Update On Reports Of CM Punk Talking With WWE About A Return

CM Punk

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CM Punk has not worked for the WWE since walking out three years ago. His last performance for the company came in 2014, when he worked the Royal Rumble match at the WWE PPV of the same name. Punk would end up getting some sort of a concussion and then would end up being tested the next day. He would pass a test he later called into question.


CM Punk felt that he was not ready to work that night, which came at a time when he was dealing with a lot. He would later find he was working with a pretty bad staph infection that WWE doctors would only give him a Z-Pack for. The antibiotic would only serve to make him sick for months, not helping him. On that very Monday, Punk walked out and has not been seen back in the WWE since.


This also came during a heating discussion revolving around WrestleMania 30 and his position on the card. WWE has plans to have him work with Triple H at the event, which CM Punk did not feel he would need to do. He had wrestled Hunter, and did not feel a need to do it again any time soon. Punk has had no desire to return to WWE or even pro-wrestling at all, at least that is what he has said publicly.


What Has CM Punk Linked To A WWE Return?


Heyman Punk

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When Punk walked out years ago, the crowd was still enthralled with the Chicago, Illinois native. CM Punk clearly was someone that fans did not want to lose, yet they did. Punk seemed to have no desire to return to the WWE and would end up being fired later in the year. In fact, Punk said in a memorable interview with Colt Cabana that he got his firing papers from WWE on his wedding day.


The idea of returning to the WWE just did not make sense after this. Vince McMahon would apologize for the papers getting to Punk that day on the Stone Cold Podcast. However, Punk would say that if McMahon really believed this he would have called him personally rather than just said it on a podcast. Vince still has access to Punk’s number and could use it at any time.


However, Punk did not respond to several calls beforehand. Some would assume that this is why Vince did not make a call. Yet many feel Vince and Punk have spoken in some way. Punk has yet to confirm that story and has only said publicly that he does not miss working for WWE. However, a recent Hulu advertisement for WWE SmackDown Live had his face on it. He was not on that episode or even rumored for it.


The Hulu Mistake


Punk Hulu

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It was pretty obvious that someone at Hulu did not do their research on the WWE before putting that up. Many of these people who add stuff like pictures or video to formats aren’t WWE fans. This means that they are not going to bother looking to note CM Punk no longer works for the WWE. Why would they do such a thing? It would be like a job or something.


Despite this, it managed to get fans all worked up. Many feel that Hulu was teasing us with something, as they must know! The simple graphic with CM Punk does not prove a comeback is on the horizon. In fact, there was even a change to this a bit later on. That said, the mistake has been handled and whoever did this has been informed of the problem most likely.


There are various reasons why CM Punk would not return to the WWE, but there is at least one reason that people cannot forget about. What is it? The noted lawsuit still going against Punk.


The CM Punk Lawsuit


CM Punk The Rock

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As it currently stands, CM Punk is still involved in a lawsuit with WWE. Mostly, the lawsuit comes from the doctor that CM Punk called out in the noted Colt Cabana Podcast. He spoke about about Dr. Chris Amann, saying that the doc did not properly diagnose his staph infection. He had been simply given a Z-pack, which does not help this particular infection.


He would go on to talk with another doctor after leaving WWE, who would properly treat him. He simply spoke out on the entire issue, which he has backed up proof on. The lawsuit is still ongoing, and it was urged on by WWE to have their doctor file the lawsuit to begin with. Most feel the suit has no real way to work in court, and it’s just something to get back at CM Punk for leaving.


The lawsuit has been in play for two years with no real changes or adverse problems. This lawsuit being active means that they’re still going after CM Punk financially. This in spite of the fact that this lawsuit should have been thrown out a long time ago.


CM Punk Is Still In The UFC


Punk UFC

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CM Punk signed with the UFC later in the year after being fired from WWE in 2014. It was expected that he would go by his real name, with the “CM Punk” name added in. So Phil “CM Punk” Brooks was the plan, which worked fine. He did not fight for nearly two years, which would result in a loss but a $500,000 payday for him. The loss was bad, and at an older age many feel that Dana White won’t take a chance on Punk fighting again. Even in a Chicago show, there seems to be a low chance.


Many feel that due to all of this, CM Punk would have to go back to pro-wrestling and thus the WWE. Yes, because one loss suddenly equals a need to go back to WWE. After a half a million dollar payday at that. Punk has said that he is committed to fighting, with UFC or without it. That said, we could see CM Punk jump to Bellator MMA if there is a chance.


Plus, WWE is not the only game in town. CM Punk could jump to WWE or he could go to Ring of Honor, GFW, even New Japan. All of these places can afford to pay Punk a lot of money if he wants to wrestle. ROH COO Joe Koff even claimed in a recent interview that “CM Punk is always welcome in Ring of Honor.”


However, Punk does not even need to wrestle or fight to make a living. If he were to get hurt and could not do either, he was set for life before he re-signed with WWE in 2011. That big deal he came back for just padded on the money he had, allowing Punk to have millions saved. He has worked as a writer with Marvel Comics, even contributing to a Thor comic series. He’s also hosted shows before and could even go into acting. None of which require WWE.


Rumors Of Talks Between CM Punk And WWE


Punk fans

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If there were talks between WWE and CM Punk, neither side is talking about it. There were reports from Dave Meltzer out of The Wrestling Observer which claimed that the company wants to bring CM Punk back. He also said Punk has not burnt of all of his bridges with WWE as of yet. Of course, we knew this already and Dave did not break any news here. However, some took this news and ran with it. People assumed that WWE had been actively trying to work out a deal to get CM Punk back into the company.


That said, there are most likely no talks between WWE and CM Punk ongoing. Why is this? Again, he’s under contract to the UFC for the time being. If White were to release him from the deal, Punk is not restricted to only work with WWE. He could wrestle anywhere. However, he is dedicated to his work in MMA and would only continue this.


Rumors of the two sides talking came out of notorious rumor websites that have been known as fake for a while. With this being known, talk rumors are by no means accurate.


How Could WWE Get CM Punk To Return?


CM Punk, Paul Heyman, Vince McMahon

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The way to get CM Punk to return would be a tough one. Firing the man on his wedding day was cold. Having the doctor file a lawsuit against him was cold. Talking negatively about him without him being around was cold. Talk of him stopped, but the lawsuit remains and you can never take back sending those papers for arrival on that day.


The best way to at least partially heal the wounds between CM Punk and the WWE is to do a few things. Both Vince McMahon and Triple H should fly to Chicago to talk with Punk at his home. They should simply come to apologize and tell him they would want to work together one day, again, if he’s up for it.


They could offer a part-time, lucrative deal. Brock Lesnar made $5 million a year on a random date contract, which did not turn out well financially for WWE most of the time. Punk being around for the same price or more would be huge for them. He should also be offered 40-50% of all merchandise sales for his merch, which would be one of the highest ever.


The Story Of A Return


Triple H CM Punk

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They should have a storyline in play that allows for Punk to be just a television worker, where he does not have to wrestle every week but would be able to do promos. The deal should allow him to choose which roster he wants and have input in who he wrestles. There should also be the opportunity of a WrestleMania main event. On top of this, a way for AJ Lee to be with him as Nikki Bella is with John Cena.


A possible WWE Hall of Fame opportunity may also help at least get him to the fans. Sometimes, the draw of fans wanting you can get you jacked about a return opportunity.


Even then, there is no guarantee this would work for Punk. However, it may intrigue him. Time can heal wounds, but Punk is known for holding grudges. All this said, a CM Punk return any time soon is unlikely. It may never happen, but no one is going to be against it if he does make a comeback.

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