarded tabs not only from soda cans but also from soup cans and other sources. Nobody understood why she wanted them, but they supported her nonetheless.

I Want More


The curious young lady’s collection of soda tabs grew alongside her. She would often ask her boyfriend and colleagues to save the tabs for her, carefully storing them in boxes that lined the walls of her modest home.

Sometimes, her dedication would lead her to dig through trash bins in search of discarded tabs, not only from soda cans but from soup cans as well.

Nobody understood why a grown woman wanted them, but Reeva found an indescribable joy in these seemingly ordinary objects.

Every Kind Of Tab


The years rolled by, and Reeva’s collection expanded exponentially. She marveled at the hundreds of shiny tabs that adorned her boxes.

Whenever she felt down or needed a moment of solace, she would retreat to her collection and immerse herself in its glittering beauty.

The sound of the tabs tinkling as she gently shook them brought her unusual happiness that only she could comprehend. Some of her friends said that she had some autistic tendencies.

Part Of Me


Years passed and Reeva grew up, got married, and had a child. Through it all, she never gave up on her hobby. Whenever Reeva gazed upon her collection, an unusual happiness filled her heart.

The hundreds of shiny tabs nestled in a box brought her immense joy. She would shake them, causing them to tinkle like tiny bells, creating a melody that only she could hear. Each tab held a story, a memory of her journey through life.

Time Goes On


However, years later, Reeva fell terribly ill, and her son, Ethan, had to step in to take care of her. The doctor’s diagnosis was grim, and they concluded that Reeva needed specialized care in a private healthcare facility.

Heartbroken, Reeva realized that she would have to sell most of her belongings to afford the expenses. It was a difficult decision to part ways with the objects that held so much sentimental value.

What To Do


Life took an unexpected turn for Reeva. She was a widow now. She fell terribly ill, and her only son, Daniel, had to step in to care for her.

Doctors determined that she required specialized care and suggested placing her in a private healthcare facility.

As the reality of this decision sank in, Reeva’s heart broke at the thought of parting with her cherished collection. But at ninety-one years old, she knew it was time to let go.

All Her Things


She had lived a long and fulfilling life. Some said that her hobby kept her fit into her old age. Ethan, a loving and caring son, noticed the boxes of soda tabs that his mother cherished so dearly.

Determined to help her in any way he could, he suggested taking them to a recycling plant. Reeva agreed, but she knew it wouldn’t be easy for her.

The Only Son


With a heavy heart, Reeva confided in Daniel about her predicament. Sensing his mother’s distress, he resolved to help her find a way to part with her beloved tabs.

Daniel contacted their local Bank to wrap up his mother’s financial issues. The mortgage was already up, and he wanted to sell the house. He didn’t have the means to maintain it any longer.

Can We Sell Them


Daniel suggested that his mother either donate or sell her soda tabs. The old lady said, “I didn’t waste my time collecting all of them for nothing, no way!”

Together, they embarked on a mission to find a worthy home for her collection. Their search led them to a local recycling plant known for its commitment to sustainability. Would they have a solution?

A Better Plan


Arriving at the recycling plant, they were met with awe and disbelief. The plant manager couldn’t believe his eyes. He had never seen someone with such an extensive collection of soda tabs.

“All of these are yours? There’s got to be a billion soda tabs here!” The manager carefully weighed the tabs, his face reflecting amazement.

So Many Pieces


Reeva and Daniel stood on the plant floor, carrying boxes filled to the brim with tabs. The plant manager, who was astonished to witness such a vast collection, told them to bring the rest of the tabs inside.

He carefully weighed the tabs, his eyes widening in disbelief. Box after box he weighed, writing down the amounts.

A Strange Request


“How many more boxes are there?” the manager asked. Reeva looked tired, “another fifty of these,” Daniel said.

“Bring them in,” the manager directed to his workers. “Mr. Daniel, you have yourself a small fortune here,” he said wiping his brow.

The weight was far greater than anyone could have anticipated. To his astonishment, the tabs were valued at quite a lot of money. They had a small fortune.

Valuable Junk


Reeva was stunned. She had never anticipated that her beloved tabs held such incredible value. “Are you sure my boy?” old Reeva questioned, holding onto her son’s hand.

Overwhelmed by the newfound fortune, she knew that she had to do something meaningful with it. The final weight revealed that Reeva’s collection was worth over one million dollars.

Paid In Cash


Daniel knew that there would be issues with the bank tax if he had to deposit the money into his mother’s account. He had to think about how to use the money well.

Inspired by her own struggles and the kindness she had received throughout her life; she knew exactly what she needed to do with the money. She called Daniel aside and told him her intent.

My Life’s Work


Reeva stood there, stunned by the realization that her humble hobby had transformed into something extraordinary. Her heart swelled with pride as she considered the possibilities that lay before her.

After a moment of reflection, she made a decision that would forever change the lives of those around her. Reeva decided to donate a portion of the money to the Ronald McDonald Charity, an organization close to her heart.

Sharing Is Caring


Her son almost thought that his mother had forgotten about him. With the rest of the money, Reeva wanted to ensure her son’s future. She gave Ethan a gift that would ease his worries and provide him with stability.

Grateful tears streamed down his face as he embraced his mother, knowing that she had selflessly secured his well-being. He would be able to pay off his debt.

A Local Hero


News of Reeva’s extraordinary collection spread like wildfire in their tight-knit community. The local newspaper caught wind of the story and contacted her.

Reeva’s photo adorned the front page, capturing the essence of her passion and generosity. As the days passed, Reeva’s health continued to decline, but her spirits remained high.

She found solace in the knowledge that her soda tabs, once seemingly insignificant, had touched so many lives through her donations. The legacy of her hobby would live on, even after she was gone.

Happy To Give


Remembering the joy she felt whenever she shook her collection, Reeva resolved to share her newfound wealth with those in need. The Ronald McDonald charity regularly sent her letters of thanks and updates.

The remainder, she gifted to her devoted son, Daniel, as a token of her love and gratitude for all he had done. She helped everyone in need at the same time.

Celebrating You


News of Reeva’s astonishing collection and generous acts quickly spread throughout the town. A local Television caught wind of the story and granted her five seconds of fame.

The interview celebrated her local record, honoring her as an inspiring figure who had dedicated a lifetime to an extraordinary hobby. It was her first time on live television and she felt like she had accomplished everything on her bucket list.

A Happy Old Lady


Reeva Thompson, the woman who found joy in the little things, had left an indelible mark on her community. Her story served as a reminder to embrace the unusual and find beauty in unexpected places.

And in the end, her collection of soda tabs became a symbol of resilience, love, and the power of small acts of kindness.

Bucket List Completed


As Reeva looked back on her journey, she couldn’t help but feel a sense of contentment. Her collection of soda tabs had been far more than a mere hobby; it had become a symbol of resilience, passion, and the enduring power of the human spirit.

Though her boxes of tabs were no longer physically with her, their memory would forever shine brightly in her heart. And so, the story of Reeva Thompson, the woman who loved soda tabs, became a legend in the town she called home.

Disclaimer: To protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.