Video Doorbell Repair: How To Fix a Broken Video Doorbell

Like any and all technology, sometimes our favorite gadgets fail us. Here's an easy guide that will take the stress out of video doorbell repair.

Video doorbells may be the easy-to-install, handy gadget that’ll create the perfect smart home ambiance, but they are still technological devices. And like all technology, sometimes issues arise, and we are burdened with the task of either fixing it or replacing it. Video doorbell repair is a particularly tricky one because it all depends on the brand that you have and how you have it installed. Because video doorbells rely heavily on WiFi signal, some issues that arise could be with the connection.

Another common issue could be with the actual hardware, in which case you may need to pull out your handyman skills. Either way, in most cases video doorbells can be easily replaced, especially with the help of the good old fashioned internet. Here are a few key ways to repair your video doorbell in the case that it stops working.

Replace the Batteries

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A lot of video doorbells are powered through hard wiring, but more and more people opt for wireless doorbells nowadays. Wireless video doorbells are appealing because of how much simpler it is to install. Instead of drilling holes and hard wiring, you just charge the batteries and go. The problem with this? Batteries die, and most of the time we’re too busy to keep track of how long we’ve had a set of batteries in. That’s why the first step in video doorbell repair is to always replace or charge the batteries.

The type of battery and the lifespan of them depends on the make and model of your video doorbell. Upon installation, you should definitely check this to be ready to replace your battery.


Hitting reset is the golden rule of tech gadget repair and sometimes that’s all our devices really needs. For video doorbells, if you’re having difficulties with the connection with either your app or with any of the speakers or features, then be sure to try resetting the device before you do anything else. Although this process may depend on the model of the video doorbells, it is generally good to turn off the device completely, unplug or remove batteries, let it sit, then reinstall everything and turn it back on.

Check Your WiFi Connection

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Smart video doorbells heavily rely on a stable and strong WiFi connection to properly transmit the video images to your mobile device. In order to see the photos or videos and hear them from your front door, you’ll need a 24/7 stable WiFi connection. The most common thing you will see if its a WiFi-related issue is:

  • Offline camera in the app
  • Gaps in the recording history
  • Unable to see live video or poor live video quality

If you’re having issues connecting to the app or with an offline doorbell then this is most likely due to WiFi. If you need to, reset your router to reestablish your WiFi. In the case that the problem persists, you may need to contact your internet service provider.

Additionally, there are some specific types of internet connections that will not work with most video doorbells. Make sure that your home has the proper wireless connection for your video doorbell. They generally do not work with:

  • Open Networks
  • Guest Networks
  • Mobile Hotspots
  • DSL internet connections with less than 2Mbps of speed

Another common issue may be a firewall or internet settings that block the camera from working. Double check that you’re not receiving any error codes that prevent you from connecting to the application.

For Issues With Wired Video Doorbells

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For issues relating to the hard wired doorbells, you may need to check that your device is properly installed. In that case, you may need to revisit the step-by-step guide to redo the installation process. Most of these issues are due to issues with wiring.

Voltage issues

Your transformer may not be working properly or the voltage may be too low. Most video doorbells require a certain voltage capacity in order to function properly. Luckily for you, you can find this out easily by looking up the voltage of your video doorbell through the app. If the voltage isn’t the proper level then you may need to upgrade your transformer.

Chime isn’t working or is too low

The chime is the most important part of your doorbell and is vital for when you’re at home. A broken or weak chime may indicate a wiring issue if its mechanical or a connection issue if it’s electronic. Remove the chime to ensure the wires are installed properly. If you need to, contact customer support or a technician who can ensure that your chime is correctly installed.

Customer Support & Professional Help

Sometimes it a matter of a professional coming to look at your device to troubleshoot the problem when it comes to video doorbell repair. If you’ve tried all of the troubleshooting procedures and there is still no change then your best bet may be contacting customer support. Most companies have good customer support hotlines that can help you answer your software-specific questions. It’s a good idea to call or seek brand-specific help because they may be able to identify an equipment issue. If your video doorbell is still covered by warranty you may be eligible for a replacement.

Sometimes there is a tedious hardware issue with your video doorbell that a technician can troubleshoot and fix for you. While shopping around for different brands of video doorbells that will suit you, make sure to check each companies warranty policies and customer support reputations. You can check out our specific reviews of different brands here.