Woman Asks Teen Mom To Leave, Regrets It Wishes She Hadn’t


Unbelievable Words

They were words she would never have imagined coming out of someone’s mouth – especially from a fellow mother!

She balled her fist and wondered if a punch in the face would be worth it, but suddenly the manager stepped in … and her words were epic.

Young Mum


For Gina Henry, going through with her teen birth wasn’t a hard choice.

She had always wanted children, it just happened earlier than expected. And, with the miracle of online schooling, she could take care of her baby while still completing her high school degree. But that didn’t mean her life was 100% roses and champagne.

Lots Of Support

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While her family was supportive and understanding, never once condemning her for her choices, it was the rest of the world that got their panties in a twist whenever they found out about Gina’s situation.

There were only two things that stopped her from punching some sense into the sneering public. First, was the fact she was holding her little boy.

Best Bud


The second was her friend, Emily.

They had been friends forever, and she had been there while Gina was in labor. Now, with classes back in full swing, Gina was beyond grateful to have her best friend’s help. And it would be that very help that would stop a yelling contest at a nearby restaurant.

Welcoming Restaurant

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“How about Chinese?” Gina suggested.

It was their favorite restaurant – so much that the owner knew them by name. But the place got a million bonus points for the “we happily accept breastfeeding mothers” sticker on the door. Emily quickly agreed, and soon they were nose deep in the menu and salivating over the idea of orange chicken and egg rolls. The manager suddenly appeared.

Everyone’s Granny


The old, Chinese grandma – locally known as Mrs. L – gave a bright smile and immediately went for Gina’s little boy. She cooed as she stroked his golden curls.

Moments later, two things happened that would be the flint and tinder for an unforgettable moment. First, a woman and her 10-year-old son walk in. Second, Gina’s baby started to get fussy.

Everyone Starving


It was clear the little guy was hungry. So, she pulled out her nursing blanket, covered her chest and the baby and let nature take its course.

The woman’s eyes snapped right onto Gina. Her face twisted into a sour expression like she was sucking on a lemon. Her son asks, “What’s she doing?” The woman’s answer was mind boggling.

Immediately Offended


“She’s doing something disgusting,” the woman says, pushing her boy back like Gina carried the plague. “Don’t you know better than to do that in public? And why are you even doing that if you’re only a kid.”

Gina felt her temper immediately spike. She wanted nothing more than to punch the woman. Thankfully, Emily intervened. … So did the manager.

Not Backing Down


Emily said, “It’s not illegal. And Mrs. L is fine with it. She has a sticker on the door.”

The woman wasn’t going to back down. “I’m not ok with a baby breastfeeding another baby. You need to stop. Have some self respect!” Mrs. L, who had been silently listening in across the restaurant, set down her notepad and marched straight up to the irate customer.

Owner Intervention


The old woman stuck her wrinkled face right in the rude customer’s face. In her broken English, she let the woman have it.

“My restaurant. I’d say is okay. Nursing baby is a beautiful thing. You have a problem, you leave.” As if the verbal reprimand wasn’t enough, Mrs. L leaned in toward the woman’s son.

Throwing Perfect Shade


“Your mother, she dummy right?”

The 10-year-old burst into laughter. It was clear he agreed. The woman, on the other hand, turned as red as a beet. Her anger might have been at volcano-levels, but she shut her mouth and ushered her son to the opposite side of the dining room; shooting dirty looks at Gina and Emily. But that wasn’t the end of the event.

Extra Bonus

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After Gina was packed full of orange chicken, and Emily looked like she was about to pass out from a food coma, Mrs. L strolled up and plonked down a to-go bag.

“Extra egg rolls. Free for mum,” she said, cooing at the baby once more. Gina and her friend sauntered out of the restaurant with only one thing on their mind.

Telling The World


She had to post what had just happened – not just for entertainment purposes, but as a cautionary tale for anyone stupid enough to poke their noses in a mom’s business.

While she braced for the inevitable naysayers and trolls, readers from all over the world ended up sending hundreds of messages of support. Mrs. L also got some digital appreciation…

Mrs. L The Star


“It cracks me up when someone who speaks English as a second language, particularly older Asian ladies, throw shade like this.”

“I guess one has to be a little old Asian lady speaking broken English to be able to pull that off without Karen going ballistic and needing to be tased (which is really how I wish many of the scenarios I read on this sub would play out).”

Another Ally

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All in all, what could have been a disastrous lunch ended up being a multigenerational show of solidarity.

Besides, Gina’s family and her best friend, she now had another person she was grateful to have in her life – and not just for the free egg rolls!