Wedding Paper Divas’ Top 5 Wedding Trends of 2013

Wondering about the hottest wedding trends this year? (Hint: they do not include puffy-sleeved peach or teal taffeta bridesmaid's dresses.) While some thin

Wondering about the hottest wedding trends this year? (Hint: they do not include puffy-sleeved peach or teal taffeta bridesmaid’s dresses.) While some things never go out of style – think a dapper tuxedo, a breathtaking bouquet, a dazzling diamond ring – there are plenty of wedding elements that are continually evolving and more likely to be influenced by the latest fashions and design. Here are a few clear wedding trends that have emerged from the 2013 wedding season, and don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

5.) Bridal Branding (Adding a Personal Touch to Everything)

Image Credit: Mabyn Ludke Photography
Weddings have become an expression of the betrothed couple – with every last detail carefully designed with the intention of sharing something personal with treasured guests. While this can be done in a million different ways, a simple symbol, theme or custom monogram are popular choices.

For example, a sweet hand-drawn tandem bicycle might be a symbol of a cherished courtship and could make an appearance on everything from the invitations to décor and favors. This personal touch flawlessly incorporated into any aspect of the wedding. There are oodles of ways to get personal, including unique and playful photography for fun save the dates, custom cocktails and accompanying napkins, handmade décor, personalized favors and much more.

4.) Breaking Tradition

Image Credit: Tinywater Photography via Wedding Chicks

Everything is changing. Some of the first major decisions made as a couple include choosing which traditions are followed and which are tossed like the bridal bouquet. Some couples are choosing to dance down the aisle or clomp hand-in-hand wearing ski boots, while some same-sex couples are even creating two aisles, entering the ceremony simultaneously. Multiple celebrations are being thrown in various locations to accommodate far-flung friends and relatives or different cultural traditions. Contrasting cultural traditions are being melded into one special and meaningful ceremony. Wedding registries include custom-built cars, honeymoon packages, handmade goods and donations to charities. Anything goes! The common theme? Every couple is creating a wedding that is uniquely their own.

3.) Color!

Image Credit: Wedding Paper Divas

Brides and grooms are in love – with color! Splashed across every detail, color is boldly infusing weddings this year. Diamond sparklers in every hue, ombre cakes, bright florals, vibrant wedding invitations and vivid décor. Even wedding gowns stand out in dreamy shades of pink, blue, lavender and yellow. This trend doesn’t discriminate and spans engagement rings to thank you notes.

2.) The Use of Technology

Image Credit: Marvelous Things Photography

Technology has become an integral part of every wedding. From researching engagement rings, to secretly (or not so secretly) pinning every detail of your dream wedding, we are practically married to our computers, smartphones and favorite apps! While sites like Pinterest and help with inspiration, there are countless digital tools available to lend a hand with nearly every other aspect of a wedding. Wedding websites, diverse online registries and wedding apps all keep couples organized and easily share important information with guests. Photo sharing apps, like Capsule, and hashtags can gather the hundreds of photos being taken and shared by friends and family at all wedding-related events. (Just remember to follow the bride and groom’s lead with social media use and be sensible and sensitive when posting wedding pictures!)

1.) Return of Glamour

Image Credit: Wedding Paper Divas

Feel free to thank (or blame) Baz Luhrmann and his opulent big-screen rendition of The Great Gatsby, the handsome Justin Timberlake or the slightly improved economy, but glamour and formality has returned and is here to stay. If ever there was an occasion to glam it up, a wedding tops the list. Venues, décor, food, beverage options, and bridal party and guest attire all seem to be benefitting from a little more glitz. For an event as special and celebratory as a wedding, there’s nothing better!