These Weird Hilarious Eyebrow Fails Will Crack You Up

They say the eyebrows shape the entire face. These people didn't quite get the memo with these weird hilarious eyebrow fails will crack you up.

They say the eyebrows shape the entire face. Well, it seems these people didn’t quite get the memo with these weird hilarious eyebrow fails will crack you up.

Maybe they were trying a new eyebrow trend and it went wrong, or maybe they simply are trying to step outside of the box with their personal style. Either way, these people’s eyebrow fails have provided us some hilarious laughs.

Check out These Weird Hilarious Eyebrow Fails

27.) Underscores

eyebrow fails

We don’t know if these eyebrows remind us of underscores or two dashes in a sentence.

Either way, let’s hope she was expecting to take this photo (mugshot?) when she got them done.

26.) Uni-WOW!

eyebrow fails 14

We have nothing against a unibrow. Hey, some models even have them on the runway.

However, this unibrow is so intense that it looks like there’s a living creature above his eyes.

25.) Cat Eyes

Maybe this was done as a joke or for a halloween costume.

If that’s the case, we give her a C for cat eye because that’s what this reminds us of.

24.) Micro-Blading Fail

Eyebrow trends come and go, but micro-blading is permanent – right?

Well, this person looks like they didn’t get the best-quality eyebrows. You can practically see between the lines.

23.) Emoji Eyebrows

There is such a thing as over-filling in eyebrows.

This girl seems to have gone overboard with the brow wax and given herself emoji-style brows.

22.) Barely-There Brows

Maybe this was a part of an entire look because the eye makeup doesn’t look too bad.

We just wonder what happened once it came to the eyebrows.

21.) Separated at Birth

Some makeup artists say to think of the eyebrows as sisters.

Well, these sisters seemed to have been separated at birth and are finding a hard time finding each other.

20.) If You Want to Send a Clear Message

Hey, we salute this guy for being completely straight to the point.

Honesty is the best policy, and a message like the one of his eyebrows is brutal.

19.) A Thin Line

There’s a thin line between creativity and just plain scary.

This entire look falls under the second category, and the eyebrows seal the deal.

18.) Praying Mantis

What do these eyebrows remind you of?

They remind us of the antenna on a praying mantis. Unfortunately, they don’t translate that well on the face.

17.) Tattooed Fail

If you ever get to the point where you decide you want to get your brows tatted, make sure you get the right shape for your face.

These brows could have worked if, we don’t know, they were further apart and a thicker.  Wow that is a weird hilarious eyebrow fails.

16.) Let’s Hope This Isn’t Permanent

There’s something off about this entire photo, and we’re not sure what it is.

Maybe its the confused/intrigued expression this eyebrow look gives her, or maybe it’s the fact that it looks like this is tattooed on her face.

15.) Thickest of Them All

This girl took “thick” brows to the next level.

These eyebrows take up about 75% of the space on her face. We just want to know why.  Yikes, weird hilarious eyebrow fails at there best.

14.) An Unforgettable Mugshot

This one could also be filed under the most unforgettable mugshots ever.

We just want to know what she was thinking when she did this. Did she want to look perpetually surprised?

13.) Just Do It

Sometimes brand loyalty can make you do silly things, like get the logo tatted as your eyebrows.

After all, Nike’s motto is “Just Do It”.

12.) Ctrl Alt Del

There seems to be an interesting trend here.

People seem to be deleting their natural eyebrows and opting for a new shape entirely. We just wish they knew what they were doing.

11.) Another Thick Eyebrow Fail

If her facial expression is any indication, I’d say she wasn’t happy with the way her eyebrows turned out.

10.) Welcome to Whoville

This is yet another bad case of deleting natural eyebrows to make space for much thinner ones.

These also make her look permanently shocked.

9.) Caterpillar Brows

There’s probably some part of the internet that finds these brows to be cool.

But we want to know why and where the line that runs in between them came from because it resembles a caterpillar.

8.) Who me?!?

This girl’s shocked, “Oh my God!” expression is priceless.

Especially because of the extra thin, unnatural eyebrow arch.

7.) Too Close for Comfort

She went wrong in two places.

One, drawing her brows on too thin and too dark. Two, starting the arch so close that it might as well have been a unibrow.

6.) A Razor-Sharp Fail

We hope that he wasn’t harmed in the making of these eyebrows.

But seriously, it seems like he had a bad accident with a razor and ended up with this funky look.

5.) Furry Friend

Similar to the first unibrow, this unibrow is disturbingly unruly.

The bushiness of the brow and the continuity make this one of the most epic unibrows ever.

4.) Brow Wax Gone Wrong

We can’t help but think that this guy may have been going for something different.

Or maybe he meant to give himself diva sharp eyebrows. Who knows.

3.) Eyebrow Tint Fail

To be fair, this doesn’t look like the finished product.

But either way, she doesn’t look like she’s too hopeful that she’ll like these tinted brows.

2.) Dot Dot Dot

Do these brows mean she’s thinking?

Are they tattooed on? Did she take her mug shot mid-makeup session? We have so many questions.

1.) Ultimate Brow Disaster

We’re not going to say these are the worst eyebrows we’ve seen.

We may say that these are definitely the most attention grabbing and pronounced we’ve seen in a while.

If you ever get your eyebrows done, avoid these hilarious and cringeworthy mistakes.