Widow Notices Odd Detail On Husband’s Shirt As He’s Buried


They Would Pay

She was stunned. She had loved a man for over 45 years, and he was gone now. She was left behind with questions and a broken heart.

She had never felt betrayed like this and felt compelled to seek revenge. Whoever was responsible would pay for what they had done, even though he was gone.

Fought For Where She Was 


Elizabeth Hamilton came from Hoboken, New Jersey, and had grown up an independent woman. She learned to fight for what she wanted and fought her way into her dream college.

She had dreamed of becoming a journalist ever since she could remember. She knew she was close to achieving it when she opened her University of California acceptance letter. She promised herself that she wouldn’t let anything get in her way until she reached her goal, but she’d soon want to swallow her words.


PexelsElizabeth enjoyed her time alone but was eventually convinced by her roommate to join her at a college party. When she arrived, she felt uncomfortable looking at the other women. She felt inferior standing next to them.

She felt differently when she met Benjamin. He was handsome and wanted to talk to only her. She was enraptured by what he had to say and was pulled away by her roommate too soon. Her roommate warned her about Benjamin, saying that he was bad news. Elizabeth was too captivated by him to listen but would wish she had followed her roommate’s advice.

It Was Heavenly


Elizabeth continued seeing Benjamin despite her roommate’s disapproval. Her roommate soon became silent, not uttering a word to her, but she was too in love to care. She and Benjamin had started dating.

They were fresh out of college when he asked her for her hand in marriage. She was unbelieving and said yes, still unsure of what he saw in her. They were in heaven, and everything was glorious until it wasn’t.

Hard Workers


The couple had a wedding that came out of a fairytale, making for the happiest day of their lives. They were over the moon now, but their happiness soon ran out.

The two lead busy lifestyles, working hard to be the best in their respective careers. They spent little time together, but she found Benjamin spent the majority of it looking at his phone. And that wasn’t all.

Hiring Some Assistance

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Benjamin seldom helped around the house, and she couldn’t take care of everything along with her job. Elizabeth thought that hiring their maid, Mallory, would lighten their load. She felt uneasy when her husband instantly liked the beautiful woman, reminding Elizabeth that she wasn’t.

She brushed it off as just being paranoid. She knew that she loved him and that he loved her right back. Hiring Mallory proved to be a huge help, and Elizabeth grew to trust her and treated her like family. She’d soon find out that her trust was misplaced.

Promised To Be Better

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One day, Elizabeth caught Mallory and Benjamin in the middle of an intimate conversation. She brushed it off and convinced herself that she had made the scenario up, only to find them having similar discussions more often. They grew more flirtatious with each conversation they had.

When Elizabeth confronted her husband, he apologized and swore he’d be a better husband to her. She remembered why she had fallen for him in the beginning when she noticed how soon he had changed his behavior. But her trust was to be broken again.

Family Struggles


She saw that Benjamin had kept his promise to her, and the couple decided to start a family. They were doing well for themselves and living in their dream home. Their finances looked great, and they knew they could afford to have children.

After months of trying, they had nothing to show for it. Elizabeth had met with every specialist in the country, clinging to her hopes of becoming a mother, only to be disappointed again and again.

She Felt Responsible


Elizabeth was crushed and had to deal with her disappointment alone. Benjamin had slipped back into old habits and acted strangely when he was home on the rare occasion. Mallory being around didn’t make her feel any better.

Elizabeth, not as young as she once was, felt responsible for not being able to give her husband a child. To make matters worse, she saw that he’d been making cash withdrawals from their joint account every week. She needed to sort things out.

A Long Time Together


She decided to confront her husband again with her concerns about Mallory. Benjamin denied them all and reminded her of how much Mallory had helped them throughout the years. Elizabeth conceded, feeling that she had been paranoid before.

The couple remained together for 45 years, despite the growing distance between them. Her husband showed any love and affection in random bursts, while his relationship with Mallory was friendlier than Elizabeth would’ve liked. However, she believed that he wouldn’t hurt her in any way. How wrong she was.

Things Worsened


She felt sad that she had ended up marrying someone who had become a stranger and spent her whole life with him. It saddened her more when she saw his health decline, and he was diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Mallory happily agreed to work extra hours helping care for Benjamin. Elizabeth held in her concerns and pushed away the doubt knowing that she was about to lose the love of her life. She wanted to be there for him.


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Benjamin’s condition quickly deteriorated, and it was not long after he passed away. Elizabeth was struck with debilitating grief when she learned she had lost her husband. She wanted to do right by him and give him the burial he deserved. 

She drove to the mortuary to ask to preserve her husband’s body so that his loved ones could say their goodbyes. However, when she took a look at her husband’s clothing, she spotted something that made her blood boil. 

A Discovery


On the right sleeve of his shirt, she saw a button that she knew that she had seen before. He was wearing the shirt that Mallory gave him as a gift so many years ago. When she noticed the left sleeve’s button was missing, she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was amiss. 

She rushed home and rummaged through her husband’s belongings and what she found sent shivers down her spine. She found a box titled “This is a simple gift for you, my darling.”


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She opened the box and found pictures of her husband and Mallory laughing together with two children she had never seen before in her life. She had known Mallory for decades, and she had never mentioned having children. The box also contained the missing button and numerous love letters. 

As she became aware that there was obviously a relationship between them, her heart began to pound in her chest. There were no words to describe the pain she was feeling when she realized her husband had been living a double life. She knew she had no other choice but to get her revenge. 

Letting Everyone Know

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The first thing she did was confront Mallory. She had been with the Hamilton family for decades, and she couldn’t believe this was her way of thanking her. She admitted that the children were Benjamin’s and that he had been supporting them for years. She tried to beg for her forgiveness, but it fell on deaf ears. 

She then contacted their friends and family and informed them what her husband had done. She also told them that she would no longer attend his burial or help arrange it. Everybody supported her decision. But what was next for Elizabeth? 

Moving On

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Benjamin’s burial came and went, but Elizabeth made sure not to even think about him. Even though she felt as if she had wasted most of her years on a man that did not deserve her love and care, she knew her life was only just beginning. 

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.