Mom Brings Home Puppy, Dad Flips When He Realizes It’s Not A Dog


He got to the driveway and hurriedly parked his car. He had to get into the house before it was too late. He couldn’t believe his wife would let a wild animal into their house thinking it was a stray dog.

He opened the door and rushed inside, but couldn’t believe what he saw in front of him.

Abby And Roy

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Abby and Roy were the perfect couple. Other people in the neighborhood often envied the bond they shared. But there was one thing missing from their lives.

But Roy was unaware that Abby would go behind his back and do something that would have him fearing for their safety.

Their Twins

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Abby was the happiest woman in the world the day that Keegan and Kaylee were born. As he grew up she only loved her son more. But things should have felt perfect. They just didn’t

There was one crucial thing missing. And Abby would figure out a way to fill the gap without her husband’s knowledge. But when he found out the truth

A Canine

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Even before their children were born Abby desperately wanted a dog. Roy was less enthusiastic but it was two against one once his son was born. Little Keegan seemed to share his mother’s keenness for a pet.

They talked about it but no final plans were made before Abby decided to do something rash.

An Ordinary Day At Work

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Roy started what seemed like any ordinary day at work. He got dressed up and ate a healthy breakfast before kissing his wife goodbye and heading out the front door to his parked car.

He hummed a tune while driving to work but he wouldn’t have been in such good spirits if he knew what he would receive from his wife while at work.

An Unsettling Message

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Roy was happily working away when he received a message from Abby. Sometimes she sent him cute messages to motivate him during the day. Normally something along the lines of “Can’t wait for you to come home” or “See you soon!”.

But today there was also an image attached to a message. But when he saw what was in the photo he knew that he had to act quickly before things became dangerous.

The Photo


When Roy saw the animal in the photo he knew his wife was mistaken. She claimed that she had found a scared “dog” outside without any tags and that it was fate!

She thought that this was the “dog” that they had been talking about but if only she knew what she was dealing with.

Not A Dog

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What Abby didn’t know was that the “dog” that was sitting on her couch next to her young son was anything but a dog. It was something far more dangerous. He couldn’t believe that his wife had let it into the house.

He was desperately trying to warn her before it was too late.

Racing Home

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He left work early to race home, his mind wandering the whole time. He had seen plenty of dogs before and it was clear that whatever that was it wasn’t one.

He drove as quickly as he could within the legal limit and could just pray he got home before anything had happened.

Not Responding

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His wife wasn’t picking up the phone, was it too late? He sped the last 3 blocks home before he got to his home. He parked the car half-hazardly and rushed to the front door.

His mind still raced with dozens of questions, was his wife and child okay? And what exactly was the animal that she had found, he couldn’t quite tell from the photo.



Roy opened his front door and rushed inside. He immediately knew something was wrong. He look to the couch where he saw the animal in the photo and it was clear that it had been chewed on, he knew something like this would happen.

But where was the animal? And more importantly, where was his wife and child?

A Coyote!

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Roy found his son and wife safe in the kitchen, it was clear to his wife now that she had made an expensive mistake letting the animal in. But what was it? Now that Roy saw it in person it was clear that it was a coyote.

He was just happy they all were safe.

The Coyote

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The coyote was actually quite docile. Nevertheless, Roy called a wildlife sanctuary that could take the animal to a nicer place or back into the wild. Coyote’s love to scavenge and that can often have them coming into people’s homes looking for food.

They got their couch reupholstered so everything was as it was before the incident.

A lesso

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There was one clear take away from the event. Roy’s family desperately wanted a dog and he wouldn’t wait around until they had another coyote in the house. He would take matters into his own hands before it got to that point.

He decided to take his family to a local animal shelter to find the perfect companion for his household.


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Once he found the perfect dog he took them home to meet his family as a surprise. He smiled at the joy he saw in his wife and his son’s eyes when he got home.

He was just happy that it wasn’t a wild animal ready to chew up anything in sight. Still, the dog even grew on him and he couldn’t have hoped for a happier ending.