The Absolute Worst 5 Movies of 2011

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It is hard to narrow the worst films of 2011 to just five picks since there were a lot of bombs released that year. It was the year of Sucker Punch, Catherine Hardwicke’s Red Riding Hood, Zookeeper and Breaking Dawn. Sure, the Twilight movies have their rabid teenage fan base and they make a lot of people very, very wealthy, but that does not mean they’re not awful movies, right? We can all agree “” they are pretty bad.

Still, even with all these duds in the mix, there are five that truly stand out as the worst of 2011. Never mind all the films from that year that were never released or seen by more than the filmmaker’s immediate family. Making movies is a tough thing to pull off, and making good movies is a real crapshoot. So, let’s hope these filmmakers get the chance to redeem themselves. They need to.

5 Transformers

Dark of the Moon: Michael Bay does not seem too concerned with making artistic films with integrity and great dialogue. He pretty much churns out just-good-enough movies so he can buy a new Porsche and pad his bank account, which is no doubt very cushy thanks to these awful flicks. Rosie Huntington Whiteley is pretty but she’s an awful actor (she makes Megan Fox look like Kate Winslet), the humor is catering to ten year olds, and the Transformer story has kind of run itself into the ground. Time to movie on.

4 Jack and Jill

How bad is Adam Sandler’s Jack and Jill? Let us count the ways. Sandler has not exactly been making world-class films for the last few years but this one really is embarrassing. He plays Jack AND Jill (twin brother and sister), and shockingly enough, seeing him in drag is not as entertaining or hysterical as the filmmakers imagined it to be. It’s worse than a Tyler Perry movie. Not funny.

3 Country Strong

Once upon a time Gwyneth Paltrow was one of the hottest actresses around. She won Oscars, got respect and had the world at her feet. Now she seems to be more into writing pretentious cookbooks and talking about all her amazing, wonderful friends on her lifestyle website Goop. In Country Strong she’s a troubled country singer, and though her voice is impressive, the movie definitely is not. It would have been better suited to Lifetime.

2 Larry Crowne

The big studio executives probably thought they hit the jackpot when they got megastars Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts to star in this movie. They are beloved stars that draw in the crowds”¦ as long as the movie they are in is not a dull, lifeless bore. Turns out, this one definitely is. People your parents’ age probably wouldn’t even see this inert romance about a middle-aged man reinventing himself and going back to college. Do not expect Old School. Expect to fall asleep.

1 Conan the Barbarian

It’s not like the cult classic Conan the Barbarian with former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is a masterwork of cinema, but it is fun and campy. This reboot takes itself way too seriously, which kind of turns out to be a buzz kill. There’s no joy or fun in the movie and it is doubtful that this will be a cult classic in a few years. Just watch the original, it might be silly, but it is quite entertaining.

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Let us know your picks for worst flick of 2011.

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