Keep On The Path To Good Health! 5 Ways To Stay Motivated During Your Weight Loss Journey

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Staying motivated while losing weight can be quite difficult when everything baked, fried and sugared starts screaming your name everywhere you go, especially when you feel like you’ve been on the wellness train for far too long. Most people will go through this as they lose weight, often hitting plateaus physically and emotionally, so it’s okay if you’re feeling the pull of the things that added on the weight in the first place. What’s important is to acknowledge your feelings, accept them, but simply recognize that these urges are not you.

They are your primal brain asking for things, and the more you respond, the stronger you make it. Listen to you higher brain, who always knows what’s best, and you will make that stronger and eventually your primal brain will be a tiny whisper every now and then that you can shut off easily. Otherwise, here are some excellent tips to help you stay motivated when you feel the battle is getting a little overwhelming.

5 Listen to Motivating Music

Motivating music is something that will keep you excited to work out. Listening to droning on radio shows or lackluster podcasts won’t have you motivated to work out, but this doesn’t mean you have to listen to overwhelming trance tracks or dubstep. Just listen to something that actually pumps you up, whether it’s something embarrassing like Christmas music in July or Doo Wop. All that matters is that you get the urge to move when you hear your kind of music.

4 Reward Yourself

Reward yourself with things other than food, for example go for a refreshing hike somewhere out in nature, take a long bubble bath, go to the beach, read a good book for a few hours in a cozy atmosphere with candles, visit family for the day or simply do anything that you enjoy that you don’t often do for yourself. Better yet, reward others through yourself by volunteering or tutoring someone who could use your skills!

3 Have a Daily Motivation Quote and Look at It Throughout the Day

There are many great books on keeping motivation strong. Keep them always on hand as part of your arsenal of motivation as well as apps on your phone or flashcards to carry around to remind you of positivity and meaning in your life. They don’t have to be anyone else’s saying – you can come up with sayings of your own that actually mean something to you as well.

2 Track Your Food and Mood

If you have trouble figuring out which foods make you feel best and which drop your energy levels after eating, keep a journal tracking the food that you are eating (no need to track calories necessarily), and then your mood about a half hour after eating. This will help you to pinpoint what foods you eat consistently put you in a bad mood consistently. Look for patterns in your moods after 2 to 4 weeks of tracking. Obviously, keep the foods that have you feeling positively, and avoid the ones that affect you negatively.

1 Join Support Groups

Joining a good support group is one thing that many will forgo, but should really consider. When you are feeling unmotivated, to force yourself online or to text or meet up with a supporter will help you greatly to stay on track. Sometimes all we need is to know that someone else can relate and is willing to help us back on the path to wellness. We all have those times where we want to lay down by the side of the road and give up, and just eat cupcakes by the few again. Your support friend might sit next to you, chat with you, let you pour your heart out, and then remind you of why you are on the path and maybe help you laugh and smile again, and help you feel ready to get back up, either on your own or with their help. Support is always necessary because no one is motivated 100% of the time.

Staying motivated while losing weight is key to your success to remember to remain positive, accept when you are feeling low or lackluster, as this is simply a part of life, and keep on moving towards your goal.

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