Video Doorbell Repair: How To Fix a Broken Video Doorbell

Like any and all technology, sometimes our favorite gadgets fail us. Here's an easy guide that will take the stress out of video doorbell repair.

Video doorbells create ideal smart home ambiance, but as tech devices, issues may arise. Repair or replacement depends on brand and installation. Video doorbells rely on WiFi, causing potential connection issues.

Hardware issues might need handyman skills. Video doorbells are often easily replaced with online help. Explore essential methods to fix malfunctioning video doorbells.

Replace the Batteries

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Many choose wireless video doorbells for easier installation. Without drilling or hard wiring, simply charge batteries and use. However, batteries die, and monitoring lifespan is challenging. Begin video doorbell repair by replacing or charging batteries.

Battery type and lifespan vary by doorbell make and model. Check this information during installation to prepare for future replacement.


Resetting is a common tech repair solution. If facing video doorbell connection issues, try resetting before further action. The process may vary, but generally involves turning off, unplugging, waiting, and restarting the device.

Check Your WiFi Connection

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Smart video doorbells need stable WiFi for proper function. Common WiFi-related issues include offline cameras, recording gaps, and poor live video quality. Reset the router or contact your internet service provider if needed.

Ensure proper wireless connection compatibility. Video doorbells may not work with open networks, guest networks, mobile hotspots, or slow DSL connections. Check for firewall or internet settings blocking camera functionality and resolve error codes.

For Issues With Wired Video Doorbells

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For hardwired doorbell issues, check proper installation using the step-by-step guide. Wiring issues are common causes.

Voltage issues

Voltage problems may result from a faulty transformer or low voltage. Check voltage through the app and upgrade the transformer if needed.

Chime isn’t working or is too low

If the chime malfunctions or sounds weak, inspect wiring or connection issues. Remove chime to check wires and contact customer support or a technician for assistance.

Customer Support & Professional Help

If troubleshooting fails, contact professional customer support. They can address software-specific questions and identify equipment issues. Check warranty eligibility for a potential replacement.

Consider warranty policies and customer support reputations when choosing a video doorbell brand. Read brand-specific reviews for more information.