Unexpected Tweeters: 5 Surprising People to Follow on Twitter

Boasting more than 100 million active users, the social media monster Twitter has fast become the way young people follow the goings on of their favorite celebrities. The site presents celebrities with a medium to allow their fans a quick glimpse into their daily lives, 140 characters at a time. However, Twitter can be deeper than a lot of people give it credit for. It isn’t all about what sushi Ashley Tisdale had today or catching up on Bieber’s latest nonsensical rant, famous figures with genuine substance are also starting to join the fray. Twitter’s newest addition? Bill Clinton—though not by his own choosing…

5 Bill Gates – @BillGates

Don’t worry, following Bill Gates isn’t just a depressing reminder of all of the money you don’t have. The Microsoft mogul has gained more than 10.5 million followers on an account that he says he uses to “share things he’s learning through his foundation work and other interests.” Gates’ Twitter account is a place he uses to share interesting articles, thoughts and even recipes with his followers. Though admittedly, it would be pretty cool if he’d Tweet out a picture of his golden helicopter or his Scrooge McDuck-like money room once in a while.

4 John Cleese – @JohnCleese

Sure, it’s been awhile since the days of the knights who say “Ni,” but don’t sleep on John Cleese. He may be 73 years old, but the famous member of the Monty Python crew is anything but out of touch. With over 2.5 million followers and some of the funniest 140-character quips on the site, Cleese is keeping himself relevant and is still on top of his comedy game. Even his short self-description on the site is hilarious, saying “Yes, I am still indeed alive, contrary to rumour.”

3 Dalai Lama – @DalaiLama

Follow this man. After all, having instant access to the Dalai Lama’s inner thoughts is like constantly having the world’s greatest advice column at your disposal. With nearly 900 Tweets already under his belt, His Holiness is a fairly regularly Tweeter, which has garnered him a monster following of almost 7 million people. Sure, those aren’t exactly Lady Gaga-like numbers, but it’s pretty damn good for a guy that’s pushing 80 years old.

2 Pope Francis – @Pontifex

Hey may be brand new to the Vatican, but Pope Francis is straight blowing up the Twitter-sphere. In his short time as head of the Catholic Church, Pople Francis has tweeted just 11 times, but has managed to rack up nearly 2.5 million followers. As expected, his Twitter account is a great place to turn for inspirational quotes on how to live your life and accept God into it, but here’s to hoping he uses future Tweets to give us a more personal look into his life and maybe even some pics of his elaborate hat collection.

1 Bill Clinton – @PrezBillyJeff

Stephen Colbert made an executive decision when he revealed that he had created an account for Clinton during his appearance on the Colbert Report. Clinton admitted he had not yet started an account because he was insecure about the possibility of winding up a “friendless tweeter,” but after just one tweet, he already has more than 50,000 followers. And you can expect great Twitter things from him in the future, because if there’s one thing we know about Slick Willy, it’s that he always knows just what to say.

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