Water in Your Ear? Top 5 Ways to Get the Wet Out

Whether you’re a swimmer, scuba diver, water polo player or just a beachgoer, there’s a good chance you’ve had water stuck in your ear. And there’s nothing more annoying than having the feeling and sound of a morning swim swishing around your ear canal all day long. Want to get it out? Here are five tips that might help.

5 Fight Fire with Fire (or Water with Water)

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Using an ear dropper (available at most pharmacies), fill your ear with water. Wait three seconds or so, and then tilt your ear towards the ground. The water that was stuck in your ear should come flooding out with the new water. If you aren’t keen on putting more water in your ear, or home-brewing the above rubbing alcohol solution, then you may be able to find an over-the-counter solution at your pharmacy. If the water is still in your ear after a while and all of these solutions fail to work, go see your doctor.

4 Physical Attempts

Tilt the waterlogged ear towards the ground, stand on one foot and hop. If you’re lucky, the water will come out forcefully. You can also stick your finger in your ear and quickly push it in and out to create a sort of vacuum-suction, which can pull out the water. Another “suction” method is to place your entire hand over your ear and push against it over and over to create the same sort of effect.

3 Hairdryer

You have to be careful with this method, because it can be really easy to burn yourself if you hold the dryer on your ear too long or too close (you can thank me for being obvious later). The dryer should evaporate the water within your ear canal – just make sure to use the lowest setting and keep the dryer a foot away from your ear.

2 Alcohol Drops

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Better to use this method after you get some of the water out, since the solution you prepare will mostly be used to dry up what’s left inside. You can use a half rubbing alcohol and half water solution, or half vinegar and half rubbing alcohol solution – both will work. Put the solution in your ear using a dropper and wait for around an hour for it to dry up the excess water. This solution will also help kill bacteria and prevent the notorious “swimmers ear.”

1 Gravity

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One of the best ways to try and get water out of your ear is to simply wait until bedtime, then lay down with the water-filled ear facing the pillow. Hopefully, sometime during the night, the water will simply fall out. You can also attempt to tilt your head towards your shoulder and hold it there for a while. By pulling your earlobe down you may offer a better path for the water to flow out since the ear canal (where the water is stuck) bends downwards.

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