Top 5 Valentine Nail Art Designs To Make You Swoon

On Valentine’s Day, people show their love and affection for another person. Millions of cards, flowers and chocolates will be sent with messages of love and admiration, but have you ever thought about expressing your love through some Valentine nail art? Adding quirky designs to your nails will not only look good and wow your bae, but it will also make you feel good.

Nail art is the painstaking business of painting and gluing designs and tiny jewels onto nails. The designs may be intricate and the canvases may be small but the results are stunning.Nail art as a style phenomenon isn’t going anywhere. The meaning of the manicure has been transformed over the last few years, with nail art having rapidly become a big business and a favorite among celebrities. Thanks to both factors, nails have never been so high-profile in fashion and in popular culture. A new generation is using nail art to express its individuality, creativity and even sense of humor.

Wearing nail polish also has its benefits. A coat of polish protects the nail itself from the damage and wear of everyday life. It adds a protective layer that stops the nail from drying out and cracking. It will also cover up any existing damage while you wait for your nail to heal. Nail polish can improve nail growth and encourage your nails to grow faster. If you’re a nail biter, it helps you stop biting. After all, if your nails are looking on point, it will discourage you from biting little works of art you wouldn’t want to ruin.

Nail polish has the ability to make a person feel more confident. It is a way to express your personality. Painting your nails can add an extra splash of color to your outfit. And since it’s not permanent, you can change your nails to match your mood or outfit. On that note, here are our top 5 Valentine nail art ideas to make you swoon.


5.) Pink Galaxy Nails

It’s all about the glitter! This pink galaxy nail art can be re-created at home using simple techniques. Bring out your sparkle and embrace your inner unicorn with this cute nail art design. I mean, what girl doesn’t want to sparkle on Valentines Day? It’s a pretty and girly inspired look that’s so easy to do and the result is out of this world! To create this look you will need:

Nail varnish

  • OPI Light Pink
  • Sally Hansen Neon Nink
  • Sinful Colors Blue
  • China Glaze Purple
  • OPI White
  • Oly White Striper
  • Hard Candy Pink Glitter
  • Optional Extra Glitter
  • OPI Base Coat
  • Seche Vite Top Coat


  • Makeup sponge
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors