Viral Shakedown: the 5 Best Harlem Shake Videos

By TK Kelly February 15, 2013 View all posts (225)
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Finally, a viral Internet trend that actually requires a little bit of effort. It’s so much more than people lying face down on benches or sticking pieces of bread on their cat’s faces. It’s called the “Harlem Shake,” and it’s a craze that features some of the most insane and genuinely hilarious dancing you will ever see set to a song by the same name by Brooklyn-based producer Baauer. Brace yourself—you’re gonna get inspired to perspire by these five “Harlem Shake” videos.

5 Arizona Diamondbacks Edition

It may be a little unfair since a professional sports team has a bit more resources at their disposal than your average group of dancing shmoes, but let’s be honest—it’s just the Arizona Diamondbacks. It’s not like we’re talking about a real professional sports team. In any case, the D-Backs put together an admirable edition of the “Harlem Shake,” with a guy in a luchador mask leading a crew that includes a massive Randy Johnson foam head, a dude on an electric unicycle, a mascot surfing atop a golf cart and an old guy in the front who just seems really happy to be included.

4 Father and Son Edition

Someday, long after this man’s son has moved away from home, when they find it unfortunately difficult to spend time together, or to even just find the time to talk, they’ll look fondly back at this video and remember how simple life once was. It’s basically the “Cats in the Cradle” of “Harlem Shake” videos. This father and son pair clearly takes advantage of mom being out, as they both fully commit once the music drops. And from the look of it, it’s a night they won’t soon forget. “When you coming home?” “Dad, I don’t know when, but we’ll ‘Harlem Shake’ it then…”

3 UGA Swim and Dive Edition

As far as creativity and production effort goes, this one is hard to beat. The University of Georgia men’s swim and dive teams put their heads and sizable lungs together to create this ridiculous underwater version of the “Harlem Shake.” Starting off with a guy in just a Speedo and a Storm Trooper helmet, things get interesting when the five guys seated around him suddenly transform into twenty or so of the most random weirdos you’ve ever seen, including; a guy in a ski mask with a cone hand, several people in onesy pajamas and a dude inexplicably sweeping the bottom of the pool. Good stuff, UGA.

2 Army Edition

First off, it’s always nice to see any evidence that the men and women serving in their nation’s armed forces are allowed to have a little fun once in a while. Second, this Norwegian unit appears to be stationed somewhere with all the charm of the Siberian tundra, so they probably needed to blow off a little steam. What results is the army edition of the “Harlem Shake,” and it’s glorious. Two guys zipped into sleeping bags squirm on the ice like caterpillars, a dude moonwalks on cross-country skis, and a guy literally falls out a window, then hops up and continues dancing. Well played, Norway.

1 Firefighter Edition

Sometimes, true perfection is found in simplicity. Such is the case with the firefighter edition of the “Harlem Shake.” Starring only three men, the firefighter edition lacks the scope and size that many of the other videos boast, but it more than makes up for it in hilarity and absurd substance. Featuring three firefighters crammed into the back of a fire truck, two of them quickly turn into a raging Spider-Man and an aggressively amorous giant chicken, and everything turns insane. It’s a latecomer to the game with way less views than its counterparts, but that will certainly change.

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