Making a Baby Einstein: Ways to Increase Your Baby’s Intelligence

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Everyone wants a smart baby, be it a genius or simply very capable in life. But it seems that certain things like listening to classical music and overdosing on Omega-3’s aren’t the only good suggestions available. In fact, the following 5 tips will help increase the intelligence of your baby while also allowing you to connect, bond and understand him.

5 Give Baby Choices

Giving Baby lots of choices is something most of us can really love doing – go crazy with his room! Present things that spin, roll, slide, shake, rattle, pop, change colors and wind. Present different shapes and materials so that there is always something interesting and fun to do, and if you love design simply create a theme that her toys revolve around and then choose the right tones in colors, characters and shapes.

4 Talk to Baby

Talking to baby a lot is important. Before 1 year of age, ‘baby talk’ is necessary – no wonder it comes so easily. The highly enunciated words and high tones are necessary for baby’s developing brain to understand.

3 Open the World to Baby

Take your baby places, let him see the world! Sitting at home all day will begin to get dull and stifling for the little one. Make sure the baby gets plenty of fresh air, movement, interaction with other people and babies, and stimulative toys that are not necessarily electronic. Show the baby flowers, let him touch leaves, and grass. Once he’s able to walk, take him to parks and let him run free (of course stay close behind). Let him socialize with the other kids and climb all over the place (brace yourself when they start climbing! Constant supervision is necessary). Take the baby to the grocery store, farmers’ market, hiking, camping (yes, you can do this from a very early age), on short road trips, to restaurants, to the beach, on a boat, you name it! Let the baby’s mind take in the world at its fullest while providing him with constant access to mommy and/or daddy so he can feel safe while adventuring.

2 Reward Accomplishments

When your baby stacks a block for the first time, be sure to get excited and give her a hug and kiss. This way she will know that her smarts are rewarded and will seek to please in this manner as opposed to getting attention in a negative way. Every time she does something you would like her to do, be sure to smile and love her up. No need to overdo it, we don’t need confetti falling from the ceiling if she finished her food, just be positive let her know you are happy as a result of her good behavior and accomplishments. Once they can understand your words, use phrases like “You worked very hard on that!” as opposed to “You’re a natural!” as this gives them power as opposed to telling them they just ‘have it in them.’ You want to let the baby know you appreciate their efforts, so be patient when they are trying and clap for them when they are done.

1 Breastfeed for One Year

It’s one of the most practical, brain-boosting things you can do. Breastfeeding is extremely well researched and established in terms of increasing your baby’s IQ while also providing a bond between mom and baby. Not only will your baby be smarter, his body will be well provided for in terms of enzymes, probiotics, Omega-3’s and ‘customized’ nutrition for his particular needs and age. He will also be happier and more secure.

Remember to have fun with your baby – no need to get too technical and worry about the specific week of development – simply be there and interact with your child and follow the above 5 steps in any intensity and you’ll be contributing to your smart baby’s smarts!

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