What To Do When These 20 Travel Nightmares Happen

Lost credit card? Car accident? Sudden injury? Canceled flight? Even seasoned travelers have their fair share of travel nightmares! Being abroad in a totally new culture that possibly doesn’t speak your language can come with its share of challenges. The good news? A bit of preparation and presence of mind can go a long way, even if luck isn’t always on your side.

To help you have the best time of your life, we rounded up the 20 most common-sense fixes for the nightmarish disasters many travelers faced. Take note, my friends!

20.) You Need to Cancel a Plane Ticket

travel nightmares plane

Thinking about canceling a flight sends shivers down my spine. Not only do you need to answer the incessant question “Weren’t you supposed to leave yesterday?,” but you’ll also need to figure out how to get a refund on your ticket. As you may suspect, refundable tickets are more expensive than nonrefundable ones, so you might wanna check in which category yours falls.

If it’s the first, you’re in luck; call your airline to explain the situation. If you purchased a nonrefundable ticket, you will need to put in a little bit more effort. For example, some companies allow you to change or cancel your flight in the 24 hours that follow your booking; others allow changes and cancellations made at least 60 days before your trip.

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