Dog Gives Birth, Vet Tells Dad They’re Not Puppies


They Couldn’t Believe It

The vet and everyone else who worked at his practice gathered around her. They were in awe, shocked by what was lying in front of them.

How was that possible? It was supposed to be a simple medical procedure to have some puppies. But those things weren’t dogs. In fact, no one knew what they were.

Jack And Mona


Jack got his dog, Mona when he first stepped out into the world. Coming from a home where his parents were allergic, he never had a dog. And there was one breed that he was incredibly fond of.

So as soon as he left the nest, he started his search. And it didn’t take long for him to stumble across the Cane Corso of his dreams.

His Best Friend


There was an instant connection between Jack and his dog. And the two of them developed an incredible bond.

Mona was his best friend, his companion, and his shoulder to cry on. For a while there, she was the only woman in his life. But that changed when he met Kayla. And his pup couldn’t be happier.

She Was There For Everything


Mona was there for everything. She was the reason he met Kayla, to begin with. And she had accompanied them on every date they had since that day.

The three of them had become a family. But none of them were aware of the trouble they were about to face. Poor Mona would be put through her paces. And the consequences would remain a mystery for years to come.

Growing The Family


After two years of dating, Jake and Kayla got married. And a year after that, they welcomed their first child into the world. The young couple were delighted, but it seemed like something was missing.

They had gone through so much, and Mona was there for them every step of the way. Wasn’t it time for them to return the favor?

Missing One More Member


When their daughter was born, Jake and Kayla started considering adding one more member to their family. They had thought about it a lot, and they thought it would be great for their daughter to grow up with a puppy of her own.

But was that really the right decision for a family as young as theirs? Wasn’t their child too small for such a big dog?

They Wanted A Puppy


They waited a few years before making the decision. But before long, their daughter could talk, and the question was raised once more.

The toddler adored Mona, and it wasn’t long before she asked for a puppy. The couple was more than happy to oblige, not knowing that it would be where their problems began.

Adopt Or Breed?


That night, the couple sat down and started making plans. They wanted to get a second Cane Corso, and they wanted it to be a gift for their daughter’s birthday.

The only thing they still had to decide on was whether they were going to adopt a puppy. Or if they were going to let Mona birth her own puppies.

Considering The Options


As the couple was considering their options, they realized that they would face quite a few obstacles, especially with a breed like that.

And a few of those obstacles revolved around the route of adoption. But what were those obstacles? And would they find a way to overcome them? Or would they have to go with the second option?

A Rare Breed


The first obstacle they would encounter was that Mona was a rare breed. Cane Corso’s were bred as work dogs, and pups were usually snatched up by people who needed them for that purpose.

It was highly unlikely that one would end up at a shelter, and even if it did, the odds of it staying there were very slim.

They Didn’t Want A Mix


Plus, many people mixed dogs like that to get the same look but not the lineage. So it would come as no surprise if they adopted one and found out it was a mixed breed a few years down the line.

And that was something the couple didn’t want at all. To pay the same price for a mixed breed just wasn’t an option.

They Couldn’t Afford A Pup


So the couple turned their attention to the internet, and what they found was shocking. The price for a dog like that has increased dramatically over the years.

The price had gone up so dramatically that the couple couldn’t afford a puppy. And that was from the everyday citizen that could cheat them out of their money at any time.

Looking Up Breeders


So, the couple saved up for a few months and decided to try another approach. Since they would be spending so much money on a puppy, they might as well do things the right way.

They would go to a breeder, where the pup would be certified. But finding a breeder wasn’t as easy as they thought it would be.

A Piece Of Advice


The couple went from one breeder to another, but things always had a way of turning against them. First, there were no pups. Then they had to wait for the next season. Then the price nearly doubled.

They were starting to wonder if things just weren’t meant to be. But then, one breeder gave them a piece of advice that would change everything.

Something To Think About


The breeder told them that there was a local vet who specialized in impregnating all species. If they took Mona to him, they would be guaranteed purebred puppies for a fraction of the price he would charge them.

If only they knew what kind of consequences came with deals such as that one. Nothing ever comes for free.

Talking It Through


Jack and Kayla sat and talked through what the breeder had told them. Jack was a little skeptical about the idea since it sounded like some back alley vet that was trying to make some extra cash.

But Kayla was convinced that it wasn’t the case. She had heard of the vet before and even found him on Google so Jack could have a look.

Contacting The Expert


After seeing all the evidence, Jack decided to give in. Their daughter’s birthday was approaching, and if they didn’t come up with something soon, he’d be stuck without a present.

So they called the expert they had been told about and asked him if it was possible to impregnate Mona. The man agreed that it was and gave them his price.

The Price Was Fair


To Jack’s astonishment, the man gave them a fantastic price. The pup would cost them less than half of what everyone else was asking. And if they were lucky, they might get two or three out of the batch.

But something was still nagging Jack to reconsider his decision. He didn’t know what it was, but it was constantly there.

Did They Want To Go That Route?


Jack was starting to wonder if that was really the best route to take. He loved Mona and didn’t want to take any risks with her health.

But Kayla was sure everything would be fine. She didn’t see what could go wrong, and at the end of the day, that was the couple’s biggest mistake.

The Decision Was Made


Jack only wanted the best for his family, and after a few days of considering the matter, his mind was made up.

He would go through with the procedure and give his daughter the purebred puppy he desperately wanted. If only he knew that his gut instinct was right. Maybe then they could’ve avoided all these problems.

A Few Weeks Later


A few weeks after the procedure was done, Jack took Mona to the vet to see if it was a success. The father was nervous, and understandably so.

He had just given a complete stranger a bunch of money to do a procedure he had never heard of before. And the man did warn him that there was no guarantee it would work.

It Was A Success


The vet did a few tests, and after an anxious few minutes, they had the results. The procedure was a success. Mona was pregnant, and before long, the young family would have a new addition.

But this was just the beginning of their struggle. Things were about to take a turn for the worst, and Jack would finally understand what those feelings were about.

They’d Have A Pup In No Time


With a weight lifted from his shoulders, Jack returned home to break the news to his wife. For the first time since they got into this business, he felt relieved.

But that relief was short-lived. He would soon learn that things weren’t as simple as he thought they would be. And the result would be catastrophic.

Extremely Excited


Kayla was over the moon when she saw the ultrasound. And the two delighted parents could barely contain their excitement as they sat their young daughter down to break the news.

They wanted to wait until her birthday, but since pregnancy was so unpredictable, they decided to give her the news early so she could have something to look forward to.

Something Wasn’t Right


The young family anxiously waited for the new arrival, and they kept constant track of Mona’s progress. But a few weeks into the pregnancy, Jack realized that something wasn’t quite right.

Mona’s stomach was gigantic. And even though that was expected for a pregnancy, there was something about her size that didn’t seem to add up.

Visiting The Vet


Concerned, Jack rushed Mona to the vet with the hopes of finding out what was wrong with her. The vet seemed just as confused about her condition as Jack was, and he instantly got to work.

The vet did a ton of tests before escorting Jack to his office. Mona was left behind in the exam room, where a bunch of nurses tended to her.

A Ton Of Questions


Once they were seated, the vet started asking Jack a bunch of questions. Some were to be expected, but there were others that didn’t seem to make any sense at all.

The vet was obsessing over the expert that was used for the procedure. And once he found out what the man’s name was, the blood drained from his face.

No Issues


After an hour of talking to the vet, Jack and Mona were free to leave. The vet told Jack that there were no issues with the dog or her pregnancy, from what he could tell.

But he did admit that some of the pups were a bit larger than he expected them to be. And because of that, Mona would require surgery when the time came for her to give birth.

Getting Worse


At first, Jack trusted the vet’s information, but the further along the pregnancy progressed, the worse it became. It had gotten to the point where he thought Mona was going to burst.

There was definitely something wrong with her, and if things progressed at the rate they were going, it was likely that at least one of the pups would suffer the consequences.

The Big Day


The day had finally come. Mona had gone into labor mere minutes before the family rushed her to the vet. She was rolled into the operating room with Jack following closely behind her.

The vet put her under anesthesia and started the operation, and that was when everything changed. One puppy came out, and it didn’t look anything like the dog they were hoping for.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.