La Petite Femme: Why French Women Don’t Get Fat

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Some of us have read the book “French Women Don’t Get Fat,” and some of us obviously have not. Whether you have or haven’t, going over some of the key rules on a consistent basis may help you keep inspired and motivated while losing weight and maintain that weight loss. Below are some tips that French women generally utilize without giving extreme amounts of attention that many American women do when dieting. This is just a simple way of life, and if you take a peek below, you’ll see that they are commonsense and asy to integrate into our lives whether we’re omnivorous, vegetarian, pescatarian, vegan, or raw.

5 Prepare Your Own Meals

Preparing your own meals allows you to see exactly what is going in to your food so that you have full responsibility, but also full control over the taste. When we get meals at restaurants or food bars, we have little understanding of what exactly is in the dressing, or the casserole, or the pudding. All we know is what we see. If we take charge and research our own healthy recipes, we can ease down on the fat, the sugar, the starch or whatever it is that we want to ease back on, while perhaps adding in some more healthy things like vegetables, flax or chia seeds, etc.

4 Diversify Your Food With the Seasons

Eating in season is a way to increase your nutrient intake, become more in tune with your food and the seasons, and to be able to get more creative in the kitchen with your food. It adds a level of excitement when it comes to meal planning and begins your transition away from packaged processed foods that lasts years on the shelves, which are also very detrimental to your health and weight.

3 Get to Know the Market and Shop Several Times a Week

The farmers market is your best bet to get fresh, local, in-season fruits and vegetables that carry more nutrients than conventional produce picked unripe and having traveled hundreds or thousands to supermarkets. Become friends with vendors and ask them questions that pertain to your diet – do they pick their produce daily? What’s fresh and best right now? Can they pick you out a persimmon for today and one for two days from now? How do I know when the cantaloupe is ripe? They will most likely be happy to talk with you and share their knowledge of their produce!

2 Eat at Regular Times

Eating every few hours will help you greatly in keeping yourself satisfied. This means taking time out to analyze how you eat throughout the week and making an effort to schedule in specific times when you should sit down and enjoy your meal, whether it’s a fresh-pressed juice, yogurt, or a full meal.

1 Reduce Your Portions Peu a Peu (Little by Little) of ‘Offender’ Foods

Reducing offender foods will help greatly. If you are unsure of what offender foods are, they are the unhealthy foods or trigger foods that cause you to eat more than you need. If you love French fries, switch to sweet potato fries, and then start downsizing slowly so that you don’t feel deprived. If you love cheesecake and would easily polish off a slice of your own, begin by leaving one bite, then two and so on until you can have a bite and it is the most amazing bite of cheesecake you’ve ever had, every time. Do this with all of your ‘unhealthy’ favorites.

Being French doesn’t make you thin automatically, of course. It is merely a generalized way of life that has been touted in recent years as an easy-to approach strategy to lose weight and maintain it without having to cut out whole food groups, overhaul your whole life in a day, or take x amount of exercise classes a day, 5 days a week. You can relax and simply be more mindful in the above ways and see the differences in a healthier, more emotionally manageable way.

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