Wife Keeps Coming Home Late From School, Officer Tells Dad “Talk To Coach”


How Could You?

“How could you do this to me? After all these years?” Josh yelled at his wife, who just stood there with nothing to say for herself.

Was this the end of the road for Josh and his wife, Erica?

They had been together for ten years, and he thought it was going to be forever. But he was terribly mistaken.



His heart was shattered to pieces. He suspected that something was going on with his wife, but he didn’t think that his whole life would be turned upside down.

He wanted them to suffer like he was suffering, but he had to think about his nine-year-old son, Jace.

He couldn’t do anything irrational and expose what was going on in their lives. He had to think.

The Best He Could Be


Josh Duffy had always aspired to be the best father and husband he could possibly be.

His son Jace was the apple of his eye, and his wife Erica was the love of his life.

Or so he thought. Ever since his wife took a job at the local college as the nurse for the college football team, things just weren’t the same anymore.

Got The Job


His wife, Erica, was working at a hospital, which was an hour’s drive from where they lived, and she was very excited when the college advertised the job online.

She immediately applied, and soon enough, they called her in for a formal interview.

Needless to say, she got the job immediately, and the Duffy family celebrated the fact that Erica didn’t have to drive so far to get to work anymore.



The college in question was a ten-minute drive from their house, and it was just what Erica needed.

Being a nurse, she was always busy, and by the end of each day, having to drive a whole hour to get home exhausted her.

She never had enough time to even spend with their nine-year-old son because she was so tired.

Was It Easier?


But even though things were seemingly a little easier on Erica’s schedule, Josh still didn’t get to see his wife all that much.

When he asked her about it, she said that she had just started and being a nurse for a college football team was not all it was cracked up to be.

She confessed that she thought it would be a breeze, but now, she was still working late hours.

Dinner For Two


Most evenings, it was just Josh and his son at the dinner table. It broke Josh’s heart when Jace began asking about his mother.

“Why is Mom never home? I thought this new job was supposed to make it easier so that we could see her.”

Josh didn’t have much to say. All he could do was assure his son that things would get better soon.

We Miss You


But when the weeks turned to months and Erica was still working long hours, Josh became a little impatient.

He waited up for her when she returned home from a late night at the college.

“Honey, we need to talk. Jace is missing you, and so am I. There has to be some way that you can cut a deal with the college so that you don’t have to work late every day,” Josh pleaded.

Not Happy


But by the look on her face, Erica didn’t take the confrontation very well.

“I just started this job, you can’t expect me to drop this team. And besides, it’s football season, they need me now more than ever,” she replied.

Josh signed. She clearly wasn’t interested in making her son happy, and that angered Josh.

A Plan


That night, as Josh lay awake staring at the ceiling, he came up with a plan. And the more he thought about it, the more it made sense.

He was going to call the college and try to strike a deal with them in order to get Erica to work fewer hours.

Their family was suffering, and he wanted to do something to better the situation.



The next morning, as soon as Erica drove off to work, Josh dropped Jace at school and made his way to his office. While sitting at his desk, he contemplated what he was about to do.

Would it be the right thing? Would Erica be grateful that he was looking out for their family’s well-being?

The more Josh thought about it, the more it made sense. He picked up his phone and dialled the college number.

The Secretary


He got through to the secretary, Mrs. Brown, and introduced himself.

He then stated his case, but after a while of talking, there was just silence on the other end. “Hello, Mrs. Brown, are you still there?” he asked.

The secretary eventually replied, “Yes, Mr. Duffy. I’m still here. I’m just trying to understand what you are asking of me. It’s very strange.”



Josh paused in embarrassment. A part of him now regretted that he ever called the college.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Brown. I shouldn’t have interfered with the college’s schedules. Forget I even called,” he apologized.

But before Josh could press end call on his phone, Mrs. Brown quickly intervened. “No, Mr. Duffy. That’s not what I mean.”

A Revelation


Josh, still embarrassed, remained quiet and listened to what Mrs. Brown had to say.

“What I meant to say is that it’s strange that you are asking for Mrs. Duffy to work fewer hours because she leaves this college at 3 pm every day.”

Josh’s heart sank. “Um, oh, thank you for the confirmation, Mrs. Brown. I must have misunderstood something. Thank you for your time, goodbye.”

What Was Going On?


Josh couldn’t believe what he had just heard. His wife, Erica, left college every day at 3 pm, yet she was coming home at night. What exactly was going on here?

Why was Erica not coming home after she finished at 3 pm?

Something was very fishy, and Josh was going to find out what was going on. His family depended on it.

Unanswered Questions


The revelation from Mrs. Brown left Josh with a whirlwind of unanswered questions.

Why was Erica claiming to work late when she was supposed to be home early every day? And where was she going after leaving the college at 3 pm?

Doubt and suspicion gnawed at Josh’s mind, and he couldn’t simply let this mystery slide. He decided to take matters into his own hands, knowing that the truth, no matter how painful, was better than living in ignorance.

The Surveillance Begins


The very next day, after dropping Jace off at school, Josh parked his car near the college, hidden from view.

He had his binoculars, camera, and a notepad ready. He was determined to find out the truth.

As the clock neared 3 pm, Josh’s heart raced. He watched intently as the college staff began to leave for the day. Sure enough, at exactly 3 pm, Erica walked out of the building, just as Mrs. Brown had confirmed.

The Opposite Direction


Erica got into her car, but instead of heading home, she drove in the opposite direction.

Josh discreetly followed her, maintaining a safe distance. After about 20 minutes, she pulled into a secluded parking lot.

Josh watched as she got out of her car and walked towards a waiting figure. His heart raced. He needed to see who this person was.

The Mysterious Person


The person was standing with his back to him, almost like he knew that they were being watched.

Josh couldn’t deal with the secrecy anymore, he was determined to uncover the truth.

He waited a while longer, and then, the person finally turned around. His heart sank when he realized who it was. It was Coach Anderson, the coach of the college football team.

A Heart-Wrenching Sight


Josh’s stomach churned as he watched his wife and Coach Anderson embrace.

They talked for a while, and then, to Josh’s horror, they shared a passionate kiss. It felt like a dagger through his heart.

He had to fight back tears as he snapped a few photos as evidence. His worst fears were coming true, and he felt a sense of helplessness wash over him.

Confrontation Looms


When Erica finally returned to her car and drove away, Josh followed her back home, his mind racing with a whirlwind of emotions.

He had the evidence he needed, but now he faced an even more challenging task: confronting his wife about her affair with Coach Anderson.

The drive home was torturous. Josh was torn between anger, sadness, and a deep sense of betrayal. He had to gather his thoughts and come up with a plan before confronting Erica.

The Confrontation


That evening, after putting Jace to bed, Josh couldn’t wait any longer. He sat Erica down in their living room and showed her the incriminating photos.

Her face turned ashen as she realized that her secret had been uncovered.

Tears welled up in Josh’s eyes as he demanded an explanation. Erica finally confessed to the affair, explaining that it had started a few months ago when they had been having problems in their marriage.

The Shattered Vow


The confrontation escalated into a heated argument, with both Josh and Erica hurling accusations and recriminations at each other.

Their marriage, once built on love and trust, was now shattered into a million irreparable pieces.

In the midst of the chaos, Jace, awakened by the raised voices, came into the room, tears streaming down his face. Seeing their son’s pain, Josh and Erica both fell silent, realizing the depth of the damage they had caused.

In Love?


In the days that followed, Josh and Erica didn’t know what they were going to do. Erica confessed that she was in love with Coach Anderson.

It broke Josh’s heart, and he didn’t know what to do because he still loved his wife.

But the anger inside he had for her was enough for him to make a final decision.

A Painful Decision


After days of turmoil and heart-wrenching conversations, Josh made a painful decision.

He knew that staying in a marriage where trust had been shattered and where Erica was in love with another man was not healthy for any of them, especially not for Jace.

Josh and Erica decided to separate, not just for their own sake but also to protect their son from the toxic atmosphere at home. They both agreed that co-parenting and ensuring Jace’s well-being were their top priorities.

Life Changes


The separation was not easy for any of them. Josh moved out of their family home, and Erica continued her relationship with Coach Anderson.

Their lives took separate paths, and they started the painful process of rebuilding their futures.

Josh focused on being the best father he could be for Jace, providing love and stability in the midst of uncertainty. Meanwhile, Erica faced her own challenges as she navigated her newfound relationship with Coach Anderson.

A New Beginning


Months passed, and the wounds slowly began to heal. Josh and Erica maintained a civil relationship for the sake of their son, attending school events and celebrations together.

They realized that, in their own way, they had both been victims of their crumbling marriage.

For Jace’s sake, they managed to establish a sense of normalcy in their lives, albeit as separate households. Josh even started to consider the possibility of dating again, hoping to find a new beginning for himself and, eventually, for his family.

28.Taking A Toll


The affair had taken a toll on everyone involved, but it also taught Josh and Erica valuable lessons about communication, trust, and the importance of addressing issues in a relationship before they escalate.

They both acknowledged their mistakes and took responsibility for the choices they had made.

It was a painful chapter in their lives, but they were determined to move forward as better individuals and, ultimately, as better parents.

Jace’s Well-Being


As they worked on rebuilding their lives separately, Josh and Erica remained committed to one shared goal: providing the best possible life for Jace.

Their love for their son became the foundation on which they built their co-parenting relationship.

While the scars of their past would always be a part of their story, they were determined to create a brighter and more stable future for Jace, one filled with love, understanding, and the lessons they had learned from their shattered marriage.

A New Chapter


Time passed, wounds continued to heal, and Josh and Erica found a way to move forward in their separate lives.

Jace, their resilient and loving son, grew up knowing that he was loved by both of his parents, even though they were no longer together.

Their marriage had come to an end in a way they had never imagined, but it had also opened the door to new possibilities and a chance to create a better future for themselves and, most importantly, for their beloved son, Jace.


This story was handcrafted with love by a creative novelist to thrill and entertain, mirroring real-life situations to awaken your imagination and evoke profound emotions. All events, places, and characters are products of the author’s imagination, and all images and videos are used for illustrative purposes only. We hope you enjoyed reading it just as much as we enjoyed writing it!