Girl Insists On Sleeping With Elephant Until Vet Notices Stomach


Out Of This World

In a state of awe, Dan stared at the vet, shocked. It didn’t even come close to any scenario he could have imagined.

Layla started becoming overprotective of the little pachyderm, which seemed very odd to him. Her sleeping in the barn grew his concern.

The truth had shocked him, and now he wasn’t sure how to react.



The relationship between Dan and his daughter Layla was as close as a brother and sister. With a farm to run, they developed a bond that could not be broken since her mom died.

Her four-year-old daughter adored her father despite living with him 24-7.

The world she knew revolved around him, and it seemed that would never change for a moment.

Pachyderm Paradise


In Botswana, Dan and Layla lived on a farm where they raised elephants, and because they lived in a remote location, Dan was doing far more than just being a father.

In addition to being her teacher and mentor, he was also her best friend.

In order to prepare his daughter for taking over the farm eventually, he wanted her to learn the important lessons early on.

Trying Task


It wasn’t easy to be all those things simultaneously. Besides schoolwork, Dan had a full-time job running the farm to support his family.

It had been tough for him to make ends meet over the past several years.

Despite the limited number of elephants, there were only so many he could handle, and breeding had rapidly declined.

Never Forget


Despite everything that was thrown at him, Dan held fast to his morals. Because of that, he was able to teach his daughter two valuable life lessons.

She had to remain stoic regardless of what happened. As for the second reason, all they had were elephants.

It would be impossible for them to run their business without them.

Tired Of Waiting


They had hope for the first time in months. It was the first time in years that one of their elephants had fallen pregnant. As a result, they were both bursting with excitement.

Their livelihood would be at risk if anything were to happen to him.

It was, therefore, crucial that the baby was born healthy and that he survived into adulthood.

The Big Day


The day had finally arrived after months of grueling tension. Thanks to the vet, the elephant gave birth to a healthy calf.

However, the vet missed one extremely important detail. Due to this, all the joy shared by father and daughter could dissolve.

Could they find the problem in time?

Heart Shaped Eyes


The moment Layla laid eyes on the baby elephant, she was head over heels. There had been a baby born on the farm long before she arrived.

Her adoration for him came as no shock.

It seemed like the feeling was reciprocal as well. In addition to adoring the little girl, the elephant, too, formed an unbreakable bond with her.

Small Flapper


Layla named the little elephant Dumbo after her favorite character, and Dan agreed wholeheartedly. Those massive ears would make it hard to miss.

However, everyone was unaware of what was going on in the shadows.

There was something wrong with Little Dumbo, and it threatened to ruin his whole life.

Right As Rain


Initially, everything seemed to be going smoothly. There were no obvious issues with little Dumbo, and the herd accepted him without hesitation.

After his mother welcomed him into the world, he soon found himself exploring Dan’s vast property.

This would continue for some time. It would not take long for the truth to emerge.

Days Passed By


As the days passed, Dan, Layla, and Dumbo settled into a new routine. They would check up on the little guy every morning and then again before they went to bed.

He had gotten used to their presence and was adoring the attention he got from the little girl.

But things were about to take a drastic turn that would have Dan leaping for his phone.

One Morning


On this particular morning, Dan woke up a little later than he usually would. He didn’t know why he felt so tired that day, but the extra hours of sleep seemed to do wonders.

That all faded when he went to wake up his daughter, though.

As soon as he stepped into Layla’s room, he knew something was wrong. His daughter was missing.

Frantic Search


Dan forgot about everything he was thinking of at the time and started going through the house.

He called her name and searched in every possible place where she could be hiding, but there was no sign of his little girl.

Has something happened to her? How did he not realize that she was gone?

Where Was She?


After an hour of searching, Dan didn’t know what to do. He searched every cupboard. Heck, he even checked in the attic. But he couldn’t find Layla anywhere.

He sat down to catch his breath, and suddenly, it hit him.

There was one place he neglected to check. It was the place he should’ve checked first – the animal pens.

Finally Found


Dan walked into Dumbo’s pen and let out a sigh of relief as he saw his little girl snuggled up against the elephant. She was fast asleep, and Dumbo’s trunk was wrapped around her in a very protective way.

Dan thought it was a sweet sight. But once he learned the truth, he would realize just how wrong he was.

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.