Weird Yet Deadly: These Are the 5 Craziest Weapons from Ancient History

Throughout the history of mankind, we have always pushed ourselves to discover newer and better ways to kill each other. Along the way, some weapons evolved into insane looking objects of destruction. Regardless, even some of the craziest and maybe even silliest looking devices were actually quite deadly.

5 Pot of Snakes

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I suppose it doesn’t look insanely silly, but the idea of it actually seems a bit comical… until you realize the pot is loaded with half a dozen angry poisonous serpents. Back in the day (ancient Rome, to be precise) the pot of snakes wreaked deadly havoc on soldiers who weren’t expecting a clay pot full of snakes to come crashing down on them in battle. This was used during ship battles where quarters were even tighter, creating fear and panic, and often deadly snake bites, among the crew. The pot o’ snakes was also touted as one of the first biological weapons ever used. ‘Fortunately’ hornets’ nest eventually became the trend leaving the pot of snakes behind. In fact, due to the popularity of the hornets’ nests, there was often a shortage of them in Ancient Rome. These days’ hornet’s nests are reserved for cartoon gags and more often than not, sprayed with a big can of Raid in the spring.

4 Zhua

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You know those little sticky ‘slap’ hands you got out of dime-vending machines as a kid? The Zhua is like that except instead of slapping your younger brother in the face or whipping papers out from under your friends noses, the Zhua tore through flesh… so actually, it’s not really like those innocent sticky hand things at all. The Zhua was usually attached to a staff, but could also be attached to a rope. A skilled Zhuauser could disarm a man or yank a shield away with it. Yes, that goofy hand at the end was a flesh shredding, weapon disarming, shield grabbing weapon. Should I also mention it was capable of smashing in skulls and ripping scalps off?

3 Spring Loaded Triple Dagger

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Mostly used by fencing masters of the medieval periods, the triple dagger was a dirty little device which at first seemed like a basic dagger until the fury of all three blades was released. Not only could it be used to scare the hell out your opponent, but a skilled user could use it to ‘grab’ oncoming blades. This was truly a piece of medieval badassery. This would be the kind of weapon you can imagine was shown off at the local pub right before something went down (or shown off to prevent something from going down).

2 Nest of Bees

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A bow can shoot one arrow… so of course, sometime during the history of man, we needed to shoot more. That’s where the nest of bees comes in. This hexagonal device was loaded with around a dozen arrows, which, when lit with black power, were rocket propelled into oncoming enemies. Often employed during the Ming dynasty of China, the nest of bees would be loaded with armor piercing metal arrows, and even flaming, poison-tipped or explosive arrows. It was said that the nest of bees could shoot arrows up to five football fields in length. The drawback?It was awkward to hold and heavy. This meant it was often used as more of an artillery weapon than a handheld armament for a foot-soldier.

1 Hunga Munga

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You call that a knife? Now this is a knife. The Hunga Munga was a dagger used by the Mangbetu – the people of the Orientale Province in Congo. Though the Hunga Munga, also called a Mambele, came in various shapes and forms, they were all pretty awesome looking. Typically, this puppy was thrown from a distance, but if things got hairy, it could be used hand-to-hand. The materials of which the daggers were made could range from rare to common, and often the Hunga Mungas crafted from rarer materials would be carried as status symbols. Hunga Munga is a broad term used for many African blades, such as the Kpinga, another odd, yet deadly blade used by the Azande of Nubia.

Weird? Silly? Odd? Unique? Whatever you call them, these five weapons were deadly and nothing to laugh at back in the day.

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