This Hair Colorist Specializes In Looks Inspired By Nature And They’re Stunning

Ursula Goff has created beautiful, nature-inspired hair color treatments will make your jaw drop in awe. You've got to see these hair colors!

Getting that perfect shade of sun-kissed blonde or chocolate brown is a thing of the past. Women are turning up the drama on their hair game and demanding attention with the most unique colors. Pinterest and Instagram is home to the coolest pastel and technicolor hair inspiration and it seems like the possibilities are endless. We’ve found an article by Ranker consisting of the most beautiful hair dyes by Ursula Goff and couldn’t resist sharing.

Kansas-based hair colorist, Ursula Goff, seems to be the latest trend on Instagram as she has decided to create stunning dye jobs based on nature and famous art pieces. She does so by recreating the color palettes from nature and art she’s inspired by. The talented woman has found online fame with over 100k followers on Instagram. Followers love to see her posts displaying both her inspiration and recreation alongside each other. And her clients are clearly very trusting of her work, Goff has said, “My clients give me a lot of creative control…I set [inspiration pictures] aside until I have a good opportunity to utilize them.” From rainbows to florals, to crystals, to constellations, Goff has a dye to fit her vision.

If you’re interested in learning how to do Ursula Goff’s hair techniques, she provides tutorials and videos on her website,

1.) This look includes all the colors of the pastel rainbow

2.) The magical natural light is the perfect inspiration to create hair with moody vibes

3.) A sunny style for the summer season

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More from my project with @matrix! They are releasing some new Demi's called Vinyls in the fall, and I've been playing around with them. The top of this color is the Copper with just a smidge of the Gilded Gold, and then I added a bit of Red into the root area. On her natural hair, it's more coppery auburn, but on the blonde extensions she's wearing from @vpfashion, it was a brighter orange. Then I blended some of the Color Graphics lacquer in yellow into the middle for the sunburst effect. Sunflower hair! #matrixbrandpartner #colorsyncvinyls #matrix #sunflowerhair #ginger #colorgraphics #redhead #copperhair #firehair #autumnhair #pumpkinspicehair #modernsalon #americansalon #beautylaunchpad #BehindTheChair #fckinghair #imallaboutdahair #extensions #ombre #colormelt

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4.) This hair dye is hotter than a fantasy

5.) A dusty rose look for all the rosé fans

6.) Hair crushing over this ombré floral look

7.) This recreation of Monet’s colors are stunning

8.) Van Gogh’s swirls of color hang nicely on this girl’s hair

9.) This hair dye is a masterpiece that’d make Georgia O’Keeffe proud

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I love Georgia O'Keefe's poppy paintings, so I decided to do one myself, first on paper with watercolor (left), then on hair (right). This is part of my project to help @matrix promote their new ColorSync Vinyls line of Demi's, which should become available this fall! I used copper and red for the petals and cobalt, midnight violet and copper for its dark center, painted onto a blonde extension and then clipped into the hair. My client's hair was also colored with the Vinyls; we do her regrowth (ashy level 6) with the red and then after processing added a layer of the red Color Graphics lacquer to the top third to bump the intensity. We let that bleed down into the mids a bit and then did some balayage on her ends with Matrix Lightmaster, which turned a fabulous bright coral! Loved how this came out! #matrixbrandpartner #matrix #colorsyncvinyls #autumnhair #redhair #paintingsonhair #hairpaintings #georgiaokeeffe #americanart #finearthair #beautylaunchpad #BehindTheChair #modernsalon #americansalon #fckinghair

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10.) Goff even gives us hair envy with a look inspired by an oil spill

11.) We’re screaming about this amazing recreation of Edvard Munch’s work

12.) Labradorite influenced these metallic blues

13.) Pretty petals inspired these peachy tones

14.) This technicolor dye job is sure to be a fall favorite

15.) Volcanic eruption inspired this hair makeover

16.) This soft pastel fade is what hair dreams are made of

17.) Holographic hair to rival the ‘My Little Pony’ squad

18.) This star constellation inspired hair dye is heavenly

19.) This look of pink perfection resembles the beautiful image of Horsehead Nebula

20.) A mother-of-pearl abalone shell inspired these pastel colors that’d even turn unicorns envious

So if you’re after a different kind of natural hair color, take a look at Goff’s website for help or even book an appointment and let the artist herself take care of your hair.

If you’re feeling inspired and enjoyed these hair dye jobs, comment below with your favorites.

Original Article: Ranker