What’s Red and Blonde and Cat-Eyed-All-Over-The-Pop-Charts? These Five Songs by Taylor Swift, Of Course!

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Taylor Swift has blossomed into one of country-pop’s biggest success stories. She is beautiful, talented, and has had more boyfriends than your average 20-somethings. But her personal life is not what music writers are supposed to be discussing (even though they do). What is inherently inarguable is her influence on the pop charts, and her obvious staying power in pop culture. Whether you copy her eyeliner, her lipstick, or listen to her music, Taylor Swift’s influence is broad. These five songs are her most notable contributions to the world of country-pop.

5 We Are Never Getting Back Together

Whether you know, or care, about Taylor Swift’s love life, We Are Never Getting Back Together is one of the biggest hits off of her album Red. It is undeniably catchy, and in true Taylor Swift fashion she manages to retell an age-old story with a refreshing, doe-eyed sweetness. The addition of her spoken word lyrics grounds the song, and despite the fact that “œnever, like, ever”feels un-lyrical of her, the simple honesty makes the song feel all the more real.

4 You Belong With Me

Swift’s breakthrough song, You Belong With Me describes the situation that every girl (or boy) has been in 1,000 times over. Unrequited love of a best friend is one of the most over-written topics on tween TV dramas, chick flicks, and pop music. Swift’s take on the trite story is made sweet by the catchy pop melody and her harmonious voice. Even once you’ve graduated from bleachers and high school cliques, you never quite escape that story. So there is no shame in a 20-somethings identifying with You Belong With Me (and listening to it).

3 Mine

Swift’s voice in Mine has a very clear diction to it, which is a pleasant surprise in the world of pop. Mine feels much more country than pop, which is also refreshing in the world of pop. Teenage girls seem to never get enough of songs about true love and being on your own, especially since they don’t quite know what it’s really about. Swift perpetuates this, but not in a bad way. Mine is like Disney-movie version of a pop love song, and Swift is the ideal girl to sell it in an earnest, loveable way.

2 Stay Stay Stay

Stay Stay Stay makes the 23-year-old Swift seem like she’s 17, which isn’t unusual in the world of pop. Stay Stay Stay has more of a country undertone to it in the quality of her voice and the harmonies. In typical country fashion, it tells a very distinct story from beginning to end from the point of view of a protagonist. There is a naiveté in the song that is endearing, just like in Swift herself. Her honesty comes through in both the lyrics and the simplistic musical style of the song. Stay Stay Stay has a fun, almost danceable quality to it that makes it unique.

1 State of Grace

State of Grace is a surprisingly weighty song. Swift’s voice has an unexpected depth to it; to her credit Swift has refused to be auto-tuned, a rarity in pop today. State of Grace, while it is still obviously about a relationship, feels like it has more substance to it than her other hits””and l ess country sounding as well. State of Grace could be mistaken for a harder rocking musician’s pop endeavor. There is still that unmistakeable sweetness to her voice however, that distinct Taylor Swift sound that is very feminine, honeyed, and young.

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