What Are the Top 5 Workout Videos?

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Workout videos give you no excuses to go beast mode even when you’re on the go. You can access them from your TV, computer and smartphone. These fitness gurus’ routines and exercise moves provide challenges for anyone who wants to be in shape, regardless of age or gender. They target muscles with routines from high-intensity interval training to toning up. Get set to sweat, shred fat and shed inches from these widely subscribed YouTube channels and popular DVDs.

5 POP Pilates

Cassey Ho introduced the “Train like a Beast, Look like a Beauty” and “Sweat Happy” philosophies to her “Blogilates” social media followers called POPsters. POP workouts combine “powerhouse” or core exercises for balance and strength with energizing music, and she engages her audience through her cheerful yet adamant workout commands and stories. Her “POP Pilates: Total Body Workout DVD” includes a one-hour Pilates routine and a workout printable.

4 Beach Babe

Karena and Katrina, founders of “Tone It Up,” independently produced two “Beach Babe” DVDs that include cardio, strength and flexibility. K&K coined the “fine toning method” to “cinch every inch” that involves pulsing motions to define the muscles and create theme-based names for their moves to interest their TIU viewers. Their “Beach Babe 2” DVD includes a fitness test plus HIIT, barre, toning and stretching techniques.

3 Six Pack Shortcuts

Mike Chang proudly shares his success story about transforming from flab to fab, in particular his abs, through the “Afterburn Effect.” The system, which is suitable for both men and women who wish to eliminate belly fat, factors in “resistance, rest, repetitions and intensity” to maximize calories burned and muscles built even after the workout. His “Six Pack Shortcuts” DVD set and membership includes full training sessions, demonstrations, printable workout log and downloadable videos for your personal devices.

2 P90X

Tony Horton developed “P90X,” short for “Power 90 Extreme,” through Beachbody, as well as “10-Minute Trainer.” “P90X” incorporates the “Muscle Confusion” science of changing methods, such as “Yoga X” for flexibility and breathing practice, and “Kenpo X” with punching and kicking for endurance and coordination, to avoid plateauing. The “P90X” DVD set includes full “muscle-carving” workouts, fitness and nutrition manuals and workout calendar at the bare minimum, depending on the selected kit.

1 Insanity Workout

Shaun T. has taken HIITs to the ultimate level with “Insanity” and the newly released “Focus T25” from exercise and diet company Beachbody. “Insanity” presents “MAX Interval Training” by switching between long high-impact exercises, such as plyometrics that involve jumping for cardio, and short recovery times. The “Insanity” DVD set includes full “insane workouts,” fitness and nutrition manuals, workout calendar and online support.

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