Controlling Neighbor Won’t Back Down, So Woman Buys Her House


Cool And Calm

It was completely normal to not talk to your neighbors.

After all, life gets in the way, and people don’t always have the time to stop and chat about the weather.

Taylor saw herself as a cool, calm, and collected person. But since moving into their new house, she had become more stressed and agitated as time went on.

Keeping To Themselves


Taylor and her husband, Jason Swanson, were people that generally kept to themselves.

They would greet and wave whenever they saw a neighbor but didn’t want to be overly social with anyone.

And it was all thanks to their new pesky neighbor who just wouldn’t keep herself off of their property. It was all getting too much, and Taylor and her husband were about to get the sweetest revenge.

A Great View


When Taylor and Jason moved into their new beachfront home in Florida, they couldn’t believe their luck.

They were overjoyed to have snatched up a house with such a perfect view.

They had saved up enough money to finally buy their dream house. It overlooked the ocean, and Taylor couldn’t wait to wake up every morning to the spectacular view from their bedroom window.

An Open Backyard


Although it had very low walls that looked into the neighbor’s backyard, it didn’t phase them at all, they could renovate, and they thought about all the barbecues they would have there.

But their happiness was short-lived when they met their next-door neighbor, Kathy.

At first, Taylor and Jason thought she was just a friendly lady who wanted to welcome them to the neighborhood.

A Sweet Welcome


However, the Swansons had no idea that living in their dream home would be a daily nightmare in the form of their very nosy and noisy neighbor, Kathy.

Kathy was always watching their every move.

Whenever Taylor and Jason were outside in their yard, Kathy would come over and start talking to them for as long as she could.

Key Lime Pie


At first, Kathy was pleasant. She welcomed the Swansons with a Florida staple, Key Lime pie.

Jason thought it was very sweet of her, but Taylor noticed something about Kathy.

She was very nosy and wanted to know everything about their lives. She wanted to know what they were doing for the day or where they were going. Kathy found it all just a bit too weird.

Too Sweet


She seemed genuinely sweet but too sweet. Taylor noticed that she kept wanting to invite herself into their house.

She had to stop Jason from inviting her in because he was oblivious to what she was seeing.

But it wasn’t just the constant chatter that was the problem. Kathy also had a habit of wandering onto their property without permission.

A Thorn In Their Sides


Taylor could see it from a mile away, and she knew that Kathy would soon be the proverbial thorn in their sides.

She would come over and start watering their plants or even moving their lawn furniture around.

He would tell them that this is how it “should look.” The Swansons had never seen anything like this in their lives.

The First Problem


The first problem came when Taylor and Jason had a housewarming party.

They invited only a few close friends and family members and kept things low-key so as to not draw attention.

They played some outdoor games and had some soft music playing in the background to get everyone in the party mood. Jason then fired up the grill.



It was an outside barbecue, and since everyone could see into each other’s, they decided to keep the noise level to a minimum, as all good neighbors do.

It was a very casual get-together, and everyone helped themselves to drinks and snacks that Taylor had prepared for the party.

But they were in for a nasty surprise.

Peering Over


As Jason started to grill the hamburgers and meat for the party, Kathy peered over the low fence to see what was going on.

Jason could see that she was looking in on them but just let it be. She was just looking, he thought.

But he didn’t know just how wrong he would be.

Hiya Neighbor


“Hiya neighbor, having a shindig without me, huh?” Jason just laughed it off, but soon Kathy was in their backyard, joining in on the party.

She grabbed herself a beer and promptly joined in on the festivities.

Jason could see his guests looking uneasy with the strange uninvited guest who had joined the private party.

What Was She Doing?


Taylor nearly dropped the salads and bread rolls she had in her hands when she saw Kathy laughing away and enjoying a beer with one of their friends.

Taylor couldn’t believe that Kathy had somehow wormed her way into their private housewarming party.

She was worried that this would become a nasty habit of hers.

Fury In Her Eyes


Jason just shrugged as he tried to keep the peace, but he could see the fury burning in Taylor’s eyes.

Taylor marched up to Kathy to see what exactly she was doing at their private party.

But before she could go any further, Jason held her back. He didn’t want any trouble, and he didn’t want Taylor to become upset.



“Hey Tay-Tay, just hanging out with a cold one. Great party.” If Taylor was calm once before, she was furious now.

And she hated the name “Tay-Tay.”

Why had Kathy become such a nuisance? It was one thing to be friendly, but this was bordering on obsessive. She was now even giving her little pet names.

Party Crasher


Taylor rolled her eyes and shook her head. She was not going to let her ruin their party and just decided to ignore her for the rest of the evening.

She glared at Kathy from a distance, deciding to let her stay for the party.

But she vowed that this would never happen again. Not on her watch, or so she thought.

The Wall


As the months went by, Taylor and Jason started making plans to erect a solid wall in their backyard.

It was about time they had their privacy, and Taylor was looking forward to having more private get-togethers with family and friends.

And it would also ensure that there would be no more unwanted guests dropping by.

Would They Finally Be Getting Their Peace?


Taylor rubbed her hands in satisfaction when the delivery truck pulled up with the building materials.

It would be a solid wall to make sure there would be no more prying eyes and intrusions of any kind.

Once the wall would be erected, the Swansons could finally have the peace and quiet they had sought. After all, they had worked hard for it.

Very Angry


But Taylor and Jason weren’t ready for the barrage of anger that was coming their way.

As soon as the workers started building, Kathy came running out of her house, waving her hands.

As soon as Taylor saw her running up to them, she knew that things were about to get very heated. Kathy looked very angry.

What’s Going On Here?


“Just what do you think you are doing?” she asked. Taylor couldn’t really believe her audacity and told her what their plans were, smirking with every word.

“We just want some privacy,” Taylor replied.

But it looked like there was no way to get through to Kathy, and she didn’t want to leave or accept the building of the wall.

Wasn’t Having It


Kathy wasn’t having it. “You can’t build a wall there. It’s against the homeowner’s association rules!” she exclaimed.

She looked at them both while her fists were balled up. They could see the rage build up in her.

The Swansons looked at each other in disbelief. They were pretty sure that what they were doing was not against any rules.



Taylor was surprised since she had read all the HOA regulations and didn’t see anything about building a wall.

She asked Kathy to show her where it was written.

“It’s okay, Kathy. We’re well within our rights to be building a boundary wall on OUR property.” Taylor loved the way Jason emphasized the word our.

Who Did She Think She Was?


Kathy just crossed her arms and said, “I’ll get the HOA board involved, mark my words.” And with that, she marched back into her house, leaving Taylor seething with anger.

How dare this woman tell them what they could and couldn’t do on their own property.

Who did she think she was? They had only known her for a couple of weeks.

A Gut Feeling


Taylor and Jason looked at each other in utter bewilderment. Jason now understood the “feeling” Taylor had about Kathy. Her gut told her that she would be in trouble.

It looked like they would have a huge problem on their hands in the form of Kathy. Was all their hard work going to waste? Would they have to pack up and leave?

The Dispute


Kathy continued to cause trouble. She argued that the low walls were part of the charm of the neighborhood and that a solid wall would ruin the aesthetics of the area.

The Swansons couldn’t take any more of Kathy’s outrageous claims and suggestions.

Why was she telling them what to do? They had just about enough of her.

Trying To Reason


Taylor tried to reason with her, but it was no use.

Kathy was convinced that they were trying to shut her out and create a divide between them.

But it was exactly what they wanted. They were trying to secure their privacy at all costs, and Kathy was denying them the right to do so.

Taylor’s Stress


Taylor was getting more and more stressed every day. She didn’t know how to deal with Kathy’s constant intrusion into their lives.

It was like she had no concept of personal space or boundaries.

She looked more and more unhappy by the day, and Jason could see she was taking strain. He wanted to take away all the stress she was carrying.

Jason’s Frustration


Jason was frustrated too, but he was also worried about Taylor’s mental health. She was becoming more and more agitated, and he didn’t want her to have a breakdown.

He suggested that they pack up and go on vacation for a little while to de-stress, but Taylor refused and didn’t want to leave the house alone in case Kathy did something.



The dispute went on for days, with Kathy constantly harassing the workers and even calling the city council to complain about the construction.

She sat in as they worked every day and told them how and where to put the bricks.

The workers became so fed up that they just began ignoring her everyday visits.

A New Plan


Taylor and Jason decided to keep their distance from Kathy. They didn’t want to keep dealing with her and endure all the stresses and unhappiness that she brought.

They just ignored her and let her go on her rants while they continued living their lives. They had better things to do with their time. But it wasn’t long before someone else appeared on the scene, and he would be even worse.



If they thought Kathy was a pain, they hadn’t even met her boyfriend, Stan. In the days that passed, Stan would involve himself in the dispute about the boundary wall and even started throwing his empty beer cans in their backyard.

Stan was brash and just as loud as Kathy. The Swansons could see why they were a couple. And that didn’t bode too well for them.

Fight Club


At this point, Jason wanted to fight the guy. He had enough of this and was ready to throw some punches. But this time, it was Taylor who stopped him.

She didn’t want them possibly suing them this time. It was the last thing they needed. But Stan continued to taunt them, and there was absolutely no stopping him. It was as if he were looking for a fight.

The Argument


Stan was bigger, louder, and more aggressive than Kathy. One day, as Taylor was walking back from the mailbox, she saw Stan and Kathy in her backyard. They were yelling at the workers and trying to stop them from building the wall.

They were using all kinds of vulgar language, and it infuriated Taylor that they treated working people that way. Taylor had had enough.

She marched up to them and asked them to leave her property. That’s when things got physical. Stan grabbed Taylor’s wrist, twisting it painfully. What would he do next?

The Threat


Taylor screamed in pain and tried to free herself, but Stan was too strong. Kathy just stood by and watched, not making any attempt to stop him.

He mockingly laughed at her and told her not to mess with them. Then he told her to take down the fence or else. Taylor couldn’t believe that she was now being threatened.

But the worst part was that his tone indicated that he was being very serious. Just how far was he willing to go?

A Punch Up


Taylor’s husband, Jason, heard her scream and came rushing out. When he saw what was happening, he didn’t hesitate. He punched Stan in the face, sending him sprawling onto the ground.

As soon as he did it, he knew it was a mistake. But he couldn’t just let the man continue. The problem was that now that he had done the deed, the police were sure to get involved. Would he be found guilty?

Drastic Measures


Taylor knew that things had reached the point of no return. Jason had already gone too far, and Stan didn’t seem to be backing down.

But if they got into a bad fight with their neighbors now, it could cost them dearly, so she did the only thing she could think of. She pulled Jason away and called the cops.

The Consequences


The police arrived, and Taylor and Jason were questioned about the incident. But since there were witnesses, including the workers, who confirmed their story, Taylor and Jason were let off with a warning.

Stan, on the other hand, was not so lucky. Since the witnesses confirmed that he forcefully touched Taylor, he was in a world of trouble.

Dragged Off


Taylor watched as Stan got pulled away by the cops, with Kathy screaming at them as she followed. She couldn’t believe that everything had come to this.

They were in a very bad situation now. And Taylor had no idea about how they were ever going to get out of it. Could they even get out of it?

A Restraining Order


Kathy and Stan were given a restraining order, but they continued to cause trouble by filing complaints with the HOA and the city council.

Every second day, some kind of officials arrived at the Swanson property to investigate a complaint. And things always went the same way, with a document check and swift goodbye. But this was nowhere near the end.

Less Frequent Visits


Even though the visits were becoming less frequent, the Swansons received numerous emails and letters from the city councils about their “bad behavior.”

The constant nagging was getting on Taylor’s nerves, and she was becoming incredibly frustrated. She couldn’t take it anymore, and, at this point, she just wanted to move away from it all.

Now The Kids Were Involved


But their nightmare neighbors didn’t stop there. They even got their kids involved and allowed them to throw all amounts of candy wrappers and soda cans onto the Swansons’ property.

If Taylor thought things were out of hand before Stan got arrested, she was in for one massive surprise. Their troubles with their neighbors had just begun.

Incredibly Annoying


The kids kicked their balls over the fence as they played, and they were screaming at the top of their lungs. It was incredibly frustrating, and with each day that passed, Taylor was getting more upset.

Jason could see how Taylor had become more and more withdrawn every day. He wished there was something that he could do. But he didn’t know how to fix the problem.



Taylor and Jason were starting to regret ever purchasing the house. Although it was beautiful, they couldn’t deal with their neighbors anymore. Things had gone so far that they were even willing to pack up and leave.

But there was one thing that held them back. The house was the home of their dreams, and they couldn’t just walk away from that.

Living Nightmare


The problem was that living in their dream home had become a real nightmare. They could never have imagined that people could be so cruel.

Taylor had tears in her eyes just thinking about having to move. But she saw no other way out. She just couldn’t deal with her neighbors anymore. Things have crossed a line that should never have been crossed.

Not Giving Up


But she didn’t want to give up on her dream house just because of one unruly neighbor. They had worked too hard and had come too far to give up now.

Taylor wanted to push through. She really did. And she knew that Jason felt the same way. So one night, they had a lengthy discussion about it and came up with a plan.

No Way Out


The couple had to push through. There was no way they were going to give up the house of their dreams because of someone that had no place being in their lives.

There had to be something that they could do to make their neighbors stop the harassment. But it wasn’t going to be easy.

Not Over Yet


Taylor could also see that Kathy and Stan weren’t going to give up either. The more the Swansons ignored them, the harder they pushed. And they were about to push the limits to their extent.

Things really came to a head when their neighbors threw what could easily be called the party of the millennium.

Not Okay


The Swansons looked on in annoyance as Kathy and Stan brought in tables and chairs and what looked like a dance floor. Taylor balled her fists in anger.

It was clear that this would be a massive party, and it became even more evident when their guests started arriving. Taylor and Jason stopped counting when the 50th person walked through the gate.

The Party


The party was, of course, arranged to spite Taylor and Jason. It was no secret that it was done to annoy them. Stan even said it while he was carrying stuff in.

But as Taylor and Jason saw a massive speaker being carried into their neighbor’s backyard, they knew they were in for a hellish night.



Jason stood in the backyard and watched on as Stan and his friends laughed at him. He knew it was a taunt and that they were having a party to get back at them.

But at that point, he was starting to understand why Taylor was so against Kathy’s presence, to begin with. It was clear that she had seen something that he had missed. And he regretted not seeing it sooner.

A Party To Remember


The place got packed to the rafters. The music blared until the early hours of the morning. Taylor sat down on the floor with her hands over her ears. She wished this wasn’t happening.

But what could they do? If they complained, they would be showing a weakness, and that was the last thing they wanted.

What To Do?


Jason contemplated calling the police, but then Taylor reminded him that it would be of no use. They would just pull up all the complaints they had against them.

Plus, that would cause even more problems than confronting them would. So he decided against it. The couple bit their tongues and pushed through the night. But they would not be letting it go.

Trying To Get Help


The next morning, Jason was furiously typing on his laptop. He looked like he was very busy with something. Taylor asked him what he was up to, but he didn’t give her a straight answer.

It was only later that Taylor found out that he was communicating with a lawyer. This was getting very serious.

Legal Solution?


Taylor wondered if there was indeed something that could be done legally. She wasn’t well versed in the legal field but hoped there was something that could help them.

Maybe this lawyer could help them find the way out. At least, that was what Taylor was looking for. Any solution would be a good solution.

Leading To Nowhere


He was trying to see if there was anything they could do about their rowdy neighbors. But at this point, all avenues seemed to lead to nowhere.

He sighed in frustration. Taylor could see that they were still going to have this problem for a long time.

They needed to keep looking. Someone was bound to help them.

Not The First Complaint


They would later find out that numerous other neighbors had filed complaints with either the police or the landlord about the noise and unruly behavior.

The Swansons had no idea that they weren’t the only ones who were also at the mercy of Kathy and Stan’s antics.

Maybe they could have a talk with them, Taylor thought.

Call The Landlord


It looked like it had been happening even before Taylor and Jason had moved into the picturesque neighborhood.

An idea suddenly flashed into Taylor’s mind. Maybe she could give the landlord a call too.

It certainly wouldn’t hurt to hear his perspective on the whole situation. Maybe he could somehow steer them in the right direction.

Mr. Simmons


Once she got Mr. Simmons on the line, she found out that he was a fairly pleasant elderly man.

And it seemed like he was full of regrets about renting his property out to Kathy.

Ever since they moved into his house, the trouble started. It got so bad at one point that several families decided to relocate just to get away from them.

He Couldn’t Keep Up


He had received a ton of complaints over the years about her and her family and couldn’t even keep up with all the damages they had incurred to his house.

He was always replacing light fixtures and fixing up whatever they managed to break.

He issued them with many warnings, which they would just ignore.

Wanted To Enjoy His Retirement


He just couldn’t do it anymore. He had had enough of having to deal with them.

This was why he was relieved that their yearly contract was coming to an end soon, and he would be selling the property.

His reasons were that his age was preventing him from doing the maintenance that the property required, so he just wanted to sell up and enjoy his retirement with his wife.

A Huge Problem


However, he had one major problem. Nobody wanted to buy the property because of the terrible state that it was in.

He tried his best to fix it up for viewing purposes, but each time, Kathy and Stan would send someone to trash the place.

He just couldn’t deal with them anymore, and his blood pressure was high enough.

Another Idea


Taylor then had another idea. She discussed it with Jason, and after some consideration, they knew what steps they would need to take to finally get peace and quiet.

It could possibly be their only chance. If this didn’t work, Taylor and Jason were looking at finally selling up and leaving for good.

No view was worth their pain and suffering anymore.

Taking Back The Neighborhood


When they looked outside at the view, they saw how yet another beer can flew over the fence. That was all it took for them to make their final decision.

It was time to take back what was theirs and finally rid the neighborhood of Kathy and her family.

It wouldn’t be an easy feat, but it was worth the try.

The Final Straw


Taylor and Jason were tired of the constant harassment and decided to take matters into their own hands.

They would buy Kathy’s house and have her evicted from the neighborhood.

It was more money that they needed to spend, and they were quickly running out of their savings, but they knew it would be worth spending every penny.

The Offer


It was a bold move, but they had the resources to do it. They contacted Mr. Simmons and made an offer for Kathy’s house. It was now or never.

If this didn’t work, Taylor was prepared to kiss her dream home and beautiful view goodbye.

They would find another place, and hopefully, it would have pleasant enough neighbors.



When Mr. Simmons accepted their offer, Taylor and Jason were overjoyed, and they finally had the ammunition they needed to get rid of Kathy and Stan.

But now, they needed to actually approach them with the papers. Taylor knew how dangerous and violent they could be.

She breathed in dramatically. She was very nervous to be doing this.



All they had to do was hand over the notice of the eviction. Taylor and Jason weren’t heartless, so they at least gave them a month’s notice to seek other accommodation.

But she was afraid of how they would react to the fact that they were their new landlords.

She was so sure that this time, they wouldn’t think twice about hurting both of them.

Beyond Furious


To say that Kathy and Stan weren’t happy was an understatement. But they had no choice but to eventually leave. Taylor and Jason now had the upper hand.

They kicked up a fuss and tried to say that what they were doing was illegal and that they would fight them to the end.

But Taylor knew they had the law on their side even if Kathy threatened them to no end.

The Purchase


Taylor and Jason bought Kathy’s house and finally had her evicted. They even paid for her moving expenses just to make sure that she would leave the neighborhood.

The whole process was exhausting and expensive, but Taylor and Jason felt that it was worth it.

They could finally live in peace without any interference from their nosy and aggressive neighbors.

Peace And Quiet


The wall was built, and Taylor moved her elderly parents’ next door to them after much-needed renovations. Kathy and Stan had left the house in a terrible condition, and they needed to make it livable for her parents.

They made sure to include a gate for them to come by whenever they wanted through their backyard. The Swansons were finally able to enjoy their dream home in peace and quiet.

Disclaimer: In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.