Rebounding 101: How to Use a Mini Trampoline to Jump Your Way to Good Health

Jumping on a mini-trampoline, a.k.a rebounding, has become very popular in recent years thanks to many beneficial aspects of the exercise while proving to
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Jumping on a mini-trampoline, a.k.a rebounding, has become very popular in recent years thanks to many beneficial aspects of the exercise while proving to be stress-free on the body’s joints.Finding a rebounder has become very easy, and whereas some can be over $200, many are available for much less at sporting goods stores and online, starting at about $40. They are fairly easy to break down to store in a garage or large closet, and last for years. Jumping on a little trampoline may not sound like it will do much for your body, but it actually works wonders in a few different aspects, healthifyingyour body at a very fundamental and necessary level. Here are the ways it will benefit you.

5 Increase Your Vitality (Energy)

When your body is free of waste, you automatically absorb nutrients much more readily. This means your body is much better off, nourished and getting what it needs to function optimally. It also increases you digestive flow which means you won’t have food stagnant in your intestinal tract, having you feel bogged down, bloated and sluggish. You will increase your cardio capacity, increase your energy levels, prevent joint discomfort from your workouts, and increase your blood flow, allowing your body to get what it needs, where it needs it.

4 Be Gentle on Your Joints

Unlike most other forms of cardio, rebounding is very gentle on the joints, making it safe for elderly people as well as those with benign injuries. Of course, one should check with their doctor first if you have an injury or have any illnesses that often come with aging such as osteoporosis. Unlike jogging, circuit training, kickboxing and jumping rope, there is little force exerted on your joints.

3 Detoxify Your Body

By stimulating the lymphatic system and strengthening your cells, sweating and increasing electrical currency in the body, you are detoxifying your body. Keeping the cells clean is of vital importance to overall health, and by opening and closing the trillions of valves in the lymphatic system, you are allowing toxic waste to be stimulated and released from your body. Once the toxic waste is out of your body, you are free to absorb nutrients much more readily. Increasing your health and vitality.

2 Get in a Workout

Rebounding fatigues your muscles quickly but actually causes less injury than most other types of exercise, including yoga. Because of the increased gravitational force at the bottom of the bounce, your cells respond to this stress by strengthening, leading to a full body workout. It’s easy to get the heart beating faster, making this an excellent option for cardio exercise.Rebounding actually strengthens tissues, ligaments, bones, tendons and skin and helps prevent osteoporosis.

1 Stimulate the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is comprised of fluid, vessels and ducts which defend the body against infection viruses, bacteria and disease. It clears the body of waste and infection through its flow and draining abilities. When the lymphatic fluid become thick and sluggish, we develop disease due to the toxic accumulation in the body. Rebounding helps increase the efficiency of the lymphatic system due to the up and down motion causing the one-way valves to open and close which helps increase blood flow by 15 times!

Rebounding is seriously the best workout available to increase cardiac capacity, detox the body, tone the muscles and is simply a fun way to increase your health while toning up. Look for classes at your gym or get your own rebounder to jump on while watching your favorite show, listening to music or even listening to a podcast of your choice to learn something new while you jump!