Vacationer Feels Suitcase Moving, Opens It


They Were Terrified

The entire house trembled at her cries. Her housemates quickly stopped what they were busy with to rush to her room to investigate.

They were not ready for what they stumbled upon. What they witnessed made them shout too. One person was so horrified that she had to rush to the bathroom. They immediately contacted the authorities. How did that even get in her suitcase? Was she hiding something from them?

The Three Musketeers

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Lauren Selwyn is a student at Temple University pursuing her degree in biology. She lives with her two best friends, Alice and Chloe. They had been living together for more than two years.

They met each other during their first year at college, and they hit it off instantly. Together, they have experienced many joyful and terrible times. That’s not all, either.

Like Family

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Everything they own is shared between them. The girls’ roommates are always the first to hear about anything in any girl’s life, no matter how good or bad it is. Whenever they need advice, support, or guidance, they turn to one another.

Laura, Alice, and Chloe believed their relationship to be the strongest conceivable at the time the events unfolded. They seemed more like family than housemates. But then something occurred that completely changed the course of events.



Laura’s vacation trip to Eastern Europe had resulted in her bringing back something that they both screamed at. Immediately, they contacted the police.

During that episode, Alice and Chloe were left wondering endlessly what Laura was doing as a result of a series of events. They felt that they had finally discovered the truth after seeing what was inside the suitcase.

A Change In Behavior


To be fair, throughout the past year, Alice and Chloe had some concerns. The two of them eventually became aware of the shift in Laura’s attitude.

She began going out much more; occasionally, she would sneak out of the house after midnight and return two hours later. Additionally, she would occasionally receive strange phone calls, which she would take outside of the home as if she were scared to be overheard. The oddest thing wasn’t even that.

Mysterious Money


Almost out of nowhere, Laura had more spending money ever than before. She began purchasing designer clothes and gifts for her friends, and she would oftentimes pay for all of the bills. Neither Alice nor Chloe knew of Laura’s new source of income, which was an utter mystery.

Since her freshman year, she has been a part-time waitress at a restaurant in the city. But even with that, she still needed to contact her parents for money to cover the bills occasionally. So, where did the money come from?


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One day, Laura’s charity and newfound wealth were the subject of a subtle question from Alice. Alice mentioned that her mom’s sister, one of her aunts, had passed and left her a small inheritance in her will.

Chloe heard from Alice about it. The two girls accepted Laura’s answer despite being surprised that she hadn’t informed them before they inquired. However, a few weeks later, something occurred that made them worry.

Asking Questions

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Laura received yet another strange call one evening. She went outside to answer it as always. Chloe and Alice exchanged glances as she left the room and decided to question her over the call.

“Who was that? Did you get a boyfriend now? What’s with all the secrecy?” Alice asked as soon as Laura got back. The two girls immediately arched their brows in reaction to Laura’s statement.

Another Phone Call

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“Oh no, that was my aunt. She was asking me about what to get for my mom’s birthday. I went outside because it’s quieter than here,” Laura explained.

She spoke in a manner that suggested she had prepared an explanation in case she was questioned about the calls. It was also strange that she mentioned her aunt again.  She didn’t even know her mother had sisters. That wasn’t true, according to Chloe and Alice. But a couple of days later, the final straw eventually broke the camel’s back.

Solo Travelling

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Laura informed her housemates that she wouldn’t be joining them in Florida for their upcoming spring vacation. Alice and Chloe were unprepared for this. Since their freshman year of college, the three had spent spring break with each other in Florida.

Instead, Laura informed them that she was traveling alone to Croatia in Eastern Europe. This was completely absurd, according to Alice and Chloe. Laura had never visited Europe before. Why did she suddenly want to do it now? And why would she want to do it alone?

But She Was Determined


But that was how it was done. Alice and Chloe said Laura goodbye at the airport and then went to Florida with other friends. For their whole time there, they couldn’t help but keep wondering what Laura would be up to.

They stayed in touch here and there during spring break. Laura sent them some pictures of the hotel and the towns she was visiting. Still, her two friends couldn’t shake the feeling that she was hiding something.


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Finally, the three girls returned to their shared flat. Chloe and Alice got there first, while Laura arrived later that night. She refused to be picked up by any of her flatmates, despite them offering to do so. Again, Alice and Chloe found this strange.

But soon enough, Laura was there. She hugged her three friends and promised to tell them all about her experience in Croatia right after unpacking her baggage. Then she ran to her room with her bags. A few minutes later, Chloe and Alice heard her screaming in horror.

What Was Going On?


Quickly, the two girls jumped off the couch and ran to Laura’s room. The scene they found when they opened Laura’s door was absolutely appalling.

Laura was screaming in the corner of the room, staring at an open suitcase on the bed. All around it, dozens of scorpions ran up and down the bed and the room’s floor. What were they even doing in Laura’s suitcase?

Authorities Step In

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Immediately, the three girls left the room, closed the door behind them, and called the police. They told the operator about what was going on, and two officers and some pest control specialists were sent on their way.

Until they got there, the three girls remained in the living room in shocked and frightened silence. How could that happen? Why was Laura carrying scorpions in her baggage?

A Family Of Scorpions

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“At first, we thought she was involved in some sort of racket smuggling exotic animals. She’s studying biology, she’s always been interested in animals, and all that,” Alice admitted to the press when interviewed about the story.

“But the authorities told us that it’s not the first time that this has happened, you know, people unknowingly having scorpions or other animals in her luggage, with people coming from countries like Croatia. They just get into people’s bags sometimes and lay eggs there. Still, it was really scary.”

In order to protect the privacy of those depicted, some names, locations, and identifying characteristics have been changed and are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblances to actual events or places or persons, living or dead, are entirely coincidental.