Wanna be a Gumologist? 5 Strange Jobs You’ll Hardly Believe are Real

Image credit: Archerytalk.com
There are lots of ways out there to make a buck. You could become a nuclear physicist or a short order cook or a professional golfer, for example. But those are common, run-of-the mill jobs ““ the kind of profession anyone with a staggeringly brilliant mind, a good hand for flipping eggs or a hell of a backswing can master. What we’re more interested in are jobs from the fringe. We scoured the earth for some of the strangest jobs that people actually do every day.

5 Gumologist

Yeah, you can make a living off trying to perfect the perfect stick of chewing gum. Or cube of bubble gum. Or 6-foot strip of bubble gum, too, we assume. This is a rarity, this job, but it is real. And it actually involves more chemistry than sweets-eating.

4 Professional Line Stander

You can make upwards of $40 an hour just by standing in line in the place of someone who would rather have their hour than their money. Lazy? Sort of. Ridiculous? Oh yeah. But true. While it seems to us to violate both the spirit and the “œletter”of common law line standing practices (he who does the waiting gets first crack at the Kid Rock concert tickets, not he who pays another to do the legwork!), this questionable profession is actually on the rise.

3 Professional Monkey Chaser

In many parts of the world, humans and monkeys struggle to live together in areas both primates would prefer to call their own. Sometimes they achieve harmony, usually not. When the monkeys start to get too wild and uppity, the monkey chasers go to work! This “œprofession”is usually concentrated around luxury hotels in regions of India and parts of the Americas, but we suppose there’s no reason one can’t chase monkeys elsewhere, too, though the pay might be less.

2 Professional Poison Tester

Image credit: Cheezburger.com

There are a few people out there whose jobs entail putting their lives on the line in a singularly unique way: They are paid to eat food that might kill them. This small subset of devoted workers tend to serve only presidents, prime ministers and royalty, and the profession is less common today than it was in centuries past. But there are still men and women out there who take bites of food that might kill them so as not to let it kill others.

1 Professional Urine Collector

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about human urine. No, we’re talking about, well, deer piss. You see, deer are attracted to the scent of one another’s urine, especially when the urine is from a deer that is “œin heat.”Their urine can be used by hunters as a potent lure, if kind of an unfair one ““ the deer thinks “œOh boy, I smell a sexy deer!”but actually it’s just some guy with a 30.06. Anyway, urine collectors harvest pee from deer either by capturing them, or by using domesticated animals, and they sell it to hunters. There ya go.

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