Step-by-Step Guide: Video Doorbell Installation

Video doorbell installation is much easier than you think! Here's a step-by-step guide on how to install your new video doorbell system.

Smart home technology has advanced into allowing you to see who enters your home and speak to them from your mobile phone. Luckily, these handy devices are becoming more popular and common among home security systems every year. These devices allow you to take your home security into your own hands and gives you the control and peace of mind you need. Just like DIY home installation systems, video doorbell installation is fairly easy and straightforward to do.  In no time you can have 24/7 access to monitoring whoever is on your front door.

We’ve put together a guide on how to properly install a video doorbell, although the instructions and steps may differ from company to company. One thing to note is that each system comes with its own particular installation guide. When you buy it, be sure to follow the specific instructions and adjust accordingly.

Another important thing to note is that the video doorbell installation process depends on if you are rewiring it to your existing doorbell wires or if you are installing it wirelessly (battery powered). If you are going to rewire it then you may need a professional, or consult with someone who is experienced. For the wireless, battery-powered version be sure to buy a chime so that the ringer can be heard throughout your home.

Read on for video doorbell installation:

Before You Install

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1. Charge the doorbell’s replaceable battery

The first thing to do when you get your new doorbell is to choose the perfect place for it. Typically you can put it outside your front door where your old doorbell was, or if you’d like it to be in a different spot then you can adjust accordingly. A video doorbell needs to be in the right spot to make sure the camera footage is visible. In order to prep the doorbell, remove the battery and charge it. Once the battery is fully charged it should be ready to install.

2. Uninstall your old doorbell

This step depends on how you want to install your new doorbell. If you choose to have a fully wireless, battery-operated doorbell then this step is simple. On the other hand, if you choose to install and configure your new ring video doorbell into the new one, you’ll need to make sure to wire the new system properly so that it connects to the electrical source in your home. Most experts recommend turning off the circuit breaker while you’re installing it as a safety precaution.

3. Download the mobile app

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Video doorbell installation is usually pretty simple once you install the app. Depending on the company, you may have to download and configure the video doorbell with the app before installation or afterward. Consult with your system’s manual.

The mobile app acts as a main point of reference for your video doorbell. It is also where you will see all of the footage and control the doorbell and your home security system remotely. Most video doorbell companies make this step extremely simple.

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Wiring the Video Doorbell

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4. Mount the video doorbell

Once the power is off and the existing doorbell is removed you’ll need to prepare to mount the new device onto the wall. Most traditional doorbells come with two existing wires attached to the back panel. In the event that your new doorbell’s drilling holes don’t line up with the old ones, you may need to drill some new holes in the wall. In this case, it’s important to make sure you know what you’re doing. When in doubt call a technician, or ask a friend for help.

Once you’ve drilled the new holes or attached the old ones, you’re ready to mount the new video doorbell.

5. Attach the doorbell wires (if you’re installing with your current doorbell wiring)

In order to mount it to your existing wiring, you’ll need to attach the wires. The two wires go into the two screws on the back of the video doorbell. Note: this may vary depending on the brand, but most systems come with two wires through the back. You may need wall anchors depending on the type of wall construction for your home. If the wall is made of brick, stucco or concrete then a wall anchor may be necessary.

6. Turn on the power breaker and turn on the video doorbell

Once the device is anchored to the wall the video doorbell installation is complete, double-check that everything works perfectly. Open up your app and check to make sure everything is working properly and that you have an image from your new doorbell. You may have a family member or a friend stand outside and ring the doorbell to check if the app alerts you. Once its properly configured you should instantly receive an alert with the live video footage of your front door. If there are any issues, don’t hesitate to call the customer support line to help you.

step-by-step guide - video doorbell installation