New Moms Can Meditate on These Relaxation Ideas

Becoming a new mother is an amazing new change to happen in one’s life. Whether this is your first, second, or ninth time having a baby, you have heard of or know that almost everything aside from your baby takes a second seat – heck everything else is crammed into the very back. Newborns may be tiny, but they require more attention than anything else one can think of, save perhaps a dying friend or family member. We worry about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), cuts, bruises, teething, feeding, diapering, digestion, rashes, coughing, throwing up, doctors’ visits and the family pet – its constant anxiety, at a high or low level. There are ways for us to relax however, and recuperate our sanity for another bout of dealing with our worries, which should no longer overwhelm us after some self-care.

5 Sleep!

Sleep is the most important thing of all – if you’re breastfeeding this is absolutely necessary to keep the milk production up – a healthy, well-rested body produces more milk. If you’re not breastfeeding, sleep as much as possible anyway – it’ll help rest your mind and allow you to be a better mother to your baby. Refreshed, well-rested mommy is much better prepared to take care of chaotic situations than tired, cranky mommy.

4 Take a bath

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While dad or other mom takes baby out to a friend’s house, or while grandma looks after baby, take a nice, hot bubble bath with Epsom salts. Take some deep breaths, relax, read a book, and/or do whatever it takes to bring yourself to a peaceful state while soaking in the tub. Epsom salts help relieve sore muscle for all of you walkers, and the bubbles will help you feel luxurious once again after being a rag doll for weeks. Put a deep cleansing mask on for an extra feeling of glamour while giving your skin a fresh renewal.

3 Walk around

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Most of us new mommies already do this to finally get the heck out of the house (it’s strangely hard with a newborn isn’t it?). Walking is an excellent way to fit in some peaceful body movement, getting blood flow through into the legs, working our cardiovascular system after the last few generally less-exercised months of our pregnancy, and also allows the baby some fresh air, new sounds, sunlight (vitamin D for all you breast feeders), and sights of skies and trees for baby. 2 to 3 miles a day is optimal, but simply getting out is a good start.

2 Drink Tea

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Tea has specific aromas that help to bring forth the focus to senses that are not being used much at this time, and if you’ve ever heard of aromatherapy, you’ll know that aromas can actually change ones mood and bring forth certain reactions – calm, tranquility, focus, attention, zest, clarity, you name it, and there’s a scent for it. Try one of the many, many herbal teas out there for a moment of calm amidst the chaos. chamomile for calm, jasmine green tea for peaceful focus, orange spice for a bolder kick and hibiscus for a moment of fruit fun. Add whatever sweeteners you like, but if you want a healthier kind, add stevia (completely safe for breastfeeding.)

1 Meditation

While our partner takes the baby for a walk or plays with him or her in the other room, take a moment to go within, relax, take some deep breaths, and focus on the breathing for at least 5 minutes. Put some meditation music on to bring your awareness to a peaceful place where nothing else matters. Bathing in meditation will allow your brain to literally shift its focus in the frontal lobe and therefore re-center your thoughts.

The main things will always be the main things no matter what you read, what age you’re living in, and what species you are – new moms need rest and movement, good nutrition and self-care. With those things you will be well-prepared, your relationship with yourself, your partner, your baby, family and friends will be much better maintained, so don’t feel you’re being selfish for taking a moment for yourself – in fact you are helping everyone you come into contact with by taking excellent care of yourself.

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