What Are the Top 5 Food Sources That Contain B12?

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The alphabet soup of essential vitamins can be confusing, but remind yourself to keep B12 on the menu. Also known as cobalamin, this critical nutrient acts on the central nervous and circulatory systems. A B12 shortage can bring on fatigue, anemia and depression. Synthetic B12 is available, but a healthy natural dose of B12 is available in seafood and protein-rich foods such as beef, liver, lamb, cheese and eggs.

5 Eggs

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Eggs are a good source of B12, but chicken eggs provide less than 10 percent of the Daily Value. Goose eggs and duck eggs are a better source of B12. Egg yolks, rather than egg whites, have a much higher concentration of B12, as well as vitamins A, E, D and K, and essential minerals such as calcium, phosphorous and iron.

4 Dairy Products and Cereals

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Products in the protein-rich dairy case provide a good measure of B12, although none comes up to the full Daily Value. Milk, yogurt and cheese all provide at least 10 percent of the DV. If you are not a fan of dairy, and avoid meat and fish, you can find synthetic B12 in fortified cereals. The nutrition label on the side of the box will clearly state the B12 content as a percentage of the recommended daily value. B12 is also available as an oral supplement from the pharmacy, vitamin shop or health-food store.

3 Fish and Caviar

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Fish flesh is often recommended if you’re B12 deficient. Just 3 ounces of wild rainbow trout will get you more than 90 percent of the B12 Daily Value, with sockeye salmon running a close second at 80 percent of DV. Tuna fish and haddock are strong alternatives, while that tasty and stylish caviar garnish also provides a good dose of B12.

2 Liver

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Eat your liver was, and still is, good advice, no matter what you may think of the taste. A 100-gram serving of lamb liver offers 85.7 micrograms of B12, more than 1,400 percent of the recommended Daily Value. Beef and veal liver are other top sources. Actually, just about any animal liver is rich in B12, which in its natural state is always bound to the protein in food.

1 Shellfish

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Shellfish are an excellent source of B12, with clams giving you the highest concentration at 84.1 micrograms in every 3-ounce serving. That represents more than 1,000 percent of the Daily Value of 6 micrograms, the intake recommended by the Food and Drug Administration. Other B12-rich shellfish are mussels, crab, lobster and oysters.

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