Wife Discovers Old Engraving On Ring And Divorces Husband On The Spot


The Ring

She stared at the ring for what felt like hours, her heart shrinking with every painful second.

The words were clear, an indication that the man she thought she knew was different from the one she married.

She wiped her tears. Three years of marriage, almost half of a decade of sacrifices, and many months of putting her dreams on the backburner had amounted to this. There was no way she would let this slide.

No Longer Blinded


With a sniffle and another wipe of her tears, she set the wedding band where she found it.

Her husband was still in the shower, humming along to some old Western song he claimed he grew up with.

There were times when his words would make her swoon, times when everything he did made her keel over and melt. But tonight wasn’t one of those times. Tonight, she was no longer blinded by love.

A Night Full Of Laughter


But for Kenzie Vikander, tonight was supposed to end differently. After a challenging year of motherhood, she was finally able to start enjoying life comfortably.

Her son, Dorian, had been sick since childbirth, and for the longest while, his parents, Kenzie and Bradley, had feared for his life. For a long eighteen months, the boy had fought.

Tonight marked his first night away from a hospital incubator. It was supposed to be a night full of laughter and smiles. It was. Well, that was until Kenzie found the wedding ring.

How They Met


But Kenzie never thought her husband would do this to her.

They met in her final year of college. She’d been at a seminar for her biology degree when she ran into him.

A well-dressed sous chef, he stole her heart immediately. He’d been overseeing a serving line that Kenzie happened to be on and struck up a conversation with her as soon as she came within earshot. If only she knew what she was getting herself into.

A Seemingly Perfect Match


The two became friends almost immediately. Kenzie was drawn to Brad’s sense of humor and knowledge when it came to food, not to mention how good he looked in uniform.

She’d always had a difficult time talking to new people, especially ones she fancied. But with him, everything came easily.

By the end of the seminar, she knew she’d lose her mind if she didn’t see her again.

Ready To Take The Plunge


Kenzie had been ready to take the plunge: go into the hotel kitchen and ask for Brad. She took a shower, wore her best casual outfit, and hurried out. But while walking across the hall, who else did she see hurrying to her but Brad?

He broke a smile, and Kenzie almost tripped over. By the time she looked up, she was in a wedding gown at a barn wedding, her fingers in Brad’s hands as he read her his vows.

She thought she’d found the love of her life, unaware of who she was dealing with.

Her Wish


Kenzie had long wanted to be a wife and a mother. The idea of nurturing life and caring for a home spoke to her at a primal level, and she couldn’t wait for the day it would happen.

She’d dated Brad for four years, each of which was more than perfect. She loved how passionate he was about life and everything within it.

He complimented her in so many ways that she couldn’t ever see herself without him. She would have pulled the plug before it was too late if she were wise.

Flowing Tears


Kenzie sat in the bedroom with her tears still flowing. After everything she’d done for her husband, how could he do this to her?

She reached for the ring again, all the while listening to him hum that dreadful song.

She squeezed the band in her fist, knowing there would be no going back if she did what she was about to do.

Back In Time


Kenzie got up from the bed and headed straight to the bathroom. Brad’s humming got louder the closer she got.

But with every step, her mind ticked back through time, showing her the many mistakes she’d made that brought her to this very moment.

There had been numerous red flags when it came to Brad, but Kenzie had ignored them all. Thinking about them now, she couldn’t help but bite back a curse. How could she have been so blinded?

He Is A Liar


When she first started going out with Brad, he claimed he hadn’t been in a relationship for more than a year. But two weeks after they started dating, a mysterious woman appeared at Kenzie’s doorstep, claiming he was hers.

Of course, Kenzie didn’t believe anything the woman said. It also didn’t help that Brad told her he didn’t know the woman.

He denied it vehemently, asking Kenzie to trust him. She had no idea what a colossal mistake she was making.

Red Flags


The mysterious woman at the door was the first red flag in a line of many.

The second came one night when one of Kenzie’s friends invited Kenzie and Brad to her birthday party.

The event took place at a nightclub. Although Kenzie wasn’t outdoorsy, she agreed to attend the party because the host was one of her closest friends. If only she knew what she was signing up for.

At The Party


Kenzie and Brad attended the party as intended. But while walking into the club, Kenzie noticed that Brad was getting a lot of attention from other women.

Now, Kenzie had never been a jealous woman before.

She was comfortable in her skin to know that if she had a man, then he’d be hers and hers alone. But that wasn’t the case tonight.

The Stares


Her skin crawled, and her lungs burned every time she noticed a woman was staring at Brad.

She thought the stares were all there was until she went to the washrooms and heard the women’s conversations.

Most of them knew Brad by name and were warning their friends against approaching him. They claimed he did terrible things to them, saying he was nothing but bad news. But Kenzie didn’t listen.

Asking Him


Of course, she asked Brad about what she’d heard. He chuckled like a little boy and told her that everyone had a past. “I was going through some things when I used to frequent nightclubs,” he confessed. “But those days are long gone.”

The way he spoke touched Kenzie’s heart. There was sincereness in his words, tenderness and vulnerability that were among Brad’s key attributes.

Kenzie should have known that this was a man who knew how to play the field properly.

Her Second Mistake


She let the issue slide, that and the tens of other red flags that flapped her way.

Before she knew it, she and Brad were looking at wedding venues and color palettes.

Kenzie had convinced herself that she had everything under control. But she’d end up missing the biggest red flag of them all: Brad’s wedding ring.

Should Have Paid More Attention


She should have paid more attention to the wedding ring before and after the wedding. Her focus was on organizing the event and planning her life with Brad afterward.

She’d been there when he picked the wedding band and had even settled on its burnished gold color.

But she’d never known that Brad had the jeweler engrave its insides. The moment she’d read the words, she’d file for a divorce.

This Is Too Much


Kenzie could forgive anything Brad could do to her. He was the father of her child and the love of her life, after all. But this was too much.

The day had started marvelously for her family. After a hearty breakfast, she and Brad drove to the hospital to pick up little Dorian.

After a year and a half of spending his days inside an incubator, Dorian was finally coming home. But the day would end very differently from when it started.

A Heartwarming Scene


Kenzie and Brad picked up their son. He was healthy and smiling, a heartwarming scene for the doting parents. But as they were driving home, Kenzie noticed something that got her mind racing.

Her husband wasn’t wearing his wedding ring. She almost asked him about it but remembered that he’d been working alongside a repairman over the weekend to fix their house’s drainage system.

He’d taken it off then and never put it back on. Kenzie had no idea that this was the world trying to tell her something.

Excitement And Anxiety


The drive home was filled with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. Dorian giggled and babbled in his car seat, blissfully unaware of the turmoil brewing in his mom’s heart.

Kenzie tried to shake off her thoughts about Brad’s missing wedding ring.

Hadn’t she already concluded that it was nothing more than a simple oversight? But the issue sat heavily on her shoulders as the day went on. But it wasn’t until evening that everything got to her.

She Sees The Ring


Kenzie had just put Dorian to sleep and was cleaning her and Brad’s bedroom when she saw it.

The ring was neatly tucked away with Brad’s effects.

The place was somewhere Kinzie rarely visited. It housed items such as Brad’s colognes, deodorants, watches, wallets, and bracelets. But among them came the golden shine of his wedding ring.

Into Her Past


Kenzie’s heart skipped as she neared the shelf. She reached for the ring, admiring it at first. She chuckled lowly, realizing she had been a step away from starting a fight because of such a tiny thing.

The ring was cold in her grasp, reminding her of how cold it had been the day she and Brad picked it up.

It had been a good day, and although Kenzie hadn’t been there throughout the picking process because of her wedding preparations, she’d still made time to be there.

Life Is Finally Good


The mom sat on the bed to admire the ring. She was thankful for how good life was turning out.

She’d given a lot to be here, making sacrifices she wouldn’t have if she didn’t have Brad in her life. But she had no regrets because good things demanded such sacrifices.

Slowly but surely, she started turning the ring around, studying its curvature and everything in between. It was then that her gaze landed on the engraving, and her world turned upside down.

She Confronts Him


He came out of the shower to find Kenzie waiting for him at the bathroom door. Her wet eyes burned with a cocktail of anger and hurt as she stared at him.

“Brad, where’s your wedding ring?” she asked, her voice trembling.

He stammered for a moment, then replied, “I must have left it somewhere. I’ll find it, don’t worry.”

We Need To Talk


But Kenzie had it in her clenched fist. She had seen its heartbreaking engraving, had read it over and over. The truth was crystal clear, and it shattered her world. “We need to talk,” she said, her voice firm.

She led him to the living room even before he could take off his towel, and they sat on the couch. Brad avoided eye contact, his guilt palpable.

More tears welled up in Kenzie’s eyes as she confronted him. “I found the ring, Brad. The one with the inscription. How could you do this to us? To our family?”

The Truth


Brad finally looked up, his face pale. He knew there was no way to deny the truth any longer. “Kenzie, I…” he began, but his voice faltered. Kenzie couldn’t hold back her anger any longer.

“Promised to another woman,” she paraphrased what she’d read on the ring. “Tell me the truth, Brad. Is there another woman?”

Brad sighed heavily, his shoulders slumping in defeat. “Yes,” he admitted, his voice barely above a whisper. “I’ve been living a double life, Kenzie. I have another family.” But that was only the beginning of the painful truth.



Kenzie’s world came crashing down around her. The man she loved and trusted betrayed her in the most devastating way possible. Her mind raced, thinking of all the lies and secrets he had kept from her.

“Why, Brad?” she choked out, her voice trembling, her resolve broken. “Why would you do this to us? To our son?”

Brad tried to explain. “It started before we got married. I didn’t know how to break it off with her and thought I could handle both families. I never meant for it to get this far.”

There’s Another Family?


“Another family?” Kenzie’s eyes widened, and her heart broke for the second time that night. But an hour later, Brad, under pressure, would reveal he’d been using his, Kenzie’s, and Dorian’s savings to care for his other family.

Kenzie’s anger flared, and she felt an overwhelming sense of betrayal. She stood up, her hands trembling with rage.

“You risked our son’s future, Brad! You jeopardized everything we had. I can’t stand for this.” She stormed into the kitchen and headed straight for the cutlery cabinet.



With a determined look, Kenzie returned to the living room, the incriminating ring in hand.

She’d stopped midway to the kitchen, knowing she didn’t want to hurt her husband this way.

She placed the ring on the coffee table in front of Brad. “Leave,” she said, her voice firm. “Pack your things and go. I can’t have you in our lives anymore.”

Give Me Another Chance


Brad pleaded with her, tears streaming down his face. “Kenzie, please, give me a chance to make this right. I’ll end things with her, and we can work through this together.”

But Kenzie could see past the manipulation. She’d made up her mind, couldn’t trust Brad anymore; her son’s future was too important to risk.

She walked away from him, leaving him to grapple with the consequences of his actions.

The Aftermath


Over the next few weeks, Kenzie faced the difficult task of rebuilding her life. She filed for divorce and sought legal counsel to protect their savings and secure a stable future for Dorian.

It was a painful process, but with her friends and family’s love and support, she was determined to move forward.

As for Brad, he did end things with the other woman, but the damage was irreparable. He faced his own consequences, both legally and emotionally, as he tried to come to terms with the devastation he had caused.


This story was handcrafted with love by a creative novelist to thrill and entertain, mirroring real-life situations to awaken your imagination and evoke profound emotions. All events, places, and characters are products of the author’s imagination, and all images and videos are used for illustrative purposes only. We hope you enjoyed reading it just as much as we enjoyed writing it!