Host Stumped When Woman Guesses And Still Wins, Until He Sees Her Friend


A Confusing Turn Of Events

She’d been on a steady roll since the show started, managing to take the lead without much effort. Everyone knew she was going to win the final round.

The crowd was stumped when the first letter she yelled out was wrong. She did it again, confusing the even host and her fellow contestants. No one could’ve guessed what her endgame was.

At Fortune’s Door

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Amy Jackson had always wished to be a part of a game show. For Amy’s family, most weeknights were reserved for Wheel of Fortune, a game show that had become part of their dinner ritual.

Growing up, Amy wanted nothing more than to appear in at least one episode, even if she stood in the audience. She had no idea the impact this dream would have on her life.

Joining The Force

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Amy joined the U.S Marine Corps when she was eighteen. Fresh out of high school, the idea of serving her country as part of the marines spoke to her.

She quickly powered through the ranks, going on tours all over the world and returning to share her incredible tales. But what she would do on that game show would leave even her family speechless.

Veteran’s Week

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As part of Veteran’s Week, Wheel of Fortune honored American servicemen and women by reimagining the show with a military theme.

The producers sent out a few invites for veterans and those still serving to come and take part in the show. To Amy’s disbelief, she’d been one of the lucky few to be selected.

A Dream Come True

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A fan of the show and a quick study, Amy was ready for anything the show’s host would throw her way. She’d spent the entire week drilling for the contest, and she knew she would come out on top.

As she projected, Amy took the lead from the get-go. But as the game was nearing its final round, she noticed something alarming going on by her side.

Checking The Competition

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One of Amy’s fellow contestants, Jack, had secured five thousand dollars for himself. The other, Rich, didn’t have anything.

Amy had fourteen thousand dollars in her bank, and she couldn’t help but feel bad for Rich. The host called out the start of the last round, and Amy knew this night would be all about her.

The Final Round

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After the mandatory wheel spin, the host chose Rich to call out the first letter. He went for T, snagging three thousand dollars for his bank. The host called Amy, who immediately called out the letter Z.

“Say that again for me?” the host asked, puzzled by Amy’s choice. “Z, as in Zulu,” Amy responded. “You did say Z,” the host said, checking the board. Was there a Z on there?

Calling Out The Letters

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“There’s no Z,” the host said and called out to Jack. “R,” said Jack, securing a thousand dollars to his bank. The host doubled back to Rich, who called out the letter S.

“One S,” said the host, bumping Rich’s three thousand to four. “Amy,” he called enthusiastically, but Amy did the unthinkable before everyone.

Wasted Chance

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Seconds ticked by, Amy scouring her mind for the appropriate letter to call out. She was about to speak when the buzzer went off. The audience couldn’t believe it.

“Jack?” called out the host, to which Jack highlighted the letter M as his next choice. Rich was next, and after calling out N, received an additional three thousand to his four. Amy looked at the scores and gasped.

The Crowd Doesn’t Believe It

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Amy was losing this round. “Amy, your turn,” said the host, snapping her from her thoughts. “Q,” called out Amy. The crowd gasped, some booing her for her choice in letters.

The host moved to Jack, who called out the letter P, earning two thousand dollars to his one. “Your turn Jack,” said the host. Even he appeared baffled by what was going on.

The End Nears

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Rich called out the letter G, receiving an additional thousand dollars. He was gaining on Amy and Jack on the overall scoreboard.

The game continued in a similar fashion culminating in Jack calling out the final word. Everyone had expected Amy to take this round, but she’d scored nothing. But the overall scoreboard revealed another story.

The Scoreboard

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Despite losing in the final round, Amy had won the night’s game by a landslide. As he shook her hand, the host asked, “Now… may I ask you a question?” “Sure,” Amy answered.

The host said, “You called some unusual letters in that round?” Amy nodded. “That’s what I saw,” she said. It seems everyone couldn’t understand why she’d thrown the round. But answers came soon after.

They Find Out

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Everybody who’d been watching the show at home took to social media to share their theories on why Amy threw the final round and still won the game.

Even though the theories varied, people could agree that Amy saw Rich’s score at the end of the second to last round. Since Rich had nothing in his bank, she intentionally called out the wrong letters to allow him to win some cash.

What We Can Learn

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Amy’s story went viral, with Americans praising her for her selflessness. She was an anomaly for the show. Her courage and generosity would inspire others to be like her worldwide.

Amy was showered with gifts and praises wherever she went. But being in the game and living her childhood dream was the biggest reward she could ever want.