Top 5 TV Weddings That Pointed Us Toward The Altar

3 words, 8 letters: I. Love. You. Beautiful relationships are ones that should be celebrated, and, in the case of television romances, celebrated for all the world to see.

Weddings take couples on a journey from one stage of their relationship into the next chapter of their lives. This journey is one that we as viewers are a part of. After the awkward first date, the fights, breakups and makeups, moving in together for the first time, TV weddings are the ultimate step in this journey – and you get an invitation to watch with a prime seat .

On-screen relationships give us a sense of hope that perhaps one day we, too, will find our perfect ending. Plus, who isn’t a sucker for a good happy ending when our favorite characters when the characters finally say “I do”?

If you’re about to exchange vows with that special someone, let these prime-time nuptials give you some love-spiration. Whether you’ve seen them, or not, these epic TV weddings are sure to have to you reaching for the tissue box.

Below you’ll find five of our favorite TV wedding episodes to get you started.


5.) Leslie And Ben From ‘Parks and Recreation’

It was a rocky start for these two when Ben moved to Pawnee in season two, but after a friendly beer after work, the two realized they had a lot in common. Starting out as a secret romance, they were forced to choose between their careers and love – they opted for love. Although their careers were in flux, their love continued to grow, and in season five, Ben proposed, and the two moved in together. Later on, they had a spontaneous wedding ceremony at town hall. The phrase “I like you, and I love you,” truly shows how perfect this couple are for each other.