20 Viral Internet Sensations And Where They Are Now

We can never thank the internet enough for all of the amazing things it has brought us, including Netflix and chill, compulsive online shopping and social media addictions. Without a doubt, the best thing the internet has brought us thus far are the random stars who take the web by storm every so often. These internet sensations fill our feeds, they make us laugh, they confuse us and they become a cultural phenomenon. They become the topic of inside jokes and viral challenges that spread across the web like wildfire. Going viral these days can be your big break, but does it work out like that for everybody?

Where do all of those funny internet stars go when the videos stop getting shared and the memes stop circulating?

Check out these 20 different internet sensations and see what they’re up to now!

20.) Chris Crocker

2007 was a rough year for Britney Spears. The press couldn’t get enough of the mega pop star’s public disheveled appearance, her breakdowns and her run-ins with the relentless paparazzi. It seemed like the world had forgotten how much they loved the bubbly “…Baby One More Time” singer, and instead she had become the laughing stock of the media. Everyone except for Chris Crocker, a Youtube comedian, who felt it was time for the media to leave poor Britney alone. The Leave Britney Alone video took the internet by storm and went viral, receiving over 4 million views in 2 days, springing Crocker into internet celebrity stardom.


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Chris Crocker is still known as the boy who had the emotional breakdown on YouTube about his favorite pop star, but to those in the viral internet community, he is one of the original viral personalities.