Why You Shouldn’t Eat Breakfast Before Brushing Your Teeth


Dental Wishes

Think your oral health is on point?

From bad breath to brushing schedules, dentists from all over the world have put in their two-cents worth – including what happens if you eat breakfast before you brush your teeth.

Brush Beforehand


Let’s start with one the dentist will never say directly to your face … well, mostly.

They’re not there to judge anyone who has teeth problems. However, not brushing before the appointment is considered icky and rude. It’s not their job to take care of your leftover bits of lunch. They also hate it when people have bad breath that could have been fixed with a toothbrush.

Stop Commenting On Cost


Yes, they’re expensive. But they’re also sick of hearing about it.

“I’ve probably bought you a car by now” or something along those lines – oral care professionals are done with this. They have to pay for rent, employees, materials, too. Sports players make ton, but no fan says how their views and ticket sales have contributed towards their mansion.

Stop With Soda


It’s not just the fizzy drinks that are horrible for tooth health, but they’re up there on the list.

Overall health is good for the mouth. So, daily consumption of those sweet drinks can erode enamel and coat the mouth the sugar that the bad bacteria love.

Dry Mouth


There are a lot of things that can cause dry mouth.

If someone’s chomper is like the desert, it can cause lots of problems. Why? Saliva is filled with a mineral-rich solution that protects those pearly whites. So, don’t ignore this problem if it pops up often.

Stain Surprises


Outside, they might remain professional.

But if you smoke, drink coffee, or drink a lot of alcohol and are shocked your teeth get stained, they will be rolling their eyes on the inside. It’s not like you can’t have any of these, just in limited doses.

Xray Fears


Many customers want to avoid dental xrays because they’re scared of radtion.

However, the standard four bitewing x-rays typical of most dental check-up routines only expose a person to about 0.005 millisieverts of radiation. This is as much as anyone would get on a sunny day. So, don’t fear!

Please Floss


They beg people include flossing in their daily regimen.

But they’re always met with excuses. From water picks to floss that is workable around braces, it’s easy to take that extra step in dental care. They want you to stop making excuses and just do it.

Don’t Brush So Hard


Did you know that “brushing too hard” is a thing?

Yep! It can damage the gums and cause wear on the teeth – which can lead to cavities as much as any sugar can. Also exposed roots can be very painful and unsightly.

Brush Before Breakfast


When you eat breakfast, your mouth becomes acidic.

So, if you brush after, you’re pushing that acid into the enamel. Also, brushing before will protect your teeth better from whatever will be on your plate.

Don’t Ignore Flouride


Fluoride is important to prevent decay and tooth wear.

Teeth are made from a crystalline structure at the molecular level, and fluoride that is applied to your teeth topically helps to strengthen that crystalline structure, which provides greater resistance to decay and tooth wear.

Know Your Heart


Recent studies show that gum disease may increase the risk of heart attacks or stroke.

Since the gums are the interference between your mouth and the bone, anything that compromises that can become a portal into the blood stream.

Go Electric


Electric Toothbrushes aren’t as expensive as when they first came out.

They can even tell you when you’re pressing too hard and tell you when it’s time to stop. Most dentists wish everyone would convert away from the plastic throw-aways.

Ditch The Stress


It’s easier said than done but trying to reduce stress can reduce teeth grinding.

Many dentists internally scream when patients deny that they do it. So, if someone has regular tension headaches, jaw pain, or cracked teeth, they might want to listen to the professionals. 1

The 2x Rule


If possible, try to visit the dentist twice a year for a check up.

Also, don’t be shy to ask as many questions as you want. They really want to help educate you and keep you healthy – after all, it’s their speciality. But make sure to follow any advice they give. Don’t just nod during the appointment then go back to bad habits afterwards.