The Nannies Of The Most Private A-Listers


Top One Percent

The top one percent of the human populace: royal families, celebrities, and the mega-wealthy, often exist in a very different world from the rest of us. The status and economic reach of their positions make it difficult for them to live ordinary lives.

As expected, nannies under the employ of such families are usually cut out of a different cloth from conventional nannies. Here is a list of some of these caretakers’ rules, training, and ordeals.

Economic Reach

Hollywood Life

After the highly-publicized nanny stories like the Sienna Miller and Jude Law saga broke, hiring youthful nannies came to a swift end. As its replacement, most celebrity nannies opted for more than just outlooks.

There was once a time when child-rearing jobs could be outsourced. Although such benefits were exclusive to royalty and aristocratic families at the time, now anyone with the needed economical reach can opt out of the less joyous parts of baby care.

John Legend And Chrissy Teigen


After Sienna Miller’s ordeal, beloved wife to John Legend reportedly revealed that she had a ‘no hot nannies’ rule under her roof.

A report surrounding her nanny’s job description named ‘nursing’ as a crucial part of the job. Although some might consider such a practice uncommon, it should come as no shock that it’s just the tip of the iceberg in the celebrity world.

The Queen Of Christmas


Mariah Carey has dominated the entertainment industry for decades. But she’s also known for being the original ‘diva’ thanks to her demanding ways that have permeated into the world of motherhood.

Carey has allegedly fired many nannies for becoming too close to her kids. Ex-nanny Simonette Da Costa filed a lawsuit against her, citing unpaid wages and unfair working conditions as reasons for going to court. The case put a lot of scrutiny on Carey’s treatment of her nannies.

Miranda Kerr And Orlando Bloom

Perth Now

The Victoria’s Secret model, who also has ties to actor Orlando Bloom has also been put in the spotlight regarding her nanny. After splitting from the actor, Kerr insists on having her nanny accompany their son Flynn whenever he’s over at Bloom’s.

Such a demand has sparked speculation that she’s doing this to keep an eye on her ex. Of course, Kerr dismissed the allegations, maintaining that that’s just her being a protective mom.

The Carters

Style Caster

As one of the world’s most beloved personalities, Beyonce can be forgiven for being a little extra. Since she and her celebrated husband Jay Z have twins in addition to their daughter, reports claim Bee has more than seven nannies.

Such a large team of professional childminders comes in handy when you want the best childminders to watch over your kids. The nannies follow well-coordinated shifts, with specialized duties that ensure the kids have everything they could ever need.

Brad And Angelina

Hollywood Life

One of the most famous Hollywood couples for years, Brangelina has been known to have an army of nannies who watch over their six kids.

But the most interesting part about Brad and Angelina’s nanny story is their recruitment policy. To make the cut, each of their nannies needed to have a four-year degree and also be able to speak a host of various languages. But if you think that’s extreme, wait till you meet our next group.

Britain’s Royal Family

Somerset Live

Britain’s royal family only goes for the best when considering nanny training. With the number of security threats, attention, and intrigue the family usually faces daily, it’s no surprise they pick the top cream.

These nannies dedicate years of their lives studying each facet of being the best. They are ultra-elite, so much so that they have their own segment. Here are a few things that stand out about royal nannies.

Bath’s Norland


All royal nannies hail from the prestigious Bath’s Norland College. Tuition in such a school plays at $18,000 a year, and that’s without boarding.

The nanny education at Bath’s Norland goes far beyond regular nanny training, churning out some of the most exceptional nannies to date. Here are a few things that make these nannies the most elite globally.

A Degree

Daily Advent

Each student at Bath’s Norland College completes a 3-year degree that culminates in a bachelor of arts degree in early childhood development. Rest assured, these nannies know more than just changing nappies.

Their education dissects each part of childhood psychology, nutrition, and cognitive science, to name a few. But this is only a small part of the college’s nanny training.

Martial Arts

The Mirror

Yup, you read that right. Royal nannies must undergo specialized martial arts training. Due to the high-profile nature of their wards, these nannies must be willing and able to physically defend them against threats if necessary.

If that’s not impressive enough, they have other skills too that seem completely out of place when one imagines the requirements of being a normal nanny.

Defensive Driving

The Frisky

Since these nannies are sometimes required to drive around some of the most important babies and children in the world, they aren’t your average drivers either.

Trained to drive in inclement weather conditions, at high speed, and defensively to evade threats and the paparazzi, all royal nannies have the ability to outdrive most petrol-heads. We end with two stories that illustrate the contrast between how celebrity nannies sometimes fare.

Charlize Theron

Trem Media

Celebrities are often well known for being demanding and even unconscionable at times. When it comes to the alleged stories of how her nannies are treated, The South African-born, Oscar-winning actress, Charlize Theron’s nannies are reportedly treated poorly.

Aside from being told not to look at or talk to her, they allegedly must record daily journals of everything that occurs and must be on standby full-time. Thankfully, our next story portrays a very different experience for some celebrity nannies.

Jessica Alba

Today’s Parent

As an American-born actress with French-Danish and Mexican-Indian roots, this exotic beauty is known to be charming, both on and off-screen. Also known for being kind-hearted, Alba displayed this when she took an unusual step with her nanny.

On her Instagram page, Alba publicly praised her nanny, Connie Simpson, in more than one post. Simpson was praised for being her guide and for teaching her the ropes of motherhood, including teaching her how to properly breastfeed her baby.

All That Glitters

The Tropix

There you have it. As you can see, being the nanny of a celebrity isn’t always as glamorous as it may seem. However, there can also be many perks like higher than average pay and the opportunity to jet-set around the world with your clients. All in all, being a celebrity nanny isn’t for the faint of heart.

Depending on the client, it might even take an above-average skill set and education. The nannies of celebrities show us that, like so many other things, these famous households always do things a little differently. Do you have any celebrity nanny stories to share?