He Marries Wheelchair Girl Despite Last-Minute Revelation



It was amazing for everyone to see how the wedding turned out for him when he married a girl with a wheelchair. Most women feel the most emotional moments of their lives when they walk down the aisle with their fathers and gaze into the eyes of their grooms.

When this wheelchair-bound woman headed down the aisle, dozens of people were speechless. What made her do that?


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An accomplished 25-year-old, Jackie Gonchar has overcome difficulties to pursue her dreams. In her teens, she suffered an accident that left her confined to a wheelchair.

Since then, she has made an effort to enjoy every second and confront life’s challenges with a grin. However, things weren’t always simple.

Everything Changed

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Tragic events occurred when Jackie was only 17 years old. She had a serious spinal injury, which rendered her paralyzed. Her life was entirely altered by that day.

Jackie’s family was devastated by the news. In an instant, all of her dreams were shattered. It became necessary for her to reevaluate her life, regardless of her shortcomings, to find happiness once again.

An Active Lifestyle

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Prior to the incident, Jackie Gonchar led a highly active life. She was a talented athlete and activist who never hesitated to seize the opportunities presented to her.

Jackie enjoyed swimming and was a big sports fan. But all of that came to a stop in the subsequent accident. Her life took a sharp shift, and she didn’t react to it well.

Horrible News

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And if there had ever been a chance for recovery, Jackie’s treating physicians put an end to it. They informed the girl that she would never be able to walk again.

Jackie was heartbroken. She broke down in tears and demanded privacy. She struggled to think of life without the ability to walk. Will she be able to overcome this obstacle, or will she surrender in abject failure?


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As far as the diagnosis was concerned, the doctors were confident. It was impossible for Jackie to walk again, and she would have to use a wheelchair moving forward.

Jackie’s life entered a new grim chapter as a result of the news she received. There was a general consensus that she should say goodbye to her adventurous lifestyle. Having to adjust to the new normal was not easy. The young girl, however, would not give up so easily.

No Escape


The news that Jackie would never be able to walk again completely rocked her world. She had invested a lot of time and effort into her future, and it felt as though it had been snatched from her in an instant.

Jackie used working out as a way to escape from life, but when she was unable to do so, she entered a deep, dark depression. No resolution appeared to be within reach.

Trying To Stay Positive

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Jackie began to feel reluctant to leave her room as a result of the situation. She hardly ever ate and slept much of the time. She understood, though, that she had to change things around because they couldn’t stay this way.

Jackie made every effort to continue doing the activities she had grown to love before the disaster. She continued to take long walks on the beach, hang out in parks, and make the most of every opportunity. But it wasn’t sufficient to lift her spirits. Jackie struggled to adjust to her new existence. Everyone feared she would never experience happiness once more.

Going Outside


Jackie’s mother encouraged her daughter to walk in the park out of concern for her health. In spite of the fact that she had not left her room for several weeks, she finally agreed to go outside.

Despite her reluctance, Jackie felt she had to go. Jackie had months of feeling as though her life was gone, but when she met Andrew, everything changed.

Keeping Her Company


Jackie relished the warmth of the sun’s rays on her skin since it was a lovely spring morning. She was preoccupied with some birds when a handsome young man took a seat next to her.

A young man introduced himself as Andrew and asked her if it was okay with her if he kept her company. Her initial reaction to his request was confusion, but she nevertheless agreed. Why was he doing this? Did he feel sorry for her? Her mind wandered. Her mouth would drop open when she heard the truth.

Good Company


Andrew and Jackie spent hours talking to each other. He was interesting and charming, and she wanted to know everything about him. She was curious about why he wanted to talk to her, so she asked him. What he said next made her heart drop to her stomach.

What Andrew wanted was to ask Jackie on a date. He instantly found her charming, and he wanted to spend more and more time with her the more he got to know her. Jackie couldn’t believe this was happening to her!



Her stomach fluttered when she learned he wanted to go on a date. He was smart and passionate, and she felt as if he was too good for her. Why would somebody like him want to date somebody like her?

She still agreed to go out with him, and she would soon learn that it was the best decision of her life.

The Beginning


Andrew was a gentleman on their date, and the pair soon began dating. Jackie fell hard and fast for him. They started a beautiful relationship filled with incredible moments. He made her feel like she was the most beautiful woman in the world, and her insecurities faded.

Jackie was happy again and grateful for her extraordinary love story. After one year, Andrew proposed to her, wanting to spend the rest of his life with her. She said yes without any trace of doubt.

The Perfect Wedding

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Every young girl dreams of their wedding day. From a young age, they know exactly where they want their wedding to be, what kind of food they want to be served, and what dress they want to wear.

Jackie was no different. Even though her life looked different from what she wanted, she wouldn’t let that get in her way. She pictured herself walking down the aisle with the most beautiful dress, and that’s precisely what she was going to do.



Jackie did not want to believe that she would never walk again. Meeting Andrew opened her eyes, and she knew she could do anything she put her mind to. He motivated her to get back to the gym. He knew that she was an athlete before the accident and that she struggled because she couldn’t do her workouts.

“I would go to the gym and get so frustrated that I wouldn’t go back, I was trying to make myself do it, but I kept failing at it, and then I would be disgusted with myself,” she shared during an interview. She tried her best, but she knew it wasn’t enough.



She spent her evenings researching, trying to track down her state’s best physical therapist. She was determined to walk on her wedding day.

After spending hours on the internet, she found somebody who was willing to help her reach her goal. Her wedding guests had no idea what was in store for them.

Big Surprise

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But what Jackie prepared for her wedding with Andrew would leave him without words. She had been working on this for months with her physical therapist without telling anyone.

Jackie was ready to reveal the craziest thing to her future husband on her wedding day. After she told him, he was in tears. He couldn’t believe what was happening. This wasn’t the wedding he imagined.

Wedding Gift

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When the long-awaited day came, no one at the wedding could have imagined what would happen next. Jackie drove into the hall with her mother and grandfather. But then the wheelchair stopped halfway down the aisle.

The girl began to stand on her own feet. Everyone was stunned. In just a second, the hall became very quiet. People were watching with their mouths open. Jackie left her wheelchair and walked slowly toward her fiance. No one knew she was preparing such a surprise, not even Andrew.

Entire Ceremony

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When the groom saw what was happening, he could not hold back his tears. All the guests cried as it was a touching moment. And that wasn’t all she had in store for her fiancee.

Jackie was able to stand on her feet for the entire ceremony, which lasted about 45 minutes. The groom kept crying through it all.


After the ceremony, the young woman even danced with her groom. She was in heaven. It felt like nothing could stop her.

Jackie danced the dance of the newlyweds and didn’t plan to stop there either. She spent most of the five-hour event standing on her feet. The guests couldn’t believe what was happening. Everyone was in awe at the young couple.

How Was It Possible

Jackie was incredible. She could never accept the doctor’s diagnosis and decided never to give up on trying to get better.

It took the young woman several years of hard training to be able to stand on her own feet. It wasn’t easy, but she never gave up and decided to reveal her accomplishments on the happiest day of her life.

Her Inspiration

Jackie’s hard training was not only for her but for the love of her life as well. The girl said that if it weren’t for Andrew, she could have never made it that far. He was her biggest motivation.

She couldn’t believe her luck. Never in a million years could she have anticipated that this was where she would end up in life. Everything was almost perfect, but Jackie and Andrew had one thing missing in their life.

The Good Life


Life with Andrew was a dream, and the couple purchased their dream home together. It was a beautiful four-bedroom place in a safe neighborhood.

They bought this home, intending to fill it with children. Jackie wanted to be a mother more than anything else, but the timing just didn’t feel right. Instead, Andrew made an interesting proposal.


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Andrew agreed that even though they wanted children, they weren’t ready yet. Instead, he suggested they adopt a puppy from the local shelter to see if they could handle that.

Jackie happily agreed, and the couple began discussing what breeds they were interested in adopting. After a lengthy discussion, the pair decided they wanted a Golden Retriever. Things were about to take a turn for the worst.

Meet Macey


The couple got up early one Saturday morning. There was a sense of excitement in the air; today was the day they would adopt a furry friend. Jackie called all the local shelters and asked if they had any Golden Retriever puppies available, and luckily they found one!

They made their way to the shelter and picked an adorable girl named Macey. They were instantly drawn to her outgoing personality and big eyes. Jackie signed all the paperwork, and then they made their way home. They had no idea that their lives were about to change.

Welcome To The Family


Macey instantly made herself at home, and Andrew and Jackie fell in love with her over the weeks. She was adorable and playful, and they knew they had made the right choice.

She even picked up the habit of waiting by the door every day so that she could greet them after a long day at the office. They loved this about her, but Macey wasn’t in her usual spot at the door one afternoon. The reason why was chilling.

Where Was She


Andrew arrived home earlier than usual and was excited to greet his pup. But when he stepped inside, he couldn’t find Macey. He called out for her, but she was nowhere to be seen.

He immediately called Jackie, but her phone went to voicemail. He rushed to his car to go and see if she had accidentally gotten out. His heart was pounding in his chest. He couldn’t believe this was happening to him.



He drove up and down the street, calling out to Macey, but he couldn’t find her anywhere. Jackie wasn’t answering her phone, and he didn’t know what to do.

The sun was busy setting, and he had no choice but to turn back home. He turned into their driveway and noticed Jackie’s car was there. Where had she been? Why hasn’t she answered her phone? However, once he stepped into the house, his jaw dropped.

The News


Both Jackie and Macey were sitting on the couch as if they were expecting him. “Where were you guys? I looked everywhere,” he said to them. Jackie gave him a sweet smile and nudged Macey. She ran up to him with a paper in her mouth. Confused, he grabbed the note and unraveled it.

“Congratulations, you’re going to be a dad!” was written inside. Andrew couldn’t believe his eyes. “Are you sure?” he asked her, and she nodded. His eyes began tearing up as he hugged the love of his life.

The Rollercoaster That Is Life

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Even though Jackie and Andrew weren’t actively trying to have a child, they couldn’t be happier! Jackie’s story just shows that even though life is unpredictable and confusing, having love and support from those around you makes the most significant difference.

Jackie is still training every day to be the best mom to her future children. Hopefully, one day, she could walk again. Until then, she’ll have her husband’s love and support.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events, places, or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.